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Published by Alex Zepherin

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Alex Zepherin on Mar 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Treatment
The Television bounces itself from side to side, happy to being on and alive.Jumping and prancing around as the Remote emerges from the back of the sofatowering over the TV like a God. A long shadow descends onto the ground asthe TV starts to tremble. Slowly and uneasily looks up to view the remote insilhouette form. A blazing light gleams behind the remote as it stands tall abovethe TV.The television now shaking with fear and anxiety, the Remote bounces onto thesofa’s arm rest and bends over pointing at the TV. The TV alarmed jumps upfrantically and shakes back and forth shivering with fear. The Remotedeviously pushes down the green button changing it to red. Just as theTelevision leaped in mid air to stop the Remote, it instantly fell to the groundmotionless and lifeless. The remote rolls around in sheer delight shaking at thehilariousness of the “dead” TV. It jumps and spins in the air pressing the redbutton from green and with that the TV awakes slowly in a daze. Unsure atwhere it is stumbling on the ground, before it can even make sense of itssurroundings the Remote jumps up once again and hurls at the televisionlanding on top. It bends over facing the television and presses the button onceagain. Making the TV collapse again onto the ground. The remote bellows athis act of power, and continues to torture back and forth at the powerless andterrified Television.The TV now absolutely exhausted by the Remote, while it cackles and twistsamused and blinded by its own cockiness and supremacy. The TV feelingdefeated and powerless, only can watch as the Remote chooses when andwhere to torture the poor machine. Making a triumphed spin onto the top of theSofa, it loses it balance and crashes on the ground. The TV shocked by thistrots over to the remote whose batteries have fallen out of itself, resulting in theremote laying there motionless. The TV looks back and forth at the batteriesthen at the lifeless remote. Takes and moment to think, then violently crushesand batteries. Stomping and squashing it into dust.

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