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The Muslim Student

The Muslim Student

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Published by shamuoon

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Published by: shamuoon on Mar 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Muslim Student by Sheikh (Dr.) Bilal Philips Page
The Muslim Student
BySheikh (Dr.) Bilal Philips
Edited Text from LectureAll praises due to Allaah and May Allaah Salaat and Salaam be on our beloved prophetI would like to discuss, the responsibilities of the Muslim Student to understand aboutthe role of the Muslim Student. What is required of him or her? What are their goals?We have to start from the basic command of the prophet - May Allaah Salaat andSalaam be on him:
“Seeking knowledge is
for every Muslim”
Every Muslim required to be Muslim Student, but in the educational institutions nottakes on a particular form or particular format in which it functions this idea of thestudent.We should display certain characteristics which are unique for them.
Who are the students from Muslim Prospective?
On one hand a student who happens to be a Muslim may be a Buddhist, atheist, etc.that type of the student is not the type of the student that institution seeks to build. Thatis the student who is not conscious of his or her Islam. Islam may only be culturaltraditions, cultural practices, customs, but there is nothing really coming from inside.
They don’t have a
sense of Muslim identity. That type of the student is not what the
The Muslim Student by Sheikh (Dr.) Bilal Philips Page
 Muslim institutions to build and dominance of this kind of student is definitelydestructive.The type of the student who we really called Muslim Student is the one who is Muslimwho happens to be a Muslim. He could have been a teacher, a taxi driver, a dentist, anengineer, etc. He or she is the Muslim first and foremost. This is the true MuslimStudent. This is what the Muslim Education Institutions seeks to create.So it is essential for a student to realise that seeking knowledge being a student in of itself is a form of worship. It is a form of Ibaadah in Islam. Why? It is because the prophetMay Allaah Salaat and Salaam be on him said,
“Seeking knowledge is
for every Muslim”.
Whatever has been made obligatory by Allaah through His Messenger - May AllaahSalaat and Salaam be on him
is a part of worship from one prospective and fromanother prospective, the prophet - May Allaah Salaat and Salaam be on him
also said,
Whoever takes a path in which he or she seeks knowledge Allaah makes the path of 
paradise for easy for them”
Whatever we make that path easy is a form of worship. It must be something whichpleasing Allaah. The Students should understand first and foremost that they are being astudent is an act of worship. It is an act of worshiping Allaah. They have been single outby the prophet - May Allaah Salaat and Salaam be on him
and put on a specialpedestal - One which is blessed by God.The prophet - May Allaah Salaat and Salaam be on him
This world is cursed and whatever in it cursed expect for remembrance of Allaah andwhat helps us to remember Allaah and the teacher and Student.
Being a student is being blessed by Allaah in a special way. So when we seek knowledgein school we have to keep in mind this foundational principle that we are engage in anact of worship.Beyond that our goals for educations are goals which involve seeking knowledge for thesake of benefit in ourselves and benefitting others. It is because the knowledge which isgained from the Muslim Education Institution should produce an individual who isbeneficial to the society who plays an active positive role in its development. So seekingknowledge for its benefit is something highly regarded in Islam.The prophet - May Allaah Salaat and Salaam be on him
best of the people are those who are most beneficial to others”
The prophet - May Allaah Salaat and Salaam be on him
also said,
“The best of you are
those who learn the Quran as a student and teach
to others”
The Muslim Student by Sheikh (Dr.) Bilal Philips Page
 So you are benefiting others with that knowledge.Also we have a statement from Sufyan ah Sauree
one of the great scholars from earlygeneration said,
“As a youth I began seek knowledge, my
mother advises me, if you write down 10words and your faith has not improved
, check yourself.”
It means whatever knowledge we are gaining; it should ultimately increase our faith. If our faith is not increased by it, it means that we are approaching knowledge in wrongway. We are not aware and conscious of our position with regards to the knowledge andhow we should seek it.We need to know that seeking knowledge for fame is something cursed. It is thedangerous root for a student to seek knowledge so that he can be most learned thatpeople will be look after him, admire him, etc.It is because the prophet - May Allaah Salaat and Salaam be on him
had warned thatamong first three group of people who would be thrown into Hellfire by end of thisworld be a Muslim scholar.Where Allaah would ask the scholar,
What did you do with the knowledge which I gave you?
He will say, O’ Allaah, I
taught to the people. I informed them whatever knowledge yougave me, I passed on them. They benefited from them. I disseminated the knowledge for your sake.
Allaah will say, No, you didn’t do it for my sake. You did it,
because you would beknown as a great scholar that people would admire you. The people would hold you inhigh esteem. The people will clap, when you spoke. People would know you when theysaw or whenever they heard you, etc.That is what you taught and you have receive what you taught in the world. There isnothing for you in next world and he will be drag off his face and thrown into hell.So seeking knowledge with wrong intention is destructive. It will break the very goal or all the value that we seek from the knowledge will be lost in the life to come. We may getthe things in this life but from the next life we will not get anything.
How to be a successful student?
First and foremost we must have sincere intention.
Tagwah has to be there. We must have consciousness of Allaah. It is because, if it isan act of worship we know basic principle, in acts of worship is that one has to be

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