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Sadguru Shanti Sandesh - Feb - 2011

Sadguru Shanti Sandesh - Feb - 2011

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Published by Amit Jyoti
A magazine for the BELIEVERS.
A magazine for the BELIEVERS.

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Published by: Amit Jyoti on Mar 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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स शाॊत सद
 True Mast
er’s Peace Message
(A spiritual and social, monthly magazine based on harmony of all the religions.)February, 2011 Year: 1 Vol: 4Founder
Swami Ashutosh ‘Gurusnehi’
Swami Udayanand
Swami Sahjanand
Varunanand, Amit Kumar
Pravin Kumar
 Legal Advisor
Sri Rajiv Prakash Singh (Adv. PHC)
Sadguru Shanti Sandesh, Maharshi Santsewi Dhyanyog Ashram, Satsang Nagar, Sabour,Bhagalpur(Bihar), India, Pin-813210, Email: santmatvarun@gmail.com,Mobile: +91- 9263247904,9931768455
Answerable for selection of Articles under P.R.V act. 
Applied for. T.V.L.No. BIHHINO4984Printed by:Milan Printers, Industrial Area, Barari, Bhagalpur
Verses of holy Vedas 22.
Aphorisms 33.
Precept of a sant 34.
Always Remember 45.
The God founded the yoga - Sant Baba Devi Sahab 46.
Inspiring Incidence
Subduing the senses 67.
The Immortal Words
True Master Maharshi Mehi Paramhans 68.
Saints doesn’t preach to become Lazy
Discourse Nectar
True Master Maharshi Santsewi Paramhansa 1010.
Teachings of Quran
Binoba Bhave 1311.
Swami Ashutosh ‘Gurusnehi’
A Message 1713.
Do we know what to ask to the God 17
Verses of Holy Vedas
तितुिवयंणमभ बग देिम धीभह धमो मोन चोदमात
 We meditate the superlative refulgent light of the creator of the world, the God, which is the face of the bliss, the elixir and the mind. May that give propitious inducements to our wisdom.
नैनॊानोत शऩथो न कृमा नाबशोचनभ
नैनॊिषकधभाुतेमिा फबमाजन
 The worship to the God with sanctified conscience grows your self-strength and let you achieve worldly pleasures.
भधभतीयोषधीाविा आऩो भधुभनो बििॊतयऺभ
ऺेम ऩतभवधुभावनो अिायषमतो अिेनॊचयेभ
 Let's behave the best as we expect from others. Living practical life is true ethics.
इेमोअिसाभागाभ शिेभेािाऩृथिी अबूताभ
अऩाह दशो भेबितुन िी तिा भो अबमॊनो अतु 
| |
No one opposes the man whose behaviors are sweet. Who never envy, are fearless. Such people get umpteen pleasures of their own.
अि भा ऩाभॊज िशी सन भृडमास न
आ भा बम रोकेऩाभन मेहमि
| |
 A number of obstacles come in the life. The virile, who removes
them with efforts
and doesn’t distract 
, finds rejoice. 
No one becomes big by having hairs on his head turned white. Heaven says him old if an adolescent also is wise.
Mahatma Manu
Health is utmost gain, Satisfaction is utmost wealth, Faith is utmost brother, and Salvation is utmost pleasure.
Lord Buddha
True education is that by which we could identify ourselves i.e. to soul and the truth.
Mahatma Gandhi 
Whose life has been freed from all five subjects, he only can experience the real pleasure of God.
Swami Narayan
Peace, prestige, knowledge and godly-compassion can be harvested by sowing the seeds of love, humility,meditation and prayer respectively.
Swami Shivanand 
As soon as cloud diverges, the sun starts appearing . Likewise as soon as illusion gets away, the God appears.
Swami Ramkrishn
If heart is sanctified and guileless then worship sets down correct and enable us to reach up to ultimate goal.
Swami Vivekanand 
We should be always cautious for this matter that we do not pray to the God for insignificant materials.
Mahatma Gregry 
What all we see our inside or outside, up to which there are forms, all are illusions and perishable.
Great Saint Baba Devi Sahab
Where is devotion, there is salvation and where is salvation there is peace and welfare.
Sadguru Maharshi Mehi Paramhans
Spiritual education guides us from animal like attributes to human-like, from human like attributes to heavenly souls like and from heavenly souls like attributes to supreme soul like.
Maharshi Santsewi Paramhans
The Precept of A Sant
Sant Radhasoami SahibOh brothers! Now you have got this human body. Do
at least any of you. You have got this hard-to-find humanbody. You will not get such propitious opportunity again. The wife, the son, the property, the land and the praise aretransient pleasures which will take you towards the mother of the pain i.e. the cycle of birth and death. Protect yourselvesfrom such temptations and go and sit in the shelter of true master and his true companionship. The worldly game of relationship is false like dream of the night. I have awakened you from this unwitting sleep by making you understand thistruth. This body and the illusionary web joined to it, are false. As your mind is falling into allurement of such temptations, itwill go in vain. The
and the true master are allies of the true-form supreme soul so they are truth. Internalquintessence sound (The sound from the beginning) has emerged from the true-form supreme soul only so what to describe

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