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Bounds Necessity of Prayer

Bounds Necessity of Prayer

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Published by Carlos Rodriguez

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Published by: Carlos Rodriguez on Mar 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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E.M. BOUNDSThe Necessity of Prayer
 and other books by E.M. Bounds are unfailingwells for a lifetime of spiritual water-drawing. His wise counsel on prayerare words that originated on the anvil of experience.His thoughts are inspiring, dynamic, and forthright. Probably no one hasever written more convincingly on the subject of prayer than E.M. Bounds.
The Necessity of Prayer
 will help today's earnest Christians to discover themystery and the majesty of prayer.
The Necessity of Prayer
Edward M. Bounds
Digitized by Harry Plantinga, 1994. This etext is in the public domain.From the uncopyrighted 1976 Baker Book House edition, ISBN 0-8010-0659-7.
EDWARD McKENDREE BOUNDS did not merely pray well that he might write wellabout prayer. He prayed because the needs of the world were upon him. He prayed, forlong years, upon subjects which the easy-going Christian rarely gives a thought, and forobjects which men of less thought and faith are always ready to call impossible. Fromhis solitary prayer-vigils, year by year, there arose teaching equaled by few men inmodern Christian history. He wrote transcendently about prayer, because he washimself, transcendent in its practice.As breathing is a physical reality to us so prayer was a reality for Bounds. He took thecommand, "Pray without ceasing" almost as literally as animate nature takes the law of the reflex nervous system, which controls our breathing.Prayer-books -- real text-books, not forms of prayer -- were the fruit of this dailyspiritual exercise. Not brief articles for the religious press came from his pen -- thoughhe had been experienced in that field for years -- not pamphlets, but books were theproduct and result. He was hindered by poverty, obscurity, loss of prestige, yet hisvictory was not wholly reserved until his death.In 1907, he gave to the world two small editions. One of these was widely circulated inGreat Britain. The years following up to his death in 1913 were filled with constantlabour and he went home to God leaving a collection of manuscripts. His letters carrythe request that the present editor should publish these products of his gifted pen.The preservation of the Bounds manuscripts to the present time has clearly beenprovidential. The work of preparing them for the press has been a labour of love,consuming years of effort.These books are unfailing wells for a lifetime of spiritual water-drawing. They arehidden treasures, wrought in the darkness of the dawn and the heat of the noon, on theanvil of experience, and beaten into wondrous form by the mighty stroke of the Divine.They are living voices whereby he, being dead, yet speaketh. -- C.C.
The above Foreword was written by Claude Chilton, Jr., an ardent admirer of Dr. Bounds, and towhom we owe many obligations for suggestions in editing the Bounds Spiritual Life Books. Weburied Claude L. Chilton February 18, 1929. What a meeting of these two great saints of God, of shining panoply and knightly grace!
W. H
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

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