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Published by Sowingseedsothought
National Spirit newspaper
National Spirit newspaper

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Published by: Sowingseedsothought on Mar 22, 2011
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Vol. No.1, Issue No.50 Mumbai: Friday, March 11, 2011 Rs.5/- RNI No. MAHENG/2010/32801
A Weekly Stirring up the Soul of Bharat 
(Continued on page 2)
The special fast track court, whichtried the Godhra train carnage case, wasin agreement with the prosecution that alarge number of local Muslims did gather“within minutes” of stopping the SabarmatiExpress on the outskirts of the railwaystation on February 27, 2002, and theyhad stocks of petrol with them.Additional sessions judge P.R.Patel held 31 persons guilty of a “pre-planned conspiracy” and setting fireto coach S-6. In the incident, 59people, mostly Vishwa Hindu Parishadkar sevaks, were killed. Of the 31found guilty, the court sentenced todeath 11 convicts, particularly those itbelieved were present at a meeting,held the previous night, where aconspiracy was hatched, and those who,it agreed, had actually entered the coachand poured petrol before setting it afire.The other 20 convicts were sentenced tolife imprisonment.According to some of theobservations made by the judge, the courtbelieved that had there been no pre-planned conspiracy, “it would not havebeen possible to gather Muslim personswith deadly weapons within five to sixminutes and reach near “A” cabin on therailway track” after the train was made tostop by chain pulling a second time.The judge also accepted theprosecution theory of the perpetratorshaving collected petrol the previous night,after the meeting at the Aman GuestHouse. Had petrol not been kept ready inloose form in carboys the previous nightnear Aman Guest House, “it would nothave been possible to reach with carboyscontaining petrol in a huge quantityimmediately, that is within 5 to 10 minutes,near coach S-6.”Taking the conspiracy theoryforward, the court maintained that it wasnot a random attack on S-6, but wasSonia Gandhi can do no wrong.2. That seems to be the basicassumption in the current debate on thevarious decisions of a verycontroversial nature made bythe Government of PrimeMinister Manmohan Singhsince the presentGovernment was formedafter the elections of 2009 -whether the decisions relatedto the questionablefunctioning of the Ministry ofTelecommunications or thewrongful appointment to thehigh-pedestal post of theChief Vigilance Commissioner of someonefacing an enquiry into a charge, which couldcast a shadow on his integrity if proved orother serious matters of public interest.3. In all the debates in public -whether in the media or by political parties- the focus has been on the role of thePrime Minister and other concernedMinisters as well as bureaucrats. Iwatched with interest the debate in the(March 7, 2011): The battle for the234-seat Tamil Nadu assembly is gettingintriguing with the Congress partyunwilling to accept the Dravida MunnetraKazhagam's offer of 60 seats, 12 seatsmore than the last assembly election, but18 seats less than what the party's highcommand wanted before the talks for seatsharing began.The impact of Congress GeneralSecretary Rahul Gandhi is at work. Hewants the party to rebuild its grassrootbase and prefers to go alone at the polls.The Congress party's debacle in the Biharassembly election last year has not madeany enduring impact on the spirit of theGandhis.In fact, on Sunday night, seniorCongress leaders claimed they have threeoptions: They could go in for an alliancewith the DMK; they could go to the pollsalone; or they could start negotiations withJ Jayalalithaa's All India Anna DravidaMunnetra Kazhagam.The audacity of the Congress partyis worth noting. A full day has passed sincethe DMK threatened to walk out of thegovernment, but the Congress hasremained unmoved.Samajwadi Party chief MulayamSingh Yadav is desperate to have ties withthe Congress for next year's assemblyelection in Uttar Pradesh. His party's fixersare already talking about offering 100seats to the Congress in the state.Yadav has lent his support to theUnited Progressive Alliance, so the UPAgovernment has no risk to its survival. Thatis why it seems the Congress-DMKelectoral alliance will fructify only on termssuitable to the Congress party.The first glimpse into the Congress'sfuture strategy will be visible if theCongress-DMK alliance breaks."If we go with 60 seats, which arenot entirely of our choice, then how manyof it will we win ultimately?" asks aCongress leader, adding, "On the otherhand, if we go alone, we will manage moreor less the same number of seats that we
Decoded: Congressgames in Tamil Nadu
Sheela Bhatt (Rediff.com)
Godhra: Kar sevaks weretargeted, says judge
Manas Dasgupta
A Lecture-Cum-Presentation on"ARE WE REALLY INDEPENDENT?"
