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101 Uses for Tea

101 Uses for Tea

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Published by Ugur Onder Bozkurt

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Published by: Ugur Onder Bozkurt on Mar 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Happy Skye Fine Tea: 101 Uses for Teahttp://www.happyskye.com/default.asp?id=52 of 3 16.08.2006 22:53
Q: Are you aregular teadrinker?
I drink teaeveryday
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I drink tea oncein a while
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I have neverdrank teabefore
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101 Uses for Tea:
Muslin fabric can be tea stained to appear aged.1.A tea bag works well as a compress on swollen, puffy eyes2.The tannic acid that occurs naturally in black tea is also said to helperadicate warts.3.If making glycerin melt and pour soap, add tea in nearly any form to amold of soap before it cools. The tea will settle in the bottom of themold, (top of the bar of soap) and makes an excellent cleansingsoap.4.Chamomile tea is a natural sleep aid.5.If used on lighter colored hair, Chamomile tea will work as a naturaldye.6.Tea bags that have cooled can be applied to sunburned areas ofskin.7.Tea bags, or loose tea in a small muslin bag, of scented tea willmake a perfect addition to your clothes drawers.8.Tea ?sachets? made with plain old black tea make a perfect additionto your refrigerator. They will help keep food odors in control.9.Chamomile or peppermint tea makes a very soothing footbath.10.Warm compress of tealeaves eases tooth ache11.Sprinkle dry tea directly onto carpeting, and allow to settle in forabout ten to fifteen minutes as carpent freshener12.Tea eases achy eyes. Wet two tea bags with warm or cool water,and lie down with one tea bag on each eye. Relax for at least 15minutes, and your eyes (and you) will feel invigorated. Chilledchamomile tea bags are particularly effective against puffiness.13.Feed your houseplants. For lush, luxurious ferns, give them anoccasional spot of tea. Use tea instead of water once in a while, orwork wet tea leaves into the soil.14.Tenderize meat. If you can?t afford expensive cuts of meat, trymarinating or cooking your meat in tea. The tannins in tea work as atenderizer to make the meat tasty and delicious.15.Stop bleeding gums. If you?ve just had a tooth pulled, or if you havea youngster who just lost a tooth, tea bags can help stop thebleeding. Just wet a tea bag with cool water and press into the spotthe tooth came from.16.Keep the dust down. Sprinkle damp tea leaves over the ashes inyour fireplace before cleaning it out. The tea will help keep the ashesfrom rising and getting all over the place while you lift them out.17.Dye lace for an old ivory look. Soak white lace in cold brewed tea toget a beige, ecru, or ivory color.18.Remove old furniture polish. Boil two tea bags in a quart of water andlet cool. Soak a soft cloth in the tea and wring out. Wipe off dirt andold polish, let dry, buff, and then decide if you need to reapply polish.19.Mirrors that sparkle and shine. Brew up a batch of strong tea, let itcool, then use it to clean your mirrors. Buff it dry with a soft cloth fora great streak-free shine.20.A tea party for your roses.Tea leaves sprinkled under your rosebushes will give them a new lease on life in mid-summer. Teaprovides tannic acid, which roses love.21.Take care of a messy shave. A wet tea bag is a soothing way to treatshaving nicks and cuts.22.Freshen your breath. A cup of mint tea is a good-tasting breathfreshener for after meals, especially if you can?t brush your teeth, ordon?t like gum or candy mints. Carry a few mint tea bags with you soyou?ll always be prepared.23.Seed your lawn with a tea bag patch. Sow grass seed in small barespots with a used tea bag. Make sure the bag is moist, and place it24.
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