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Published by Tanesha Brenno

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Published by: Tanesha Brenno on Mar 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Judges are the impartial arbiters of the law. They have many responsibilities and all mustbe carried out correctly, or if one little thing is forgotten or not handled the way it should be thanthey would be considered ineffective judges, after a period of time and after the same mistakesare made. Some things that judges are responsible for include: interpreting the law; determiningwhat cases can go to trial, then oversee those trials to ensure fairness for both sides of the cour;prosecute offenders; maintain order in their courtroom; adjudicate and direct trials; instructjurors; determine sentencing; and determining guilt, in non jury trials.Judging can be quite difficult for some but may come easy for others. It all depends ontheir education about law in action and law in the book. Some things to look for in an effectivejudge are things such as: if they demonstrate fairness and objectivity, exhibit care and heed therules, avoid personal opinions or bias, they do not discuss the rules, listen intentively andrespond quickly on scoring forms, and of course if they are consistent in their courtroom with allpeople of the court. Ineffective judges can be scary to a defendant or even the entire court buteveryone may think that they have their own ways of doing things, which they do but there aremany things that need to be done the right way to ensure the proper ending to the trials or hearings. I believe that in todays day and age there is no room for an ineffective judge. There aremany cases that are neglected and innocent people are sentenced to prison, leaving their familiesbehind and some are forgotten. All judges should take their time and listen to everything that isdisplayed in their courtroom, not only to know what exactly is going on but to also make surethat each side is doing their job in presenting the proper evidence and ensure that the factssupport the findings.If a United States Supreme Court judge is proven to be ineffective on the terms of negligent duty then they would have to be impeached by the federal government. Then, if an
elected judge is proven to be ineffective due to judicial misconduct then there is a panel thatdecides whether or not the accusations are correct. If so, the panel has many ways of dealingwith it, making an outcome that is proper and appropriate for the matter at hand. To conclude, Ibelieve that judges whom are ineffective are out there, everywhere and they should be dealt withso that the proper measures are taken for the accused and the innocent. Judges should be trainedproperly and have the appropriate schooling to ensure that the law is followed and to make surejustice is ensured all the way around.

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