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Updates on the 2011 Egyptian & Libyan Revolutions

Updates on the 2011 Egyptian & Libyan Revolutions

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Mar 22, 2011
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 Updates on the 2011 Egyptian & Libyan Revolutions
The Egyptian Revolution is here in 2011. Radical changes have occurred. People arecelebrating that Mubarak stepped down from his office. That is a good thing since adictator ruling a nation is a vice and it isn't a virtue
. People have stood up against evil andnepotism. There are real changes in Egypt. I don't believe that NGOs or the elite influenced thedirection of the whole revolution. The people in Egypt should independently rule their own nation.People in Jordan, Tunisia, and all over the Middle East are celebrating in the streets as well. Thisis a new era. New reforms can occur in the world. Some people in Paris are celebrating.
The ex-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has there ruled for 30 years. The Egyptian armedforces will take over the leadership of the country as Vice President Omar Suleimanannounced. Some fear the Muslim Brotherhood and other influences will dictate policies inEgypt as Mubarak is gone. We should be careful about the future, but most of the Egyptiancitizenry aren't extremists nor are in league with the Muslim Brotherhood at all. We need tobe very careful to not experience anti-Muslim paranoia or anti-Muslim hysteria.
ManyMuslims in the world (even if you personally disagree with Islam from a religious standpoint)desire in peace, inherit rights, and a goal of cooperation with their neighbors (in order to establisha more tranquil civilization). Hosni Mubarak's money has been frozen in Switzerland. The future isuncertain since we live in a new era of time. The genie is out of the bottle. Many people who arein the Arabic world desire to throw off the shackles of tyranny and desire more reasonabledemocratic reforms in respective countries. The solution to the Israeli/Palestinian problem is amust in the 21st century. Egypt will have to recover from their issues and there should beemployment, food development, and other means of survival. People do have hope to have abetter situation than in the past 30 years.
Glen Beck is right on some issues, but this Mormon is using disinformation yet again. Hebelieves that Soros and communists are having a hand in trying to cause tensions in the world(and make America into a more communist nation). That reality is that Soros has done dirt, buthe isn't the biggest player in causing this turmoil in the world. This agenda is about globalistsusing offshore corporate cartel (beyond leftist agitators) to force globalization, the new worldorder, and a destabilization of the world.
Glen Beck is acting like Sen. Joseph McCarthy.McCarthy accurately exposed Communist influence in the U.S. government with realevidence. Yet, he didn't see the bigger picture that Communism is just one avenue in howthe establishment use to counter react real Revolution. Real Revolution isn't aboutviolating First Amendment rights or making a man a cog of the state. It's about transformingsociety and transforming our culture in being more tolerant of the poor, the suffering, theoutcast, and the disadvantaged in the world. Beck is right to expose the new world orderagenda, but wrong to place George Soros as its leader.
 The CFR member &Bilderberger Soros (who financially aided the Bush family I might add) is amid level person of the elite at best
.The real elite or bloodlines are promoting thenew age system. Beck tries to link the Muslim Brotherhood to socialism in America. He basheslabor unions (even though some unions are corrupt) when unions are one of the reasons why wehave a minimum wage, workers' rights, pensions, and other protections that assist workers inthe West. George Soros isn't the ringmaster in the global game of chess. Beck wants us toblame leftists or the Left Paradigm collectively (with people like Van Jones and groupsbeing linked to Soros) as the sole reasons for our problems. Glen Beck omits that the Pentagonintervened in foreign politics. Even the CIA and the U.S. military have for decades, sponsoredand created radical Islamic factions including the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, and more
.Now, a dictator eliminated from power like Mubarak is a great thing. We should celebrate this.Yet, we should be careful that NGOs, and other Western elites don't stir this revolution. Manyelitists want to use strategic problems to control more of the Middle East and Central Asia. Theyhave funded Nazi Germany, Communist China, and Soviet Russia (as documented by AnthonySutton and other researchers).
