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Midterm Reflection Final

Midterm Reflection Final

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Published by Camille4Peace

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Published by: Camille4Peace on Mar 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Camille TaylorProfessor Jan ReimanEnglish 1103-0062 March 2011
I¶m actually surprised that my Midterm Reflection didn¶t need many edits to beconsidered finished and complete. I definitely slacked on brainstorming for thispaper at first, but once I got going I typed the first draft in one sitting. I feel likeI was able to successfully evaluate my performance in class thus far. Peerworkshop was very beneficial because my group members assessed themeaning, audience, order, evidence, and voice in my paper. The groupconfirmed that I did the assignment correctly and that I was clear and conciseregarding everything I¶ve done so far in class. I feel like I set reasonable but attainable goals for myself, so I am proud of those as well.
A Thoughtful Self-AssessmentLooking back at all of the work I have done for this class, I see awidespread variation in the types of readings as well as in writings that I¶vecompleted. So far, I have written daybook responses, reading journals, Writing toExplore pieces, a formal paper, and talk backs about my work to the professor. Asfor the readings, I have read, examined, and responded to many pieces in order tohelp me analyze and improve my writing skills.We have employed several writing practices in this class, most notably reflection. We¶ve been required to reflect on readings in our ³Writing aboutWriting´ books, reflect on our thoughts on those readings, reflect on our ownwritings, and even reflect on how the professor responded to our forum posts andformal paper. I find this reflecting sort of difficult, and I feel as if we willeventually get into an Inception-like stage where I will have to reflect on thereflections regarding our reflections. Assuming that is not the case, I predict thatevaluating my own work should get easier for me by the end of the semester aslong as I continue to do it thoughtfully and consistently.The formal paper responding to Brandt¶s ³Sponsors of Literacy´ essay proved to be difficult for me, which I explained in my self-assessment attached tothe paper. Brandt¶s piece was not one of the readings that really resonated with
me, so I found it very hard to respond to it effectively. The reading blogs andWTE¶s helped me be slightly more prepared for what type of writing the Literacy paper was going to require, which was definitely a good thing. I think, over time, Iwill be able to get used to the idea of responding to prompts that aren¶t asinteresting to me as others.My three goals for the remainder of the semester are as follows, in order of increasing difficulty: save drafts and edits of my work as new documents on my computer, use less ³fluff´, and finally, quit procrastinating with my writing. Theeasiest goal shouldn¶t be very difficult; after a couple times of creating and editingcopies of my work in new documents instead of working on the same document, Ishould get used to it. I should just make sure I make copying and pasting a new file to work on a habit, like it¶s part of my writing process.My medium goal is to use less ³fluff´ in my writing. What I mean by fluff isthat I add unneeded explanations, lists, or restatements of the same thing overand over just to add length or make my writing seem more interesting. This canespecially happen when I am less interested and have nothing meaningful to say about the topic. Sometimes, if length requirements are given, I will do whatever ittakes to meet them, even if I write half a page of utter nonsense to reach a fivepage limit. I¶m not sure how to stop doing this other than through planning andoutlining better, stopping more frequently to read over what I¶ve written, andconstantly asking myself if I am restating (or overstating) anything. Hopefully itshould get better with time and practice.My hard goal is to not procrastinate with my writing assignments. Moreoften than not, I tend to think about what I want to say but never actually getaround to typing it out until the last minute before the assignment is due.Sometimes it seems easier to do that, because if I wait until the last minute, Imust work under pressure and get it all done at once. I really don¶t set myself upfor success when I do that though, because then I rush, make silly mistakes, anddon¶t do my best work overall. To fix this, I know I must stick to a more strictwriting process: brainstorm, outline, write, edit, write some more, etcetera, andthen reward myself for a job well done when I¶m satisfied with what I¶ve written.It will definitely take a lot of work and dedication on my part before I can get

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