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Unit 731 - Inhuman WMD Biological Warfare History Has Called Us Into Action

Unit 731 - Inhuman WMD Biological Warfare History Has Called Us Into Action

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Published by TheHiddenSoldiers

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Published by: TheHiddenSoldiers on Mar 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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History has called us into action
Japan with a history of aggression, crimes against Humanity, with NO signs of remorse, isnot worthy of becoming a permanent member on the UN Security Council. Just a click, youcan review and send the letter to
U.N. Secretary General
U.S. President
 From history, Militarism is State-Terrorism !
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Unit 731, 100 - Inhuman WMD Biological Warfare
This WMD Biological Warfare is definitely the worst crime case of systematic biologicalmassacre against Humanity committed by a country in our Human History.
 "The fellow knew that it was over for him, and so he didn't struggle." recalled the old formermedical assistant of a Japanese Army unit in China in World War II, "But when I picked up thescalpel that's when he began screaming.
I cut him open from the chest to the stomach, and he screamed terribly, and his face was all twisted in agony
.He made this unimaginablesound, he was screaming so horribly. But then finally he stopped." The former medical asistantwho insisted on anonymity, explained the reason for the vivisection. The Chinese prisoner hadbeen deliberately infected with the plague as part of a research project.Imperial Japan's biological killing fields are a lost chapter of history that the full horror of which is only recently been exposed and understood in all its enormity.
Japan set up Headquarters of Unit 731 in Ping Fan near Harbin and Unit 100 inChangChun, and Mukden, now called SunYang, in China to develop plague bombs
foruse in WWII. The base was disguised as Epidemic Prevention and Water Supply Unit. Thecomplex in Ping Fan was completed in 1939, contained more than 150 buildings, including 2secret prisons and 3 crematoria, and was the largest WMD Biological Weapon research centerin the world.After infecting him, the researchers decided to
cut him open alive, tear him apart, organ by organ
,to see what the disease does to a man's inside. Often no anesthetic was used, he said,out of concern that it might have an effect on the results.From July 1993 to Dec. 1994, the "
Unit 731 Exhibition
" toured Japan and presented at 61locations over the course of one and half year. It had sent shockwaves throughout Japan. HalGold had collected many testimonies in his book "
Unit 731: Testimony; Japan's WartimeHuman Experimentation and the Post-War Cover-Up
". One of the testimonies wasprovided by an aged former Japanese doctor Kurumizawa Masakuni :The Chinese woman victim had regained her consciousness while being vivisected alive." She opened her eyes. "" And then ? "" She hollered. "" What did she say ? "
Kurumizawa could not answer, then began weeping feebly and murmured," I don't want to think about it again. "The interviewee apologized, waited a few seconds, and tried again for an answer.He gave it though sobs." She said, "
It's all right to kill me, but please spare my child's life
."Japanese Dr. Kanisawa testified in NBC Dateline
"Factory of Death: Unit 731"
in Aug. 15,1995, the
live un-anesthetized dissection was a routine common practice in all units
. "The 1st time, I was very hesitant to do what I was told to do.The 2nd time, you get used to it.The 3rd time, you more or less volunteered."Yoshio Shinozuka, a former member of Unit 731 said "The first time,
my legs were shakingso badly I could hardly stand up
". He knew the person on the operating table, "
At thevivisection, I could not meet his eyes because of the hate he had in his glare at me.
We called the victims ‘logs’
," he said, "
We didn’t want to think of them as people. Wedidn’t want to admit that we were taking lives
. So we convinced ourselves that what wewere doing was like cutting down a tree. When you see someone in that state, you just can’tmove. Your mind goes blank. The fear is overwhelming." said Yoshio.The research program was one of the great secrets of Japan during and after World War II : avast project to develop weapons of 
WMD Biological Warfare including following deadlydiseases :
 Bubonic PlagueAnthrax (including inhalation,skin and gastrointestinal types)Smallpox TyphoidParatyphoid A and B TularemiaCholera Epidemic Hemorrhagic FeverSyphilis AerosolsBotulism BrucellosisDysentery TetanusGlanders TuberculosisYellow fever TyphusTularemia Gas GangreneScarlet Sever SongoDiphtheria BrysipelasSelmonella Venereal DiseasesInfectious Jaundice Undulant FeverEpidemic CerebrospinalMeningitisTick EncephalitisPlant diseases for cropdestructionDozen other pathogens

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