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Introduction to Social Media for Business

Introduction to Social Media for Business

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Published by Johan Horak
An introduction to social media
An introduction to social media

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Published by: Johan Horak on Mar 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction to A Business Social MediaStrategy
by Johan Horak fromHelpMeToStayInTouch.info 
Purpose of social media for business:
 To be an dominating influence in the your business market by creatinginformation pools where clients and potential clients (fans) can come to find andshare information in a
resistance free
place.These pools are also called cultivation pools. It's a place where the fans have toopportunity to come to like, know and trust The Business. And when they dothey will walk the mile for The Business.
What is the problem?
Traditionally, in the physical world, The Business may create valuableinformation and may share this info with clients but have to duplicate the effort,over and over.This is because physical information can only be shared when a lot of resistanceis overcome.Compare this to the e-world where sharing is free and virtually resistance free.The question, The Business needs to answer, is how can it utilise online media tocreate sharable information once, then create more and more, and allowing fansto centrally create more business info as well.
The answer is in creating a funnel.
The circumference of the funnel increases as The Business ads more valuablecontent through various social media tools. In fact each social media toolbecomes a small funnel in a huge funnel.As the funnel entry increase more fans will come to visit, more fans will becomecustomers. And as they visit the get invited into through the funnel into thecultivation pools. Let me explain the cultivation pools: 
How Solve The Problem?Createcultivationpools :
a. where clients and potential clients can, informally, stay in touch with TheBusiness. A good example of this is the like button . As soon as your fanlike your content they share your content with their network or they become partof your cultivation pool.b. I said informal: Informal does not mean nonprofessional, informal means a placewhere there is less resistance, it means social, it's not office and tie, it's tea partyand breakfast, it' friendship and trust. It's fun but always the truth. Integrity comesfirst.c. where clients and potential clients (fans) find and ask for information without anyresistanced. where fans can share this information with others who are not yet in the TheBusiness cultivation pools.
e. in order to become the most reliable source of your business news. When TheBusiness is seen is the place for news they will become the defacto experts. Andmore and more people will be joining your cultivation pools.f. to become a magnate that attracts and keep more and more people with in your sphere of influence while it costs you less and less.g. To create a support base that trusts you. A support base that will become your ambassadors and advocates. When this support base of fans like, know and trustyou you can ask
them to do more for you
Where are the cultivation pools?
The cultivation pools are at any place where existing, previous and potential clients are.They are using:i. Facebookii. Twitteiii. Youtubeiv. LinkedInv. Website/blogs/newsletter vi. emailvii. Google Buzzviii. Google Docsix. Scribd and othe
What is the plan?

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