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The Different

The Different

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Published by Anna Maļiņina

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Published by: Anna Maļiņina on Mar 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DIFFERENTBy Anna Maļiņina1.The differentFor beginning i`ll say something about myself. I am 15 years old girl. My name isYuna.And I live with my family. I have two brothers - Chad(17 years old) and Josh(12years old). My mom - Olivia and dad David is married 18 years and lving in happymarriage. Me and my family are living in small town. Population is about 9 thousandspeople. The most in this town I like that there is a lot of places where I can go to bealone, and no one knows where are you.I know - you maybe are thinking "That`s weird because all teens likes wild party`sthay have a lot of friends" and something in that way... I am not like everyone. I amdifferent - I am doing things that teens ussually didn`t do at their free time. I amreading books. I can spend days in nature if i have some books to read.My favourite place is forest. There I feel goog and safe. Also I love music. Like "musicis my life" - I am listening all kinds of music. I like sounds of nature. Sometimes I takepaper and pencils to draw something. I like to be alone..Not like most part of teens...I am learning in city gimnasium. Also I am learning in music school. I am playing fluteand piano. I am playing flute since age of 8. And since age 10 I`m playing flute inorchestra. I like it. But the most of all I like to play guitar. My parents bought guitarfor me because I asked for it. Now I`m learning to play guitar by myself. I am notgoing to guitarplaying lessons - I don`t like it. I wanted to learn play guitar because Ilike a lot of songs that I want to play. I can remember that first song that I wanted tolearn was "If everyone cared" by Nickelback..2.Memories hurtsBut there is something that I had the same with other teenagers - a boyfriend. Hisname is Chris. We was together about month. But he left me about 2 weeks ago.-Hi, Yuna!-Hi, Chris! - I liveley sayed.-Want to go for a walk with me? - He asked me.-Sure!When we was in park he said:
-I am leaving you! - He said it in sielent voice that annoyed me.-What!? - I shouted and I saw that most part of people that was in park at thatmoment was looking on me.-Yes. I am leaving you. Now I have another girlfriend..-But... How about me? - My voice was sielent and I started to cry. I turned my headoff from him, because I didn`t want him to see how I cry.-Please, Yuna! - He took my head and turned it to his face. Our faces was so clese,that I felt smell of his favourite mint toothpaste.-You really need to make everything more difficult for me! Leave me now! - I startedquite loud, but last sentence I whisphered.-Sorry..-About what!? - I exploded.-Sorry..-I need to forgive that YOU are leaving me? No way! Now go if you want!-Please.. Don`t be mad at me! It is just normal that I found someone better than you!- He almost shouted on me.-How..Could..You..Say, that someone is better than me!? How could you say that? -Now I shouted and I knew that everyone is looking on us, but I didn`t care about it.-Yuna! Please be sielent! Calm down!-You are asking me to calm down!? After that what you said to me?-Yuna, please...-Go away! I don`t want to see you anymore!-I`m sure that you`ll find someone..-GO AWAY! - I shouted.-Sorry again.. Goodbye!And then he leaved. It was painful. I still want to be with him I don`t care that Ishouted on him or that he leaved me... I still love him. Chris still is everything to me,but I am nothing for him.But the most annoying thing is that we are classmates. I see him every day. As hesaid - he has new girlfriend. Every day I`m watching how happy is he. It hurts.Sometimes I have thoughts of suicide because every day I need to watch on his laughand joy. He don`t know how I feel and he don`t want to know it. I started to hide fromhim and he started to look happier.
Now I am alone. I became more introvert than I ever was. I lost meaning of my life. Ifeel like 3 years ago when died my best friend.. This pain.. I can`t say in words howpainful it is.. OK! Let`s be honest.. I can say thanks to Chris because he makes mestronger.3.An accidentSummer holidays started a week after Chris leaved me. I was so happy when startedsummer! I had chance to be alone and I didn`t need to see Chris every day.. Myparents went for a trp for a 3 weeks to the Egypt, so I could do anything. But I am notcrazy. I don`t like mess or loud parties at my house. So my home was cleaneverytime. All the day when I wasn`t in forest I was listening music at home.It was rainy summer evening.. Almost midnight... I don`t care about time or weatherso i`m going out from my house. I am going somewhere but i don`t know where Idon`t want to think about it. In my MP3 was playing song "Given up" by Linkin Park. Iwas thinking about Chris who left me 2 weeks ago. I was in love.. And I still am.. I justcan`t forget him. I was trying to hide from him, trying to focus my mind on otherthings, but nothing helped me to forget him.But suddenly I hear strange noise... I saw a car lights into the night. This bright lightssooted into my eyes and I properly closed them. I was so scared and I couldn`t movemy legs from a place where I was standing. And then I suddenly felt big weight onme. I was afraid to open my eyes. Everything hurted. And then i feltnothing except pain.. And then I felt darkness around me... Darkness was coming asa savior.That was last that i can remember... This is only that I can remember..But something was not like I thought...4.A hospitalWhen I woke up I was in white room There was a window, but it was closed withcurtains...-Where am I? - I asked.Noone gived me answer.After about hour camed doctor he opened the curtains. Doctor looked about 40 yearsold. He had black hair and his eyes was ocean blue. He`s about 185m.He was sourprised that i`m awake.-How are you? My name is Benjamin. I am the doctor.

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