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Screw us and we multiply

Screw us and we multiply

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Published by: Olga Paraskevopoulou on Mar 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EDITION ONEAPRIL 2011www.wearethepaper.org
Letters and news from down the road and across thewater made its way to us this month. Find The Paperonline at www.wearethepaper.org
I don’t know who this Dave Riddle characterthinks he is, but he seems blissfully unawareof his reproduction of neo-liberal ideologyin his naive defense of post-Keynesian‘workfare’ social policy. Is this supposed tobe a radical left-wing paper? Perhaps youshould pass on a copy of Michel Foucault’s‘Birth Of Biopolitics’ to Mr Riddle beforeallowing him to put pen to paper again.In this text, Foucault updates the critiqueof capitalist ideology for the era of latecapitalism, an era in which the concept (andsubject) of ‘human capital’ is invented to to
allow the organisers of labour efciency (i.e.
the ruling class) to extend their control intothe whole of human life. In this way, thevolunteer becomes the ‘self-entrepreneur’ -the worker who must work on themselvesto create value for potential employers -and succumbs to late capitalist ideology (i.e.neo-liberalism) in their enthusiasm for freelabour, in order to invest speculatively in thediminishing possibilities for a future career.
/ K Rdl - Gldsmths Urst
Since the start of February 2011 the followingorganisations have signed up to the pledge,
“W th udrsgd mmt t rfusg t
participate in compulsory work-for-benets
plamts. W wat lutrg t rmajust that!”
. Unite LE/524 Branch / HackneyCity Farm /Shiny Ideas / Unite LE/785Branch, / Staff Shop (Unite), Friends ofthe Earth – England, Wales and NorthernIreland / Campaign Against Arms Trade /Kilburn Boycott Workfare / Arts AgainstCuts / Precarious Workers Brigade. Pleasecontact wwww.boycottworkfare.org if yourorganisation or union branch will signthe pledge, or for more information onthe campaign.
Statement by the 300 migranthunger strikers.
The struggle is complete. With thedocuments in hand and our heads up high,we return to our homes and our workvindicated, after 44 days on hunger strike.The struggle continues. The announcementsfor an 8-year limit and the increase ofwork credit as prerequisites for the issuingand renewal of residence permits mustbecome law immediately. The struggle isthe only option. The struggle against thedaily exploitation and racism’s walls, thestruggles for the legalisation of all migrantswith no prerequisites, for equal rightsbetween local and foreign workers, for alife with values and dignity, these are ournext steps. Together with the anti-racistand migrant movement we will walk along
this difcult path, the path of struggle. The
struggle unites us. With the documents inhand and the head up high we salute andwish farewell to everyone who supports us.To the people in solidarity in Greece and allother countries in the world, the doctorsand their colleagues, all who stood by ourside in these days of the hunger strike, inall days when our lives and our deathsdemanded vindication and freedom. Seeyou at the struggles!I just wanted to let The Paper know that ithas taken hold across the channel. I took itinto a French prison with me as part of myEnglish tutoring and it was well receivedby my Algerian student who thought it wasa great English teaching tool! In solidarity.
/ A - Pars
e follow rules, we obey laws,we adhere to social codes. Atother moments we disobeythe law, we break and bendthe rules, we act outside of norms. In orderto know when to obey and when to dissentand how to do these things together, weneed to talk about our fears and about thethings that scare us, the things that keep usapart and paralyse our ability to act. Theintention is not to dwell in the comfortsof fear, but instead to see what alliancesand ideas emerge when we politicise theexperience of fear. It is from here that wecan confront fear with disobedience.‘Certain words are like battlegrounds: theirmeaning, revolutionary or reactionary, is avictory, to be torn from the jaws of struggle’(The Invisible Committee). Words whichused to be ours have been stolen andstripped of their meaning... peace, safety,freedom... to the point where they havecome to mean their exact opposite. Theyare used, along with their twin opposites -extremism, terror, tyranny - like switches toturn on and off our fears: are our universalsunder threat, is our safety at risk? Somewords are to be relinquished, somedestroyed, some remain to be reclaimed.Hijacking meanings has been a successfulstrategy of queer movements the worldover; queer, fag, tranny have successfullyand joyfully been co-opted.The production of this edition (as with theprevious ones) has not been smooth. Fromthe struggles in Wisconsin, we found theslogan ‘screw us and we multiply.’ Someof us like the words on the cover, while itmade others cringe and argue: what aboutthe rape implications or the reproductivejustice irony? We will have no choice butto multiply as abortion rights come underattack. ‘Screw us and we multiply’ is fullof latent fears, it reeks of domination andcontrol. Yet on the cover, in the context we
nd ourselves in, it is being turned against
itself, as an expression of power, courage, a‘we dare you’ in unlikely circumstances. Byexploring fear and desire we are remindedthat all is performance, and that the act ofconscious performance reveals that whichhas come to be naturalised. Screw us andwe multiply can be read as the disobedientre-capturing of meanings acted out as adangerous play.Unsurprisingly, the language superimposed
on our movements nds resonance with the
(neo)-liberal buzzwords used to appeaseor worry the ‘public’. The movement
is strictly ‘anti-cuts’ (we’re ghting fora strictly dened piece of ground), it is
composed of (a minority of) ‘students’(young and idealistic, who will one daylearn the meaning of a balanced budget)and, of course, who have been the causeof much ‘violence’. Violence, perhapswith its antonym ‘peaceful’, are the mostfraught with hypocrisy of all these trigger-words. With that carefully crafted story, theboundaries of our political imaginaries are