Geo-politicians like Zbeigniew Brzezinski and HenryKissinger admit that there are Hegelian dialectics over race, creeds, andnationality in order to promote corporate and military interests behind the scenes.This is expressed in the Grand Chessboard book as written by Brzezinski (
Hewanted a technocratic revolution in the world as early as the early 1970's
 Many CIA/KGB factions have used assassinations, false revolutions, and other black opstensions to control the Third World. Both sides in the Middle East in their leaderships are evenmanipulated by the West too. One example is how the Muslim Brotherhood was funded by BritishIntelligence. The West supports Israel and the mostly Sunni dictators too in Saudi Arabia, etc. If aMiddle Eastern nation rebels, they are dealt with. One example is that once Iranian PrimeMinister Mohammed Mossadegh was removed by a CIA coup in Operation Ajax from 1953.Mossadegh, who was educated in the West and had a moderate, secular rule, had defied the oilcompanies in attempt to nationalize energy profits. Even Brzezinski brags about funding Afghanterrorists as freedom fighters. These fighters now are called terrorists ironically by 2001. SaddamHussein during the Iran-Iraq war was aided by the USA that killed over 1 million people. Iraq backin the 1980’s was once given weapons of mass destruction by the West, especially America.Even Anwar al-Awlaki dined in the Pentagon months after 9/11. He was the shooter of innocentpeople in Fort Hood. A lot of these terrorist incidents either are funded by the government or havestrange circumstances behind them. The Egyptian Interior Ministry building is on fire in Cairo,Egypt.
Libya is having a Revolutiopossible civil war. Libya is aQaddafi (Al-Qaddafi) is a diLibya is different from Benthe United States and the ESome fear that Egypt and Tthose respective countries imore controlled by them, sresources from West Africapromoting revolt. Qaddafi rKing acquiescence or submof personality, cronyism, an
Qaddafi immorally invadefemale bodyguards. He alpeople from his own natiof the Amal Movement, ishindrance to Lebanese-LiOpposition to him has bewas the founder of the A
conditioning an entire hierainterests at the expense ofrenounced Qaddafi. Interior(Bengasi) and oversees a breported to be Qaddafi’s “nthe head of Libyan Internalthing to a “number two” witmonolithic. Some social mechange in Libya.
QaddafiAfricans there in Libby the so-called “rebQaddafi. These evil p
. A US/NATO intervention in Libya is a reality. Libyn
oil rich nation. It's easy to witness that Colonel Mctator. He's been the qaid or dictator of Libya for abli's Tunisia and Mubarak's Egypt. Libya was not veuropean Union recently. Qaddafi is a dictator that aunisia will have the military machine and neo-liberalf puppet new regimes exist. The EU and the US wisthey can gain their resources and be a gateway totoo. From the south, weapons are coming into Libyled Libya after the 1969 coup against the King Idrisitted greatly to the interests of Western nations. Qad corruption in order maintain his power base in Lib
d Chad to carve it up. He's an eccentric. He haslowed many innocent people to die or go missinn). There was the case of Lebanon’s Musa Al-Sone of the most famous of these cases and hasbyan relations. There have been rivals in Qaddan crushed and Lebanon's Musa Al-Sadr had beal Movement
. Qaddafi has had a very negative effrchy of corrupt officials in Tripoli. Each one looks ouhe Libyan people. Aref Sharif, the head of the LibyaMinister Abdul Fatah Al-Yunis (Al-Younis), who is franch of the special operations work in Libya, has rmber two” or second in charge, but this is incorrect.Intelligence and Qaddafi’s relative through marriagein the structure of power in Tripoli. The opposition idia networks, international news stations, etc. have
is a fraud and I don't agree with him exa. I oppose black people being murderels.” That is why I don’t support all of thople are dragging black people and killi
is approaching aammar Al-ut 42 years.y submissive tots independent.ism to remain inh that Libya isget morewith peopleAl-Sanusi. Thedafi used the culta.
The enemyn entourage ofg (includingdr, the founderalways been ai's regime.n killed too. He
ect in creating andfor their ownn
Air Force, hasom Benghazisigned. Yunis isAbdullah Sanusi,, is the closestLibya isn'tpromoted regime
loiting blackin Libya toorebels orng innocent

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