will be held on Saturday, 12th March 2011at Sun Mitra Mandal School, Goregaon East,Near Railway Subway, Mumbai 400063, at 4.30 p.m.
Admission is Free. All are cordially invited
Organised by: 
Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum
(Regd.)(A NGO promoted by Hindu Voice)(jointly with AriseIndiaForum)210 Abhinav, Teen Dongri, Yeshwant Nagar, Goregaon West, Mumbai 400062.Tel: 022-28764460, 09324728153. Email: hinduvoicemumbai@gmail.com
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Need to go into role ofSonia Gandiin decision-making
B.RamanAdditional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi
various TV channels this evening (3rdMarch) on the adverse judgement of abench of the Supreme Court deliveredearlier in the day in the caseregarding the procedurefollowed for the appointmentof Shri P.J.Thomas as theChief Vigilance Commissioner.4. The eminentpersonalities, whoparticipated in the debates,as well as the TV anchorsfocussed only on the role ofthe various personalities inthe Government from thePrime Minister downwards.Not one of them mentioned even inpassing the possible role of Sonia Gandhias the leader of the Congress (I) in thesecontroversial decisions. Even thespokespersons of the opposition parties,including the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP), did not even mention her name intheir interventions.5. Does this mean that all these
(Continued on page 2)
(5 March 2011): The pseudo-secularstreak that has engulfed the Indianpolitical establishment and theintelligentsia has left a mark even onorganizations aloof from this ethos, withconsequences that did notaugur well for them or forthe Indian nation.Dr K.B. Hedgewar,founder and first head of theRashtriya SwayamsevakSangh (RSS), had certainfundamental principles andgoals in mind when heestablished this unique body in theshadow of the failure of Gandhi’s KhilafatMovement and the communal riots intowhich it degenerated. But in just a few
RSS reclaims roots,redefines paradigm
Nancy Kaul
decades, slithering away from theseideals became a fashion, especially afterAtal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal KrishanAdvani (who called themselvesswayamsevaks) became Prime Ministerand Home Ministerrespectively in the BJP-ledNDA regime.An unconscionablecompromise with Hindu andeven interests, symbolizedmost prominently by theabject display ofobsequiousness at Agraand also at Kandahar , became thesignature tune of the regime. Later, Advanidisplayed an inexplicable love of
(Continued on page 3)
National Spirit Vol.1, Issue No.50 Mumbai, March 11, 2011 Page 2
controversial decisions were taken onlyby the Government with the Congress (I)leadership playing no role in it? Anyobjective analyst would find it difficult toaccept this. We have been under apeculiar system of governance since 2004in which real power seems to be wieldedby Sonia Gandhi in her capacity as thehead of the Congress (I) with the PrimeMinister as the head of the Governmentexercising only seeming power.6.There has been an unseen, butunquestioned power which has beenexercising a compulsive influence ondecision-making in important matters.This compulsive influence is quite evidentin the case of the appointment of the ChiefVigilance Commissioner. Whether inmatters relating to his appointmentdespite his facing an incomplete enquiryor the defence of his appointment beforethe Supreme Court everyone from thePrime Minister downwards has beenacting as if they were acting at theinstance of an invisible force that couldnot be resisted. Such an invisible forcecould be only that of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.7. She has been conducting herselfas a neutral, disinterested by-stander, whohad nothing to do with any of thesewill get by having an alliance with theDMK."The real politics is actually beingplayed at another level.The Congress wants the DMK to paythe political price for the 2G spectrumscandal. For long, the Congress hassurvived at the mercy of its ally in TamilNadu. Now, the party wants equal footing.The Congress wants to becompensated in terms of seats forpreserving the alliance in spite of the 2Gspectrum taint on the DMK.In fact, the latest party survey hasthrown up two different propositions.If the Congress, J Jayalalithaa's AllIndia Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagamand actor-politician Vijayakanth's DesiyaMurpokku Dravida Kazhagam party joinhands, that alliance would win 200 seatsand sweep the polls.Another possibility that emerged fromthe survey was that the DMDK, whichpolled 8.38 per cent and 10.08 per centvotes in the 2006 assembly and 2009 LokSabha elections respectively, was