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PeopleA MM

PeopleA MM

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Published by applania

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Published by: applania on Aug 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mix and Match - Benchmark A: Cultural Practices, Products, andPerspectives of Past Civilizations
Name:__________________________ Class:__________ Date:__________ 
Fill in the blank with the letter next to the word that best completes thesentence.
1.a.BuddhismA __________ is a way of acting that has beenaccepted by many people and are learned andpassed down from generation to generation.2.b.gender roleThe __________ of a group of people includestheir language, foods, traditions, and architecture.3.c.cultural productsThe term, __________ , refers to a religion,philosophy, and social system that originated inIndia; the supreme being takes many different forms.4.d.beliefThe religion, __________ , is based on theteachings of Muhammad, the sacred book is theKoran, and the followers are known as Muslims.5.e.ChristianityThe religion based on the life and teaching of JesusChrist is known as __________ .6.f.diversityA people's way of life, including the same language,beliefs, art, music, dance, and literature is known as __________ .7.g.JudasimA religion based on the teachings of Buddha, areligious leader in India is known as __________ .8.h.cultural patternThe __________ of cultures refers to the wayscultures are similar to one another.9.i.class structureA __________ is the practice of passing downcustoms, beliefs, or other knowledge from parentsto their children.
10.j.customA __________ is a statement which a group ofpeople believe to be true.11.k.HinduismThe religion of the Jews based on the teachings ofthe Hebrew Bible is called __________ .12.l.IslamThe term, __________ , refers to a system in asociety where each group of people (i.e., upperclass, middle class, lower class) share a similar wayof life and have the same rank or status in society.13.m.commonalityFoods, clothing, shelter, and artistic expression areall examples of __________ .14.n.world religionsA __________ is a societal expectation wheremales are expected to play particular roles andfemales are expected to play yet different roles.15.o.cultureThe __________ of cultures refers to the wayscultures are different from one another.16.p.traditionThe term, __________ , refers to religions whichare practiced in a number of countries of the worldsuch as Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism,and Islam.

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