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Wake up, stand tall, speak for your bones!

Wake up, stand tall, speak for your bones!

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Published by Fakhra Hassan

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Published by: Fakhra Hassan on Mar 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wake up, stand tall, speak for your bones!
Fakhra Hassan, for Tetra Pak Spirit Magazine, December 2009
The World Health Organization, WHO, estimates that over 1.6 million hip and spine fractures occur eachyear worldwide due to early aging, waning bone mass, and bone fragility because we are not takingenough of hygienic milk in our daily diets. The weakening bone condition, also known as Osteoporosis,could become a growing global health concern if not dealt with strategically.Researchers at the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) say that nearly all countries in Asiaincluding Pakistan fall far below the WHO and FAO recommendations for Calcium intake of 1000 1300mg/day. The median dietary Calcium intake is approximately 450mg/day that could have adetrimental effect on bone health in the region.
e advent of Osteoporosis
The truth is especially alarming for women in Pakistan where a woman according to WHO is motheringabout four children on the average in addition to taking care of other household responsibilities.Women in Pakistan represent nearly half of the 165 million people. Novartis Pharma, makers andsuppliers of the leading Calcium supplements brand
ovartis Calcium Sandoz
in Pakistan in a recentsurvey state that already 49 per cent of women in Pakistan are experiencing Osteopenia or pain of bones and bone joints. About 17 per cent of Pakistani women have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis.The reasons are fairly simple, says Madeeha Anwar, Clinical Nutritionist based in Lahore while giving aseminar for Tetra Pak Pakistans Women Awareness Campaign (WAC) at the Fatima Jinnah College forWomen. The awareness is missing on such ailments related to the lack of milk-rich diets, she says.Echoing the IOF concern, Anwar further says Osteoporosis is an undertreated and under-diagnosedailment in Asian countries.
etra Pak WACs em!
 In the wake of these alarming facts, Tetra Pak Pakistan four years ago initiated a nationwide campaigntargeting two major cities Karachi and Lahore to create awareness on the health benefits of safe andhygienic milk consumption for women targeting the age group of 18-50 years. The aim of theprogramme is to engage in an interactive dialogue with over 20,000 women from various walks of lifesuch as colleges, universities, corporate sector and vocational centres across the major cities on dietaryand beauty advantages of having safe, hygienic and packaged milk.I am really not a beauty conscious person and rarely drink packaged milk, said a student of commerceat the Fatima Jinnah College, but to know that I can keep it in my fridge and sip on it from time to timewithout the fear of the milk getting sour makes me want to try, she added.The Women Awareness Campaign was well-received at the college. Anwar presented the students withcase studies of children and women belonging to different age groups and informed them of theappropriate amount of calcium they should be taking and how many glasses of milk would make up forthat.The seminar was also helpful in removing some misconceptions about milk that it is only a rich source of calcium and has no other benefits for the human body. One of the engineering students commented:A drink that is known for only one ingredient can become very boring after a while but hair, nails,muscles, eyebrows, skin beauty  all in a glass of milk, no one ever told me about that! I am very happyto have participated in this seminar today.The students were engaged in a couple of quiz competitions based on the seminar and discussion. Thewinners were awarded prizes.The role of a clinical nutritionist is essential, says Anwar, it is important to work with the medicalprofessionals to encourage their clients to drink safe and healthy milk. They should be able to prescribeto their patients on their dietary needs based on their Body Mass Index (BMI), she added.
ody Mass Index
It is simply defined as the amount of body fat measured against your height and weight. BMI is a usefultool to calculate whether one is underweight, overweight, normal or obese. Nutritionists have indicatedBMI to be a reliable indicator of body mass for most people in terms of screening for health problems
 associated with unhealthy diets. The students at Fatima Jinnah college availed the information shared atthe session with great intent. A number of students also took turns to get their BMIs calculated at theTetra Pak nutrition counter set up at the campus.Not surprisingly, many of the students could not hit that perfect BMI. At the conclusion of the seminar,each student was handed a goody bag that included one litre of safe, hygienic, packaged milk and abooklet on health benefits of milk.
How can milk be essentially good for you?
elp wit
air, skin and nails
Milk has known to be Cleopatras beauty aid of choice. Milk is one of the vital sources of nutrients thathelp promote external beauty. For example, proteins, lipids, calcium, Vitamin A, B6, biotin andpotassium work together to keep hair soft and shiny  all is found in a glass of milk. Women who arebeauty conscious ought to make note of these crucial facts.
elp wit
re-building muscles
Dr Peter Lemon, Nutrition Researcher at the University of Western Ontario contends that recentscientific information collected on physically active individuals tends to indicate that regular exerciseincreases daily protein requirement. Based on laboratory measures, daily protein requirements areincreased by perhaps as much as 100 per cent (1.6g  1.8g/kg) as compared to what is recommended forsedentary individuals (0.8g/kg).Milk contains certain proteins such as casein and whey that may help rebuild muscles after physicalactivity as well as minerals that are essential to prevent muscle cramping. Try drinking chocolate milk foreven more delicious post-exercise delight!
Help wit
Pre Menstrual Stress (PMS)
Susan Jacobs, Clinical Director at Columbia University, says that about half of the worlds population of menstruating women admits to suffering from moderate to severe PMS each month. Research indicates

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