thekingmaker. If the DMDK had remainedunattached, instead of going along with theAIADMK as it has done now, there weresome chances of the DMK retaining power.Armed with such figures and groundreports, the Congress's oft-repeated wordfor the DMK's predicament is 'compulsion'.The Congress finds its handstronger due to the DMK's sliding fortunesand former telecom minister and DMKleader Andimuthu Raja's arrest in the 2Gspectrum case. The Congress has alsotaken a tough stand due to the divisionswithin the party in the state.Home Minister PalaniappanChidambaram is aiming to make a markin his native state this election. ButShipping Minister G K Vasan, arguably themost influential Congress leader in TamilNadu, wants to cut every other leaderdown to size.The same is true within the DMKwhere sharp divisions have emerged withM K Alagiri, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MKarunanidhi's elder son, understandinggrassroots politics better than anyone elsein the party's next generation.Many known and hidden forces andlogic drove the talks between theCongress and the DMK.Caste calculations, local issues, afuture power-sharing arrangement, themoney game and the impact of an alliancein Chennai on the power-sharingarrangement in New Delhi were theinfluencing factors.According to reliable sources in theparty, the Congress negotiating team hadasked for 78 seats to begin with.But the DMK had already given 31seats to the Pattali Makkal Katchi muchbefore talks with the Congress began.Of the remaining 203 seats, theCongress leaders claim the DMK hadmoved ahead in fixing constituencies forits party candidates and were adamantabout not placing certain seats on thetable for discussion. Chidambaram wasblunt in reacting to this allotment of seatsto other allies.It is important to note that CongressGeneral Secretary Rahul Gandhi waspresent when DMK president MKarunanidhi met Congress chief SoniaGandhi on January 31. The trio had thendiscussed some basic issues of seat-sharing.Whatever the final fate of the DMK-Congress alliance, it is clear that theCongress is ready to strike back.After a series of scandals andadverse Supreme Court rulings, the partyseems to be taking a grip on the situation.In spite of the scandals and thecredibility crisis, the Congress neitherappears down nor out. It is as if the 2Gscam left no taint behind.According to a senior Congressleader, "In the 2G spectrum investigation,things have moved as much as possible.After A Raja's arrest, nobody can accusethe government about not doing enough."The investigation to verify thedocuments in the Hasan Ali Khan case isstill not complete. But the Congress partyis slowly and firmly showing it will be backon its feet in less than two to three months.A senior Cabinet minister and animportant party leader in a South Indianstate told Rediff.com, "See me after sixmonths. You will see the difference."The minister said his party isbanking on the Food Security Bill to createsocio-political-economic history.The Congress became ambitious indealing with the DMK after the 2Gspectrum scam. What they cherish is thatthe investigation has not arrived at thedoor of any Congress leader and they are,so far, able to claim that the 2G spectrumis the doing of the DMK alone.The turning point in the DMK-Congress dynamics came when themoney trail, investigated by agencies likethe Central Bureau of Investigation, ledto the DMK's first family. Congressmenhad their bargaining chip.As we know, no political alliancebreaks for three seats - that too a seven-year-old alliance.The two parties are playing gamesbehind the scenes and using the mediato ensure that if the alliance doesn't workout, the blame should fall on the otherside. The blame game, the expressionsof leaders and their message are veryimportant. Tamilian parties wear pride ontheir sleeves.If the Congress breaks up thealliance with arrogance in its bodylanguage, then the DMK leadership willhave an excuse to pacify its agitatedcadres that they did not buckle under NewDelhi's (read North Indian) pressure.DMK leaders will go to town sayingthey were ready to sacrifice power in NewDelhi to preserve the Dravidian identity.Azhagiri said on Sunday night, 'Wehave no expectations of a patch-up. Itwon't affect our poll results.'He asked his supporters, 'I am veryhappy to come out of the UPA. Are youalso happy?' 'Our problem is gone,' hedeclared, 'because the Congress is gone.'If the DMK-Congress alliance endsthis week, then some questions arise:Is it advantage J Jayalalithaa andher AIADMK party? Will the Congressconsider talking to the AIADMK?The AIADMK has already sealed adeal with the DMDK, giving Vijaykanth'sparty 41 seats. Jayalalithaa has also heldtalks with the Left parties. The Congresswill find that out of 234 assembly seats,again, there are less than 200 seats onthe table.Why would Jayalalithaa cut into hersphere of influence by allowing the Congressto dictate terms? If the Congress gets areasonable number of seats, Jayalalithaa willcut her space much before the election.However, the pre-election surveyssuggest an impressive victory for her ifthe AIADMK joins hands with theCongress.Rahul Gandhi's 'Eklo Chalo (let usgo it alone)' tune has many notes, whichneeds refinement.Let us wait and see the fascinatingpermutations and combinations in theTamil Nadu bioscope.
