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Twilight-with thee fade away(Part 1)

Twilight-with thee fade away(Part 1)

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Published by floralfs
...it is Twilight, with a twist.
...it is Twilight, with a twist.

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Published by: floralfs on Mar 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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And with Thee Fade Away 
"The mind is its own place and in itself can make a heav'n of hell, a hell of heav'n." 
 Satan to Beelzebub, Line 254Paradise Lost
John Milton
If there was one thing Bella Swan knew with certainty, it was that sooner or later everybody dies. Themystery lies in the uncertain speed by which fate makes its final judgment. At times death stirs with thelight turn of a feather floating on the air. At others it snaps and snarls like a hungry beast in anticipationof the final bite. For Bella, death was both extremes. It moved with a tremendous force, but spoke withthe soft glow of twilight.There was nothing glorious about Bella Swan's death. There was only the cold seizure of sensation fromher limbs as Edward Cullen drained the remains of life from her body. There was no burst of light, nomemories flashing before her eyes. Angels didn't reach out and grasp her fragile hand at the end.She held fast to Edward, her murderer, as he took her life, prying from her still-seeing eyes the mostprecious gift she had ever given.
1. Swan Song
Bella Swan didn't like "goodbye" parties. She found the idea of celebrating the long-term departure of afriend perverse, like laughing at a funeral. Such parties are supposed to have something to do withrejoicing in all the good times spent in the past, in the company of close friends. These parties are, inreality, breeding grounds for excessive nostalgia, sentimental stories, and embarrassing photographs.But Bella's own goodbye party involved none of those things
except for the embarrassing photographs,which had been discovered in the pages of a very-old photo album. To make matters worse, they hadbeen printed on all of the plates and napkins, by order of some unethical soul, so that guests could wipetheir faces on three-year-old Bella.In honor of Bella's 17 years as a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, Sophie Ellingsdale's basement had beendecked out in obnoxiously bright streamers, a giant glittery "Goodbye Bella" sign, and plenty of otherextravagant decorations, all of which were coupled with the poignant symphonies of T-Pain and 50 Cent.It was all very excessive, considering the fact that she would only be gone for the summer. By the scale
of the revelry, one would have supposed that Bella was permanently relocating to a faraway place, andthat her friends might actually be happy about this fact.Bella drummed her fingers against the red plastic cup in her hand. She dared not drink its contents,which, judging by the growing impairment of the other guests, was most likely vodka-flavored punch.She wished life were a big romantic comedy and that there would be a convenient houseplant nearby todump it on. Since there was no such plant, she turned to Hana Mochizuki and covertly emptied her cupinto her friend's."What do I look like, Bella, a dumpster?" mumbled Hana, her words running together slightly. "I have aliver too, you know. And I'll bet he's not too happy tonight." She patted her stomach."What was I supposed to do? I couldn't refuse it" replied Bella, tossing her cup into an overflowinggarbage can. She had to shout to compete with both the music and Hana's drunkenness. "You knowSophie. She doesn't want anyone to be sober enough to gossip about how ridiculous she gets whenshe's drunk.""Why does she care? She's always ridiculous," exclaimed Hana. Her head was swaying around as thoughher neck wasn't quite strong enough to hold it in one direction for any length of time. Bella instantlyregretted augmenting her BAC."Maybe we should leave, Hana," yelled Bella at the same time T-Pain yelled "bitch!" Still, SophieEllingsdale managed to hear Bella's suggestion from all the way across the dark room, and through T-Pain's expletives. Her head snapped in their direction."I didn't know booze gave people super-human hearing," Bella mumbled to herself."Bells!" called Sophie, bounding across the room like a giant pink bouncing ball. "You can't leave! This isyour party! Aren't you having a good time?"Sophie Ellingsdale was a bit of a flake, and possibly a budding alcoholic, but Bella knew she was too well-meaning a person to purposely offend. She had, after all, gone to a lot of effort to make this partyhappen. And alcohol suppliers for the underaged were hard to come by these days."Oh, totally!" Bella exclaimed, putting on her best lazy-eyed drunk face and giving her shoulders anearnest shimmy. "This rocks, Sophe, seriously." She hugged the inebriated hostess, and released a sighthat was lost beneath the loud beat of the music. Sophie giggled, gave her trademark wrinkled-nosesmile, and bounced off in another direction. Sophie Ellingsdale was ridiculous with or without vodka inher bloodstream, but Bella would miss her even more for it.Bella had to actually shake her head to remind herself that at the end of the summer she'd be right backto standing in the corner at Sophie Ellingsdale's drunken bashes. But there was a strange permanence tothe atmosphere, as if somehow these people expected to never see Bella again. If it were up to her,there wouldn't be any kind of extravagant goodbye for her departure. A simple "see you in while" wouldhave sufficed.
But here she was, standing in a dark basement full of sauced teenagers, looking at her only friends witha foreboding feeling growing in her gut. Her insides recoiled at the moment like a frightened cat; it wasthe kind of feeling discussed on Lifetime network shows by people recounting prophetic feelings beforemajor disasters. She sincerely hoped that she wasn't going to crash and die on her way out of town thefollowing morning.Bella's mood combined with her friends' insobriety certainly wasn't the kind of farewell she would haveasked for, but at least everyone was having a good time. Everyone but her. And maybe Hana, whoseface was starting to look green even in the dark."All right, Hana," yelled Bella, directly into her friend's ear. "At this point everyone's so wasted theyprobably won't notice we're gone. Let's get out of here before you spill your guts on Sophie'sdecorations.""Right-o," replied Hana, just before producing a very ladylike burp.Bella grabbed Hana's arm and led her through the throngs of people, many of whom she didn't actuallyknow, and out into the fresh night air. She didn't have to take the time to thank Sophie's parents for thefestivities, because they were both vacationing in Florida for the week, and therefore had no idea thattheir daughter was contributing to the illegal intoxication of Phoenix's young people.As much as Bella would have liked to spend the entire night with her friends and acquaintances in anycapacity, she preferred them for their sober qualities. And Hana wasn't famous for her high ethanoltolerance. So they both sat on the curb for a few minutes, watching cars fly by as Hana's unhappy liverworked its magic.At times like these, Bella wished she had a car. At least then she'd have some kind of special value as adesignated driver. But without the luxury of easy transportation, Bella was forced to call her mother topick them up. Disturbing her mother late at night would lead to unpleasant conversations later, but itwas a necessary evil that must be endured to escape the party.However, before she could dial the number, she heard someone calling her name from behind her."Bella," said the voice again. She twisted her body around and met the smiling face of Taro, Hana'scollege student brother, who was emerging from the front door of Sophie's house.Bella jumped a little at the sight of him, a reaction she had come to expect in herself every time sheencountered him. It was like she had been born with a special Taro reflex, something like the twitch in aleg when the doctor taps it, only with Taro it was less of a twitch and more of an embarrassing blushing-hopping thing. He was, after all, everything a girl could want: tidy black hair, Mensa-worthy IQ,formidable battleship opponent.And here he was, at Bella's own goodbye party. He was probably only there to retrieve his sister, butthat didn't stop Bella's overactive imagination from inventing romantic impossibilities.

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