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Scientology Memoirs: David Griffin (Los Angeles)

Scientology Memoirs: David Griffin (Los Angeles)

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Published by AnonLover
Formerly published elsewhere on the web as "Theta One - My Story"
See also: http://www.freezone.de/english/reports/griffin.htm
Formerly published elsewhere on the web as "Theta One - My Story"
See also: http://www.freezone.de/english/reports/griffin.htm

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Published by: AnonLover on Mar 19, 2011
Copyright:Public Domain


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My Story - Theta One
The time has arrived for me to post additional information, but as a prelude, I thought I would take off the mask andstep up to the plate so-to-speak. But first, I want to state some personal observations so that the readers here maybetter understand my viewpoints.I first became involved with the subject of Scientology and the Church of Scientology (two entirely different things) in1985, and left the church in 1999. During that time, I learned and experienced a great many things, and have as aresult, benefitted greatly. Not all of the experiences were good however, which is why I am now outside of the"church".I have found the original technology of the mind and spirit as developed and codified by LRH in the 1950's to behighly valuable and workable when CORRECTLY and without alteration, applied and used; and I have gained muchknowledge and many abilities as a result of thereof. I therefore, am in agreement with the SUBJECT of Scientology,and the PROPER use of this technology for improving conditions and life.I have found that the "church" as controlled and directed by the current Int Management has become a monstrosityof covert suppression, hidden crimes, and robotic behavior on the part of some staff, to the detriment of many. Theabuses and crimes of the current "church" have been widely exposed and documented by many brave souls before Ifound this information on the internet, and began researching and verifying it to my own satisfaction. That beingsaid, I would also like to acknowledge that there are MANY good, well-intentioned people within the church, thathave NO IDEA of the actual condition and purpose of the organization to which they now belong and lend their support. I and many others you see here, were at one time, a part of that organization because we had not yetdiscovered or confronted the truth.With this statement, let it hereby be known that I am NOT publicly departing Scientology (the subject), but I AMpublicly departing the "church" which itself has, for reasons which we are discussing here, become a suppressiveorganization guilty of a great many crimes and abuses. Not the least of which is the alteration and destruction of thetechnologies of Scientology. For some reading here, this may sound like a generality. In the following weeks, I willbe posting SOME of the alterations of the tech that I and many others have found in the materials, so that all currentScientologists can VERIFY with their own eyes, that what I say is true and correct. Let all public and staff readinghere, whether lurking or on-assignment or mission, be on notice that you owe it to yourself, to Scientology and LRH,and the rest of your dynamics, to confront the information I will be posting, and honestly look for yourself. It will beeasy enough to compare older versions with newer versions, and see the changes yourself. Confront the truth andtake responsibility for the ACTUAL condition of the church. That is why I am now here and speaking out.
My name is David Griffin, and I grew up in LA. I was on-lines at Pasadena, CC, LA Day, and ASHO. In 1986, Iworked at Celebrity Center for SIPRO (Scientology International Properties Restoration Organization) as anArchitectural Draftsman on the Manor restoration project. I was also in the Sea Org for a brief time at BridgePublications in Promo and Marketing as a Designer. I hold a lifetime membership in the IAS as a founding member,and later upgraded to Sponsor status. My professional background is Product Design, Engineering andManufacturing. I am an artist and natural Clear. This is my story.In the summer of '85, I picked up a copy of Dianetics in a bookstore. After three days of intense reading, I put downthe book (because I didn't have a PC to audit), and drove out to the Pasadena Org (the nearest one listed in theback of the book). I received one hour of book one auditing as an intro, but was disappointed because I didn't seeany pictures or run any engrams. It was seven years before I discovered why that had happened (because I wasalready Clear).While I was in the org, I began looking around and asking a lot of questions about Scientology (I knew nothingabout it at the time). I began reading some of the books and listening to various taped lectures. I becamefascinated with all this new information, and was really stunned that all this information had been brought together and existed in one place. I have always been the curious type, and have, since a very early age, studied andresearched a wide variety of topics and phenomena on my own. So when I found all this data sitting in one place, Iwas, as you might imagine, very intrigued.
I did a number of Div 6 courses in Pasadena. In '86 I worked at CC on the Manor restoration project, and after completing a contract with SIPRO, got my Purif as an exchange. During the time I was on staff with SIPRO, I also