Decoded: Congress games in Tamil Nadu
(Continued from page 1)
decisions. She has not spoken on any ofthese decisions in any great detail, norhas she been questioned. Everyone,including the media and even theopposition, has been behaving as if likethe British monarch she is above andbeyond all controversies and, hence, herrole cannot be questioned.8. If one has to find out the real truthbehind the recent controversies it is asimportant to go into her role as it is to gointo the role of others. The assumptionthat Sonia Gandhi can do no wrong hasto be challenged by the public as well asthe media and the political class. Shemust be made to face the fire of criticismand questioning like any other leader. Sheshould no longer be treated as if she is amorally superior person whose good faithand integrity have to be implicitlyaccepted.9. It is important for the JointParliamentary Committee (JPC) nowbeing constituted to summon her andquestion her in detail on the variouscontroversies. It is equally important forher role in decision-making to be debatedin Parliament, in the media andelsewhere. She should herself welcomea greater public focus on her role andinfluence in decision-making.
Need to go into role of Sonia Gandi ....
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March 08, 2010: The Supreme Courthas dealt a body blow to centralgovernment by quashing the appointmentof P. J Thomas. Catholic Church is highlyperturbed from this verdict. Same CatholicChurch had termed appointment ofThomas as matter of pride for them.When opposition leader SushmaSwaraj had put a dissent note on theappointment of Thomas even then acertain section had tried to portray it incommunalist colour, though, SushmaSwaraj had opposed due to fact thatThomas was involved in Palmolin Oilscam while he was food and civil supplysecretary in Kerala. Government hadcompletely ignored her suggestionshowing arrogance and gave logics todefend their decision. Centre had evenmade this issue as matter of prestige forthem.People even raised fingers on thedecision of BJP to boycott oath ceremonyof P. J Thomas. People even said sinceThomas is Christian so BJP is not able todigest it. Church also raised an insidecampaign to support Thomas.P.J Thomas is 1973 batch IASofficer. Some of the members in his familyare at respectable positions in the CatholicChurch, though, his image has been ofan honest officer barring accusation ofpalmolin oil scam. He has also been chief-secretary of Kerala. Thomas has also heldrespectable positions as secretary intelecom ministry, Ministry of informationand broadcasting, parliamentary affairsministry and many other posts in statedepartments.It became clear that the governmentwas trying to hide the facts in this case.CVC is highly sensitive post andrecruitment of accused on this post raisedmany questions. Government even saidthat judiciary has no right to interfere inthe normal routine work of government.Reaction of the church on thisdecision is surprising. The official reactionon the official website of Catholic Churchis: Catholic civil servant resigns and otheris church people disappointed overquashing of CVC appointment-(www.indiancatholic.in)Post of CVC is apolitical. Churchshould be aware of the fact that this is aconstitutional post and constitution doesnot favour any caste or religion. CatholicChurch is trying to convince people that itis Hindu BJP that is behind this game,which forced Thomas to ultimately leavethe post.Church is constantly saying thatthere is anti-Christian bias in thebureaucracy and to some extent it hascrept in judiciary. The way church hascorrelated post of CVC with Christianityis really daring as even Sangh cannotdare to do this. Such thinking of churchwill prove detrimental for the social set-up of the country in times to come. Churchhas still time to retrospect and it shouldreject such thinking. Administrative andjudicial set-up in the country is stillfunctioning above caste, religion andcommunity. The sooner the Churchunderstands this, the better.
