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Communication Management Plan

Communication Management Plan

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Published by mk_nimesh

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Published by: mk_nimesh on Mar 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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11. Communication Management Plan
11.1 General Project Information
Project Name: Laboratory development projectLocation: Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Alberta EdmontonProject Manager: Shannon MacDonald
11.2 Objectives
To keep all the stakeholders well informed in advance about the project progressand future activities. The prior knowledge through proper communication channelwill give confidence to all stakeholders. A prompt and accurate communicationwill ensure any change in expectations of a stakeholder or alteration in workingenvironment, thus enabling the project manager to take necessary action tomitigate any risk.It will be essential to communicate all the planning process to Dr Lipsett to keephim aware as he is the most influential stakeholder in this project.In absence of a good Communication Management Plan not only importantthings can be missed but also there is high probability of miscommunicationwhich may lead to grave problems in course of project.
11.3 Communication Constraints
Read and understand the safety codes for research facility layout.
With a very demanding work schedule, availability of Dr Lipsett for directface to face meetings is a big constraint which pushes the projectmanager to use other mediums.
Communication with the research students is deemed optional to them byDr Lipsett. Although they will be using the new facility.
Varying schedule of all the team members is also a hurdle for groupmeetings, discussion and brainstorming. 
Communication Assumptions
Team members are assumed to make effort to communicate with fellowmembers & project manager in event of an error or anything new isspotted.
Dr Lipsett will notify the project manager in case of any changes inexpectation.
Communication Risks
Communication lapse with the stakeholders is biggest risk, as the number of stakeholders is very few so everyone require good amount of attention.
Communication with research students is restricted to their choice whichmight hinder the project manager understanding their expectations.
Dr Lipsett’s busy schedule poses as a risk to delay communication in theproject.
Communication gap among project team can hamper the integrity.
Slow communication or approval from University authority can delay theschedule.
11.6 Target Audiences
Internal Stakeholder External StakeholdeDr Michael Lipsett The project team MechanicalEngineeringStudentsDr Glen Thomas University of Alberta VendorsRoger Marchand Bee Clean Inc.Research StudentsLab technicians
11.6.1 Stake holder’s requiring formal Communication
Dr Michael Lipsett
Dr Glenn Thomas
Roger Marchand
11.6.2 Team Responsibility
For all the formal communication, project manager is responsible.
All the outgoing formal communication must pass via project manager only.
Team members are strictly restricted to contact any stakeholder.
11.7 Communication Tools and Format
Dr Lipsett will receive full fledged report on the project progress status, projectissues, project risks, project deliverables and project resources as promisedin project charter. Report will be given in standard format via email. For the
progress face to face meetings would be arranged with him as per hisavailability.
Layout planned for the new lab will be conveyed in engineering drawing instandard format of Chrome engineering via hard copies and auto-caddrawing.
Meetings with Roger Marchand will be used to fully understand the process of heavy equipment transportation. Schedule planning will depend upon thisactivity.
Report on schedule will be provided to Roger for execution activities andreminders through email.
Team members will have weekly meetings or more for discussing theprogress and scheduling their activities.
Online conference on “skype” will be used as and when required for teamcommunication.
Team will be using group on “facebook” the social networking website for communicating
Team will usewww.scribd.comfor sharing documents.
11.8 Communication matrix
Stakeholder Need Type of report Frequency Medium
Dr MichaelLipsettOwner of the projectneed to know reportof all acitivitiesDetailed Report Bi-Weekly E-mailProgress Report Weekly Meeting Dr Glen Thomas Execution Schedule Once E-mail Roger MarchandResponsible for heavy equipmentmovementExecutionSchedule,Execution PlanningBi-Weekly Meeting, E-mail ResearchStudentsResponsible for movement of lightstuff Execution Schedule Once E-mail Project TeamResponsible for project managementAll reports WeeklyMeeting,Facebook,Scribd,Skype 

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