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MODH, Assessment Task 2, Yr 12, CMB

MODH, Assessment Task 2, Yr 12, CMB

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Published by Cin Barnsley

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Published by: Cin Barnsley on Mar 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Year 12 Modern History 2011Assessment Task 2: Research Paper 
AssessmentTask 2Handed Out:22-3-2011Due:5-4-2011Weighting:20%Marks:/20
Submission Instructions
Your completed essay and attached annotated bibliography is to be handed in onPeriod 3, Tuesday, Week 10, (April 5, 2011).
 Aims of this task:
This task is designed to allow you to investigate key features and issues in thehistory of Germany in the period of 1919 - 1939. You are required to usehistorical skills such as researching, collating, synthesising, essay writing andreferencing to present a coherent argument.
Outcomes Assessed: H1.1, H1.2, H2.1, H3.2, H3.5, H4.1, H4.2 
H1.1 describe the role of key features, issues, individuals, groups and events of selected twentieth-century studiesH1.2 analyse and evaluate the role of key features, issues, individuals, groups andevents of selected twentieth-century studiesH2.1 explain forces and ideas and assess their significance in contributing to changeand continuity during the twentieth centuryH3.2 locate, select and organise relevant information from different types of sourcesH3.5 plan and present the findings of historical investigations, analysing andsynthesising information from different types of sourcesH4.1 use historical terms and concepts appropriatelyH4.2 communicate a knowledge and understanding of historical features and issues,using appropriate and well-structured oral and written forms
What do you need to do? 
Undertake individual research to develop a deep understanding of the topicRevise and reflect on information and discussions undertaken in class.Carefully plan your response and find a range of sources to use asevidenceResearch, using both primary and secondary sources, from a variety of media (e.g. internet, books, journals, articles)Include a correctly formatted bibliography.
You will be assessed on your ability to:
Present a logical, well-structured responseCommunicate using historical terminology and conceptsCollect, analyse and organise informationPresent a correctly formatted bibliography
Cross Curricular Perspectives
– word processing applications; electronic research to access information
Key Competencies
- collecting, analysing and organising information;communicating ideas and information, planning and organising activities
Values and Attitudes -
the influence of the past on the future
The Task
You are required to research ONE of the following essay questions:
Essay Question(s):
To what extent did the Treaty of Versailles weaken democracy in Germanybetween 1919 and 1925?
Account for the opposition that existed within Germany to a democraticrepublic in the period to 1933.
Why were democratic forces within Germany unable to prevent Hitler’s rise topower by 1933?
. How vital was economic and social unrest to the growth of the Nazis in theperiod to 1933?
. Evaluate the impact of Nazi ideology on social, economic and cultural life inGermany 1933-1939
Word Limit:
1500 words
 The text must be processed, at size 12 font and with double-spaced lines.You must include a bibliography with appropriate referencing of all sourcesused.
To adequately show the extent of their research, students areencouraged to include quotations/opinions from leading historians.

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