xed, and crossing the frontier will result
in punishment. It is made crystal-clear:step out of the authorised march route,break a window, take over the roof of anexus of power, and we will make you pay.Apparatuses of fear, from kettles to horsecharges to the methodical judicial huntingdown of ‘dangerous elements’ are there tokeep the fear alive and the story straight.Disobedience begins with hijacking thatstory, the space between here and our futureis the battleground.In the next edition (Edition Two) weexamine ‘numbers’ and consider valueand measure; what counts, who countsand how we count. Numbers are usedto mystify and to distance us from theworkings of power. We are interested invalue, its measure and understanding howand when (our) values differ.
Contact us
Email: emailthepaper@gmail.comSend your letters, drawings, reports, articlesor photos for the next edition by 13 April
Abu Atris, Les Back, Camille Barbagallo, MarkBergfeld, Vittorio Bini, Nic Beuret, GeorgeCaffentzis, Alice Corble, Eros, Mara Ferreri,Saskia Fischer, The Free Association, Bue RübnerHansen, Kate Hardy, Georgia Harrison, JohnHutnyk, Jeanne Kay, Chris Jones, Rashne Limki,Eddie Molloy, Francesco Silvini, Laura Schwartz,Alice Spencer
Prtd b Hat Prss  supprt f Th Papr www.hatprss.t
Too much news in the world?Lets make some more!
W just ha t ask what s rqurd t w
JoHn HUTnyK 
If only this rally were not just today, andnot just from here to there – but all day,all month, and everywhere, all the time.Radical democracy to replace the 40-hour(let’s face it, often 60+) work week andthe boredom/grim tedium of strugglingto pay rent, to survive precarity, duckingand diving, constrained by rules. We couldmake it different. Say: step one, all seniormanagement incomes (corporate heads,bank bonuses, tax evaders, military budgets,piggy-polly perks etc) to be redistributed asa democracy premium to allow all peopleto be involved in all decisions, all the time.The permanent forum of the Festival Hallas an open-access debating chamber. Thebudget of the Royal Household deployedfor the National Health Service, and thePalaces made into hospices or welcomecentres for refugees. Draft legislationon the abolition of the Trident nukes asthe next order of business; thereafter, nocolonial bombings abroad and free (andmore!) public transport at home. Breakoutmeetings to propose alternatives to roads– not just cars, the entire road system tobe rethought. Also, housing – communalluxury-squatting in the meantime, anda shuttle bus service to the daily demo...things like this, at the very least.I know the idea of a permanent debatingforum is a bad dream for some, but giventhe current bland waking nightmare ofnow – the continuous drip-feed of non-informative news coverage, the fakechoices, spray-on TV tans, and our falseparticipation in plastic democracy™ – well,
its just not t for use, is it?
Critical support for the organisationsand all that, but a timid trade unionmovement that would only march fromA to B has not yet learned the mediapolitics of Millbank or Tahrir. A smashed
window or a trafc jam is not news, but a
rallying cry – and if there is no alternativebut the tweedledum and tweedledum ofparliamentary illegitimacy, such a tradesunion movement has set its sights too low.Indeed, it has already capitulated, when wecould do so much more. I would not rushto say ‘you can’t kettle chaos’, but talk offeeder marches, breakout groups, the situ-diagrammatic imaginings, the (en)closuresof Oxford Street, the counter-mappings, themyriad blocs – this bodes well as a fractalParty form.As yet, the protest march ‘against cuts’
has not articulated a sufcient alternative
– the political and social reorganisationthat would end militarism and the armssales that fuel it; that would reverse thedevastation of the planet that comes withallegiance to outmoded technology, suchas the combustion engine and its oil; orthe dangers of the nuclear industry andopportunistic energy corporation initiativesto build on fault lines, in volcanic areas, orwithout due regard to renewables; undo theneo-colonial market imperative that returnsfood scarcity to the very regions that provideabundant foodstuffs for the bourgeoistables of Europe and the ‘developed’ west;against obscene detention and incarcerationas punitive, racist population-cleansing,starting with the incredibly high proportionof Black Americans in prison in the USA,and the disproportionate working classpopulation imprisoned in the UK, give ortake a few white-collar criminals caught outin an expenses scandal or done for perjury;refusing opportunist use of ‘human rights’as an ideological club to beat the non-West, while at the same time selling arms
indiscriminately and ponticating about
war as humanitarian intervention whenevera Western ‘leader’ needs a ‘legacy’ issue,pace David ‘Desert Rat’ Cameron; also:reparations for slavery, colonialism, sexismand homophobia (as democracy credits,seats in the front of the bus, agenda itemsof choice).This list goes on. No expenditure onState visits, Freedom of Movement for all(restrictions on capital movement, a plannedeconomy, a reserve fund for relief). Opposeall nationalisms, parochialisms, jingoisms…A NASA Mission to Mars, what bullshit!Instead, more engaging movies, romanticdramas about ageing communists, RegimeChange on the Jedi Planet (the conservativeclerics deposed) or The Bourne Conversion(to communism). For a political and popularculture that is not a festival of death. For aLife Extraordinary.No to marching in lines.Yes to running wild in the streets – we cansit down afterwards and work out how todo it all differently, again and again, thattoo can be fun. We just have to ask whatis required to win a life like this, andmore? What politics? What organization?What movement? More than a mere‘like’ or ‘retweet’, or a one-day dawdle.Diagram this.
We all cross swords on what we’re ghting against,
 but what do we want to rally for? This is an invitationto counter the ‘news’ of the now with forecasts foralternative futures.
A tmd tradu mmtthat wuld lmarh frm At B has tt lard thmda pltsf Mllbak r Tahrr 

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