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Published by Kaylee Miller

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Published by: Kaylee Miller on Mar 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Miller 1
Kaylee Miller Professor Jan RiemanEnglish 1102March 2, 2011
I feel that ³Welcome to College´ is the best title I can give my paper because this Englishclass has been a crash course for me on college writing and research. I kind of procrastinated on this paper which is funny and sad, because one of the things I wrote about was how I want tobe more efficient when I write which means I need to not procrastinate. My peers pointed out many of the issues I saw myself in my paper and were very helpful in giving feedback to improveit.
elcome to CollegeBefore I came to college I was constantly warned about the numerous papers I would berequired to write and the challenging expectations associated with them. In high school we wereencouraged to write academically and intellectually in order to prepare for complex collegewriting. I expected that my professors assumed I could write to their standards and was nervousthat I would not be able to succeed. English 1102, also known as College
riting, has calmedmy fears by teaching me how to improve my writing and will hopefully lead me to be able towrite more intellectually. In class, we have already worked on so much throughout the first partof the semester and I believe that in College
riting I will improve on my main goals of usingcommas properly, writing more efficiently and well focused, and to write intellectually.
Miller 2
One of the greatest sources in class to help improve my writing is in my peer group. Ihave found a great connection among the other members in my peer group. Lauren, Jevon,Andrew, and I are all very different. Lauren has an elaborated form of writing while Andrew isvery straight forward. Jevon¶s writing is very intellectual and it is growing easier to distinguishthe variations between each person¶s work.
e all have a different style of writing which helpsus to point out different ideas in each other¶s work. They are great with pointing out errors incomma usage they are also helpful in giving advice about when I should elaborate on a topic.Already I feel that my writing has improved with their help, particularly when it comes tocomma usage on something or remove a piece in my writing. Comma usage is still an issue for me, but I hope by practicing writing and by receiving advice from my peers and Professor Rieman I will improve.Along with working on my basic writing skills I hope to continue to improve on focusingon my writing and to write more efficiently. The course goals include learning to use readingand writing to make meaning and thoughtful writing decisions. I believe that in order tocomplete these goals I have to work more to adjust my writing habits. In class we have writtenand discussed our writing processes, as well as read articles about how to improve them. Thisprocess is about when, where, what, and how we like to write. In one of my early daybook entries I wrote about how I wanted to make better use of my time and try to use areas, such as thelibrary, in order to better focus on my work. I have made a schedule with myself on times towork on papers and work in the library and I also try to write my papers before the rest of myfamily gets home.
hile I have definitely put my personal suggestions to use in order to make iteasier for me to write I would love to learn about more ways I can improve. Sometimes I feelthat even when I do manage to focus my writing leers off the prompt and my train of thought can

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