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Published by: api-53265230 on Mar 22, 2011
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Service Learning Project
What do I mean by Service Learning?
Your group will be designing, planning, organizing, and implementing a service project.This project will be based on something you see here at PHS or in the community that you thinkcould be improved or fixed. There are many types of service projects you can do and we willspend a few days exploring and brainstorming possible projects before you have to make adecision about what you want to do. In the spirit of service, it is not something that you will dofor personal gain ($$ or goods). Instead it will be done for the betterment of the school or community.When choosing your topic be cognizant of your resources and time. In other words, thisproject WILL take time outside of class to do the work. You can consider that your homeworkfor this unit...but don’t take on something that you can not handle. If you don’t have a car or access to a car, don’t try to do something that requires transportation. Do not try to dosomething that costs money for supplies. This should be able to be done for free and non-profit.Be creative and flexible in your ideas, and you will have no problems here.
So, that introduces the service portion of the service learning project. What about thelearning?
That’s the good part. Because you are immersing yourself in a real life experience andworking with a group to accomplish a true goal, and interacting with people outside of your normal circle of classmates and friends, you will naturally be learning. That’s how people in the“real world” learn. Through experiences. Not by some teacher spitting information at you.
How will I demonstrate my learning and growth?
Again, this is the fun stuff!1. (individual) Your daily progress will be documented on a personal blog. This blogshould contain text as well as pictures and possibly even videos reflection of the process youare going through to develop and implement your project, as well as document your growth,successes, failures, and lessons learned through those things.2. (individual) You will do a Wordle picture containing a collection of words you wouldbest use to describe the process and growth.3. (individual) You will construct a Prezi containing text and pictures documentingprocess, growth, lessons.4. (group) You will put together a video (can contain still pictures as well) presentation toshare with the rest of the class documenting your full project from planning to organizing toimplementing. (make sure you are documenting things throughout via still pictures and videos).**See additional pages for specific requirements for individual sections of the project**
What is our timeline?
The final presentations of the projects will take place in class April 25 & 26. This givesyou five school weeks plus spring break to do the project and put together your presentations.

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