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Decline and Fall (Maybe) Thanksgiving 2010

Decline and Fall (Maybe) Thanksgiving 2010

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Published by Michael Collins

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Published by: Michael Collins on Mar 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A purely subjective look at our chances to survive those who rule us
The Money Party
November 27, 2010http://www.themoneyparty.org/main/?p=266 Will we survive those who rule us and those who aspire to rule in their place, thatbipartisan coalition known asThe Money Party?The parade of indictments on Wall Street is just beginning. On Tuesday theFBI raided three major hedge funds (very large private, highly exclusive, unregulated investment funds that generate huge returns for the lucky few). There are more raids on the way,twelve according to one source.Business Insider'sexcellent article made clear what hasthe Feds upset: "What's happened, it seems, is that the government has discovered a huge
of friends or acquaintances who all know each other." Its called insider trading,taking advantage of information to make those huge profits the hedge funds offer. Tenyears after the Wall Street Casino opened, they're finally regulating. It may be time for ascapegoat. The hedge funds will do, it appears. The defendants may wish to put in anearly bid for a conveniently locatedfederal penitentiary.It will be months if ever before trials to start for the targets of the FBI raids. In themeantime, Congress failed to extend unemployment benefits for four million workers setto go off the rolls in January. "The peoples' House"voted 258 to154in favor of extending the benefits in the midst of  real unemployment around 20%. But in our  nation's capitol, a majority is sometimes not a majority sometimes. The vote fell Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her crew required a super majority for passage. There'sno success like failure.In one of the strangest episodes in the
war on a word 
, the Transportation SecurityAdministration (TSA) rolled out new measures to inhibit travel. Passengers in 68 airports(up to 1000 by the end of 2011) must submit to a full body scan or, if they choose, a patdown by TSA agents. There are concerns from major scientists that the radiation fromthe body scans may be dangerous. According tothe TSA,the pat downs will include examination of the "genital area" (for adults, TSA hesitated about this for children). If you decide that you don't want to fly and just go home, that'snot allowed.They'll do it

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