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The Great Evangelical Disaster by Francis a Schaeffer - 5 Star Review

The Great Evangelical Disaster by Francis a Schaeffer - 5 Star Review

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Published by Carlos Rodriguez

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Published by: Carlos Rodriguez on Mar 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Great Evangelical Disaster byFrancis A. Schaeffer
Have Christians compromised their stand on truth? Has the evangelicalchurch sold out to the world? A serious look at the spread ofaccommodation in the Christian world.
Personal Review: The Great Evangelical Disaster by Francis A.Schaeffer
Francis Schaeffer's most classic work is a call to the Evangelical church ofit's need to remain biblical, and is just as important reading for theChristian today as it was when the book was first published in 1984.Schaeffer's message is that with the Reformation many came to Christ withthe absolutes based on biblical form found in the bible, and it becamewidely known and great freedom came out of that. But, in the early part ofthe 20th century - that Freedom became Autonomous, self-directed, and
self-governing, and over time biblical form and the Christian consensuslacked constraint.In explaining the moral breakdown of our times, Francis Schaeffer saysthis; "The titantic freedoms which we once enjoyed have been cut loosefrom their Christian restraints and are becoming a force of destructionleading to chaos. And when this happens, there really are very fewalternatives. All morality becomes relative, law becomes arbitrary, andsociety moves towards disintegration. In personal and social life,compassion is swallowed up by self-interest... When the memory of theChristian consensus which gave us freedom within the biblical form isincreasingly forgotten, a manipulating authoritarianism will tend to fill thevacuum. At this point the words "right" and "left" will make little difference.They are only two roads to the same end, the results are the same. Anelite, an authoritarianism as such, will gradually force form on society sothat it will not go into chaos--and most people would accept it." pg. 23)The distinctly Christian position of Knowledge, moral and spiritual truths ofGod's word were being compromised in the church, and accommodation tothe world's thinking gave way to the spirit of the age, as liberal theologyentered the Church, while notable scholars such as J. Gresham Machenwho stood firm in the battle for biblical truth and biblical inerrancy werebeing silenced and driven out. It comes down to this; are we obeying thescriptures? because this is the real test of our faith and lives in Christ andrather we believe the bible. This is not just a theological debate, butpractical and obedient living.Schaeffer reminds us again that "the whole world is under the control ofthe evil one" 1 John 5:19), and that Christians seem to have forgotten this,and spend little time considering this in relation to our daily lives in thisworld and how this relates to the culture's effect on our church teachingand doctrine and urges the reader to stand firm on God's Word and notsuccumb to the temptation of compromise and accommodation of worldlythinking.He writes that truth demands confrontations, and conflicts will comebecause of the evangelical's accommodation to the spirit of the world andbecause of a weakened view of the bible, differences will be a part ofevangelicalism, and it does no one any justice to deny this, but love andgrace in these conflicts should be extended to one another- as it is themark of a Christian and is commanded by scripture, and should be in theforefront of our interactions with other believers, but without compromisingthe unchanging truths found in Scripture. He reminds us that this is aspiritual battle fought with the weapons of a "life committed to Christ,founded on truth, lived in righteousness and grounded in the gospel."Schaeffer's Scholarly writings are quoted in many Christian books and thisis one book that is worth reading.
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