did the PTS/SP course. I had some great wins on the Purif, and one of the most dramatic was the running out of some anesthesia from some dental work many years earlier. I had a great key-out at the end of the purif, andafterwards noticed that my body needed much less sleep than it had before.After completing the purif, I was routed to the reg (at CC) for my next action which was TRs & Objectives. Still beingfairly new, I enquired as to what it was and the purpose. As I recall, the reg said that it puts a person in present-time, good communication and good control of their body. I replied that I already had all those attributes, andtherefore I didn't need it and it was an unnecessary action for me. The reg insisted that it was my next action, and Iinsisted that I didn't need it as I already had the EP (End Phenomenon). A stalemate developed, and this became astop on my Bridge progress for approx. 5 years.In the intervening time, I read a lot of books, bulletins, and PLs, and listened to a lot of tapes. I set about educatingmyself and learning all that I could. I was particularly interested in whole-track and OT related topics as opposed toDianetics and auditing PCs. By early 1992, I was fed-up with being stopped on the bridge, and decided that eventhough I didn't need the TR's & Objectives, I would just confront it and blow-through that barrier anyway. I pulled outthe credit cards and made the reg at Pasadena very happy. But before I started, I made an origination to the CSabout a bulletin I had read regarding individuals who had experienced a specific phenomenon, and that they shoulddo an Int Rndn prior to doing TR's. The CS replied in the affirmative, and so I was routed onto the Int Rndn. After running that one incident from when I was about 16, I began running some really wild OT, whole-track incidents.This was the first Scientology auditing I had received, and was running incidents that (I was to find out much later)are not addressed until one gets onto the OT levels. I blew a lot of charge and had some great wins and cognitionsfrom doing this action, and it was just afterwards that I originated that I was already Clear.That was a great experience for me and I gained many abilities as a result of doing the Int Rndn, but this was alsothe turning point in my Scientology experience. From that point forward, I was only run on unnecessary andenturbulating actions. Never again would any org deliver an action that I said I needed, which confused and upsetme no end. I was not to discover the exact WHY of this until after I had left the church.
After completing the Int Rndn, I routed back onto the TR's & Obj course which, I had mainted for the past five years Ialready had the EP of. The TR's went fine as those are just confronting drills. My confront was already pretty goodbefore starting, but it went up a bit more as a result of doing the drilling. Once we (my twin and I) completed the TR'sand actually started the Objectives processes, things took a turn for the worse (for me). Most often, the processwould simply produce no change, and it was just a waste of time for me. My twin could recognize this and would endthe process after a little while of no-change. But then, on orders of the CS, I would be overrun for hours sometimesa day or more, on an individual process. Then, the CS would acknowledge that I was overrun (which I hadmaintained all along), and I would be routed into the HGC for a "repair session". This occurred time and time againon each of the objectives processes. There was one process that produced a very slight release after about 20seconds (which my twin caught), but again, on orders of the CS, I was overrun for many hours and then "repaired"again. This went on the entire time I was on the Objectives, even though I could spot the point of release and rehabit myself without any help from anyone or any need of a repair session (because I was already Clear). By the end, Iwas totally sick of Objectives and repair sessions. At one point, I was routed into the HGC again, and an HGCauditor ran Objective ARC on me while I was on the cans. Then, just as I was about to go exterior, he stopped. Hethen tried several times to get me to say that I HAD gone exterior, but I kept telling him that no, he stopped toosoon. This was never taken up again either at Pasadena or LA Day or ASHO.
In Feb of '94, I routed into the SO, and did my EPF (Estates Project Force - kind of like boot camp) at PAC Base(Pacific Area Command). The PPO (Personell Procurement Officer) of Bridge Publications had (several monthsearlier) seen my portfolio of drawings and artwork, and had convinced me to join staff at Bridge where I would beplaced as a designer in P&M (Promo & Marketing). Ordinarily this is not done, but due to the fact that I was alreadya professional in the field with proven stats (my resume and portfolio), all that was required was for me to completethe EPF and Staff Status 2.My purpose in joining the SO was to contribute the most valuable thing that I could to Scientology - me. I consider abeing to be the most valuable thing that can exist. The EPF was not too dissimilar from what I expected. Lots of MEST work, long hours, a lot of study time, etc. However, it was during my EPF that I began seeing some verydisturbing indications that stuck my attention.The first outpoint of course, was the living conditions for regular staff. I was apalled at the "normal" and acceptedliving conditions for the vast majority of staff in the PAC area. Although renovations were underway in the entirePAC complex, it was what I perceived as the utter disregard for the well-being of the staff by Int Mgmt that struck me.
