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The Box

The Box

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This is the first part of a short series I am doing, based on a writing prompt idea from another author today... Also available on my website at www.moonlitdreams.org
This is the first part of a short series I am doing, based on a writing prompt idea from another author today... Also available on my website at www.moonlitdreams.org

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Published by: Christine Hickman Butler on Mar 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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*Note: Before I start this I wanted to point out that I am taking up a writing prompt suggested by another author. Here is alink to her blog and the prompt:Rachel KenleyThe Prompt:One nightwith no one in sighta box fell from the skyOne night, with no one in sight, a box fell from the sky. I just happened to be the unlucky asshole it landed on. Of course, Iquickly looked around to verify that no one else had seen this happen and to figure out where the hell a box had come from.I don't live in a big city. It's not like a box could have fallen or been tossed from an apartment window overhead. No, Ihappened to be walking along a sidewalk down a small town road populated by ranch-style houses, a few palmetto trees,bushes, and not much else.Lucky for me, the box had been small and relatively light. My head tended to disagree with my conclusion that I had beenlucky, as it was currently throbbing so hard I thought my ears would pop off. I went to grab a hold of the box, intent uponripping it open to see what lie inside. The funny thing was, when I went to grab said box, it moved. Yes, I will admit, Istartled and jumped back with a not so eloquent, very high-pitched, "holy shit!" At this point, I am literally trying to decideif I should just run as fast as I can away from this devil box or if I should still, stupidly, go open the damn thing up.Yes, I know what you're thinking, 'who in their right mind would still want to open this box up?' Believe me, the samethought ran through my head, but alas, I am only human. Humans, by the way, are innately stupid and curious beings. Notonly have we heard of the saying, "curiosity killed the cat" but it was thought up by a human too, for instances such asthese, most likely just before it's author opened a box much like this. And here I was creeping every so slowly back over tothis mystery box that was still for the moment. Still or not, I was intent upon opening it anyway. I reached out for the boxagain, thinking, 'surely I imagined the fact that it just wiggled again.' Instead of being put off by the movement, I decidedperhaps it was simply a curious kitty that had been trapped in a box.I walked down the street a bit with the box in hand until I was sure I was out of sight of the houses. Why on earth I thoughtit would be better to open a magic devil box from the sky where no one could witness what happened to me is beyond me,but it seemed like a logical thing to do at the time. So, I grabbed a small branch nearby that had recently fallen from a treeand I began to try to pry the box open using the stick, in order to keep a safe distance. Apparently my manual dexterity isnot one of my finer points and this soon proved an impossible task. Finally, having had enough of Pandora, yes I hadlovingly named said creepy box, I moved closer to it and began to pull apart the pieces of the box that seemed to be tapedtogether.They did not give themselves up easily and so I sat down on the cold, hard, cement of the sidewalk; placed the box firmly inmy lap; and tugged with all I had. "Stupid, friggin, Pandora's box, I command you to open at once!" Sure, I thought I wasbeing clever, but low and behold the damn thing finally sprang open. Pandora released itself with very little pomp and

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