Catholic Church
disappointed over quashingof CVC appointment
R. L Francis, President, Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM)
National Spirit Vol.1, Issue No.50 Mumbai, March 11, 2011 Page 3
specifically targeted at the kar sevaks.“The target of the assailants were not allpassengers of this train or any other trainor any other Hindus, but definitely the karsevaks who were travelling in this train,”the judge wrote in his 826-page judgment.“Shouting of slogans by theassailants and announcement over aloudspeaker from a nearby mosque alsoclearly suggest motive and pre-plan.” Thejudge disagreed with the defencesubmission that the attack could be“reactions” to the alleged “misbehaviour”by the kar sevaks with some Muslims onthe Godhra station platform, pointing outthat skirmishes had taken place earlier atother railway stations too but there wasno such violent reaction. “That the quarreltook place on the platform ormisbehaviour with Muslim girls by karsevaks was the only cause forspontaneous reactions can never beaccepted because as per the evidence onrecord, such quarrel had also taken placeearlier at the Rudroli station in UttarPradesh, and at the Dahod station inGujarat. However, it did not result in suchserious reactions,” the court observed.“Taking advantage of the allegedmisbehaviour by kar sevaks with Muslimgirls, the absconding accused SalimPanwala and accused Mehboob Ahmedalias Latiko raised shouts, called Muslimpeople from the nearby area of SignalFalia, misleading [them] that kar sevakswere abducting Muslim girl from inside thetrain, and also instructed [them] to stopthe train by pulling the chain,” thejudgement said. “Immediately a mob ofmore than 900 Muslim people attackedthe train with sticks, iron pipes, iron rods,dhariyas, guptis, acid bulbs, burning rags,and the crowd was instigated byannouncements over loudspeakers fromthe nearby Ali Masjid.”The judge also said “by creatingsuch tense atmosphere, the passengerswere prevented from jumping out of thetrain.”The judge went into the history ofGodhra and the communal situation in thecentral Gujarat town, where the populationbetween the two communities was almostequally divided. “Godhra is known for itshistory of communal riots. For Godhra, thisis not the first incident of burning aliveinnocent persons belonging to the Hinducommunity,” he said. He quoted some 10incidents of communal clashes in Godhrabetween 1965 and 1992, and said duringmany riots Hindus were “burnt alive andshops and houses came to be destroyedby fire.”Going into the technicalities of theoffence to constitute a “criminalconspiracy,” the judge said a “criminalconspiracy is complete as soon as two ormore persons agree to do or cause to bedone an illegal act. It is immaterial whetherthe illegal act was the ultimate object ofsuch an agreement or was merelyincidental to that object. The agreementin itself is enough to constitute theoffence.”Mohammad Ali Jinnah as his new USP.Unfortunately, the covert agendas ofthe BJP leaders and the needlessappeasement of minorities became theparty policy and even overshadowed theideology of the RSS and the personality ofits supreme leader or Sarsanghachalak.All policies and public announcements oncrucial of issues of the Sangh Parivar as awhole began to be moulded from theperspective of L.K. Advani (and his coterie),and soon patronage-seeking journalistsbegan to fill column inches with reamsabout the futility and irrelevance ofHindutva and the RSS. They took care topraise the compromising duo as morerelevant than the Hindu soul of the nation.In a land where once Sardar Pateltermed the rebuilding of the Somnathtemple – repeatedly destroyed andvandalized by Muslim invaders – as theregaining of national pride, there L.K. Advaniwho