I had been a public Scientologist for seven years at that point, and had been to many, many, public events. Publicare treated very well and have nice up-stat spaces. The berthing spaces and living conditions of SO and staff members were apalling by comparison. I found it hard to reconcile how I saw public treated versus how staff weretreated. I remember thinking at the time that even the military treat their people better than Scientology. At thattime, I was not aware of the luxurious accomodations that Int Mgmt have at Gold.The typical berthing spaces for un-married staff (males and females had seperate areas) would be one large roomwith anywhere from 6 to 15 bunk beds. As there were minimal accomodations for personal belongings, clothes andpersonal effects were piled wherever they could be stowed out of the walkways through the rooms. Down thehallway were communal restrooms with sinks, toilet stalls and shower stalls. Most of the rooms I looked in (whiletrying to find berthing space I considered to be acceptable) smelled of dirty laundry and bodies, due to the fact thatstaff have so little personal time and usually work 12 to 15 hours (or more) per day, at least 6 days per week,sometimes 7. From what I saw and experienced, staff are worked into the ground. And these were regular, up-statstaff - not RPF'ers.Along with the extremely long hours of production and sub-standard berthing spaces, the provisions for feeding of staff were also a constant source of irritation. I remember being hungry the entire time, as there was never enoughtime to eat a whole meal. We would be lucky if we actually got a full 15 minutes to sit and eat. Quite often, most of my break time was spent standing in line waiting for the food to be put up on the line, or for people ahead of me tobe served. I will admit that I was only there for approx. a month and a half (Feb & Mar of '94), and conditions mayhave improved since then, but from talking to the old-timers there, it had been like that for many, many years.While I was on the EPF, I was working down in the kitchen area in what is called "Potland" where the large pots arewashed. After staff had finished their dinner, the EPF'ers would decend on the kitchen enmasse to clean the wholearea. Any leftover food was unceremoniously dumped in the trash, or down the industrial garbage disposers so thetrays and bowls could be washed. As I and some of my fellow EPF'ers were constantly hungry, I beganconsolidating the leftover food into one or two large serving trays and stashing them in the walk-in refrigerator. Then,after we had completed all duties for the day and were dismissed for a little personal time before going to sleep, Iwould round up my buddies and we would sneak back to the kitchen, pull out the food I had stashed, and at leastget a full belly before going to sleep.When it was discovered that I was saving the leftover food so it could be eaten instead of being dumped down thedisposer, I was told to stop this activity as it was off-policy. If I had been a bit more trained at the time, I would haveconfronted this guy and asked to see the policy that forbad it. However I was an EPF'er at the time, so I said"Yessir", accepted the order and we began going to bed hungry again.I persisted on this point of not having enough food to eat however, and eventually, an exception was made for me.I was "sold" meal tickets by the Canteen IC for "midrats" or midnight rations. This solved the problem of going tosleep hungry for me (because I still had some personal savings), but it did nothing for my third dynamic (the rest of my group). I didn't like the fact that I had to use so much intention just to have enough food to eat, and thatbecause I persisted where others had not, an exception was being made for me. This was not fair to the rest of mygroup, and was another major out-point to me.I had a very disturbing experience one night while on my EPF, that really shook my reality. The PAC complex usedto be a large hospital complex called the Cedars of Lebanon. There are some basement level rooms andpassageways that connect ASHO and AO under the street. One night while I was on study, I was using one of thepassageways as a shortcut to get to the courseroom. This particular passageway was on the west side of thecomplex, went north-south, and contained the large steam pipes from the boilers that were used for heatingthroughout the facility. As I was walking along the passageway, I began hearing someone crying out for help upahead. As I continued walking, I arrived at a juncture where another passageway branched-off to the east under ASHO. A makeshift barrier had been errected at the entrance to this ajoining corridor with a bedframe and somelarge pieces of cardboard. Signs were hung on this barrier saying keep out, keep quiet, no speaking, etc., by order of base security. The cries for help were coming from somewhere down that pitch-black corridor. There was a manbeing held down there somewhere, and he was crying out for someone to help him, to let him out. He wouldvacillate between coherence and babbling non-sequeter sentances. I stood there in silence for a few minuteslistening to this man pleading for help, torn between violating the security order and being a good staff member andfollowing orders. After several minutes, I continued on down the passageway in silence towards the courseroom.When I arrived at the courseroom, I pulled the course sup aside and told him what I had just seen and heard, andasked why a man was being held against his will down in that dark passageway. The course sup told me that thiswas a Type-3 watch, (PTS Type 3 - totally crazy), and that the guy was being "allowed" to de-stimulate. I didn'tbother to ask HOW this had happened, or WHAT could have driven him to this point. I think it would have beenmuch more destimulating to release him, rather than keeping him locked-up down in a dark subterranean room allalone. Had I know then what I know now, I would have found a way to release that man and get him away from thecomplex regardless of any personal danger to myself. This occurred around the end of Feb. of '94.

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