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EarthD MM

EarthD MM

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Published by applania

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Published by: applania on Aug 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mix and Match - Benchmark D: The Lithosphere
Name:__________________________ Class:__________ Date:__________ 
Fill in the blank with the letter next to the word that best completes thesentence.
1.a.metamorphicThe rate at which magma cools determines the __________ of an igneous rock.2.b.obsidianColor, streak, luster, and hardness are thephysical __________ .3.c.clasticsIgneous rocks are classified according to their __________ .4.d.cleavageThe color of the powder left by a mineral iscalled __________ .5.e.crystal sizeSedimentary rocks made up of pieces of rockare called __________ .6.f.streakColoring, layering, and texture are __________ .7.g.mineralThe splitting of a mineral into pieces withuneven surfaces, or a break in a rock isreferred to as a __________ .8.h.sedimentThe __________ is used to identify mineralsthat contain calcium carbonate.9.i.classifyThe size of the crystals in an igneous rockreferred to as __________ .10.j.graniteThere are three classes of __________ :igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary.11.k.densityA __________ rock forms from pieces ofother rocks or the remains of once-living things.
12.l.magmaMolten rock on the earth's surface is known as __________ .13.m.nonclasticsThe __________ is the outer layer (surface)of the solid Earth composed of rock that isconsidered to be about 50 miles in thickness.14.n.sedimentaryA __________ is a natural solid formed fromelements and compounds in the Earth's crust.15.o.moltenThe way a mineral reflects light from itssurface is known as __________ .16.p.rocksMelted minerals is generally called __________ .17.q.acid testA __________ is a substance made up oftwo or more elements that are chemicallycombined.18.r.texturesSmall pieces of rocks and minerals are called __________ .19.s.compoundAn __________ rock is made up of meltedminerals (usually in the form of magma) byvolcanic activity.20.t.rock cycleA __________ is a natural solid substancethat has a definite shape.21.u.properties of mineralsSedimentary rocks made up of dissolveminerals, or the remains of living things areknown as __________ .22.v.lavaThe term, __________ , refers to splitting of amineral into pieces with smooth, flat surfaces.23.w.crystalA __________ rock is formed or changed bypressure, heat, and water that results in amore compact and crystallized condition.24.x.geologistThe amount of matter in a given volume iscalled __________ .
25.y.lusterThe natural force that occur when objectsmade out of iron and steel are attracted by amagnet is called __________ .26.z.lithosphereA common form of igneous rock is __________ .27.aa.fractureA __________ is a person who studies thephysical structure of rocks and minerals.28.ab.textureMolten rock inside the earth is called __________ .29.ac.magnetismAn igneous rock that does not contain crystalsis called __________ .30.ad.hardnessTo __________ means to group rocks orminerals by their physical properties.31.ae.igneousThe __________ is a series of naturalprocesses by which rocks are slowly changedfrom one kind of rock to another kind of rock.32.af.properties of rocksThe property of a mineral that resists beingscratched is called __________ .

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