rode to power on the strength of theRam Janmabhoomi movement, sat in theoffice of that same Iron Man and HomeMinister and repeated shamelessly theinanity that the removal of the Babri Mosqueat Ayodhya was the ‘black day’ of his life.To its eternal shame, the RSS neverchastised him or disowned this statement,and tried to use this subterfuge toexonerate itself from any role in thedestruction of the disputed structure at theJanmasthan. This naturally raisedquestions in the minds of cadres andadmirers about the ideological mooringsof the RSS and its commitment towardsthe Hindu community and Hindu causes.Now, after a prolonged limbo, thecurrent Sarsanghachalak Mohanrao Bhagwathas with a single stroke negated thisideological paralysis and reaffirmedunambiguously the original paradigm - thatRSS is meant to serve the Indian nation – specified as Akhand Hindu Bharat – and theHindu native community in particular. TermingDr Hedgewar the guiding force of theorganisation, he said, “RSS is what DrHedgewar and Guruji (Golwalkar) thought itto be. There is no question of it being ‘secular’(read non-Hindu or anti-Hindu). Let mereassure it cannot and will not deviate from itspath and goal of Hindu interests which are atthe heart of it.” “Bharat or India , whatever youchoose to call, is a Hindu Nation, her soul isHindu and we will protect that.”Laying down the immediate twinagenda of the RSS - Jammu & Kashmirand Ayodhya - the plain speaking by ShriBhagwat on 26 February 2011, before aselect audience of concerned citizens inNew Delhi, spelled out the revitalized roleRSS intended to play in the Indian nation.To a pointed question about RSSdiluting its ideology by appeasingminorities like a political party, he clarified,“We have no sister concern, nor doesSangh have any morchas (fronts), we justhave shakhas (branches).” Certainminority associations had requested theSangh to depute some leaders toassociate with them, he said, and hadreceived such moral support; but RSS hadno hand in setting up or running such bodies.Questioning the intent of thegovernment-appointed interlocutors and theway they were running to appease theseparatists in J&K, he said, “these separatistsare a bunch, there should be initiative to talkto and strengthen the nationalists in the State.We are looking at the policies and the waydecisions on important issues are beingtaken by the government. Let me make itclear that we will not be mute spectatorsand will not allow any compromise on anyissue including Jammu & Kashmir.”Describing the stakes of each Indian inJammu & Kashmir, he warned there wouldbe no tolerance for hoodwinking orrepetition of wrong decisions as in the past.Shri Bhagwat also questioned therole and intent of international forces in India,and ruled out any third party mediation inKashmir. When the United States and Chinado not tolerate outside interference in theirinternal matters, why does the Indianestablishment permit them to meddle in ourinternal affairs? “It was different andunfortunate in 1947, but now things arenot the same, we are a much strongernation and another partition or division ofthe nation will not and cannot happen.”The RSS was not as strong in 1947as it is now, he said, and regretted thatthose charged with the destiny of the nationthen had not called the people to resist thepartition of the motherland. Today peopleare far more aware, and another partitionwill not be tolerated. In fact, he pointed out,RSS has not even now accepted the firstpartition, but it is not yet in a position to doanything about it.Recognizing that there was anurgent need for articulating Hindu politicalaspirations, he said a roadmap was beingprepared and door-to-door campaignsconducted to create public awareness ofthe challenges before the nation.
yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata abhyutthanam adharmasya tadatmanam srjamy aham 
[Sri Krishna: Wherever andwhenever there is a decline in virtue, OArjuna, and a predominance of irreligion,Those many times do I descend andmanifest myself as an embodied Being]- Bhagwat Gita: IV: 7
paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya cha duskritam dharma samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge 
[Sri Krishna: To deliver the pious andannihilate the miscreants, And toreestablish the principles of dharma, IMyself appear, millennium aftermillennium] - Bhagwat Gita: IV: 8This is the karmic trajectory to whichthe RSS is now pledged to return, toredeem the demoralized and oppressedHindu Nation …
RSS reclaims roots, redefines paradigm
(Continued from page 1)(Continued from page 1)
Compromiseswere madeon Kashmirto appeasefew :Justice
Vinod Gupta
March 07, 2011: "There is a need toconduct an extensive awareness drive allover the country on Jammu & Kashmir.The whole country needs to be united onthis issue. This is a fact that not only thepeople who migrated from the State, butalso each and every citizen of the countrynow want early solution to this problem,"said RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri MohanBhagwat. He was speaking at asymposium held in New Delhi by Jammu-Kashmir People’s Forum on February 27.English translation of the Hindi book,Vyathit Kashmir, (Jammu & Kashmir: A statein Turbulence) by Narendra Sehgal was alsoreleased on the occasion. Former ChiefJustice of Uttarakhand High Court ShriVinod Gupta presided over the function.Shri Bhagwat stressed the need topresent the whole issue of Kashmir in totalitybefore all parliamentarians irrespective oftheir political attachment. We know theimportance of awareness drive. That is whythe awareness drive being conducted by theSangh all over the country now-a-daysincludes the issue of Kashmir too. We haveto educate every citizen of the country ofthe seriousness of this problem by visitingevery house. It is the result of conductingcontinuous awareness that the countrymentoday know that whole of Kashmir is oursand we have to take back the portions whichare under illegal occupation of othercountries. If we move in unison we shall beable to build pressure on the governmentwhich has adopted a dilly-dallying attitudeon this vital issue. When the governmentfails the people have to come forward forthe protection of the nation," he said.Shri Bhagwat expressed concern overthe weak political will of the government."We all are aware of the seriousness ofKashmir issue. The government knows howto tackle it, but it has adopted an indifferentapproach. In this situation we all need totake some initiatives," he said alleging thatthe government has rather taken wrong stepon Kashmir by patronising the anti-nationalsand punishing the patriots," he added.The RSS chief further said thesolution to Kashmir problem should be inthe interest of Bharat alone. He out rightlyrejected any foreign interference on it.Justice (retd) Shri Vinod Gupta saidafter 1947 many compromises were madeon Kashmir to appease a certain section ofthe society. Unfortunately, this disastrouspolicy still continues and the whole countryis paying price of it. If we had changed thedemography of Jammu & Kashmirimmediately after Independence the situationwould have been completely different today.
Godhra: Kar sevakswere targeted,says judge
PM Manmohan Singh the honest,wants Indian public to believe that HasanAli amassed his wealth in foreign banksover night and the government had noinkling of it. His CBI and other agenciesdid not know.He further wants countrymen tobelieve that after all the noise being madeabout black money the accused would besleeping over the heaps of money and ourlaw enforcement agencies would catchthem with money.He wants country men to trust thatall possible actions were taken toapprehend the culprits in Bofor's case andno money need to be spent in pursuingthe matter further for recovering the pettyamount of Rs 64 crores swallowed inBofor's case. He needs to recall thatMahatma Gandhi was shot by Godse forhaving given Rs 55 crores to Pakistan!Manmohan Singh wants to be pardonedfor the mistake of appointing Thomas as CVC.The motives should not be politicized.Over and above he wants thepeople to believe that he is the PrimeMinister and an honest Prime Minster andthere is no pressure "over" him.
Manmohan, the Honest Man
Chand K Sharma
National Spirit
invites articles, letters, reviewsand comments from readers, oncurrent affairs, politics,teleserials, editorials of newspa-pers, articles, news reports, paneldiscussions in TVs, etc.

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