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AmeriCorps Alums Newsletter/Direct Mail

AmeriCorps Alums Newsletter/Direct Mail

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Published by genevieve rosengren

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: genevieve rosengren on Mar 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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to engage and educate key decision makersabout the value and impact o national service.AmeriCorps Alums are the best advocates orthe program because they speak rst handabout the experience and the benets, not onlyor the person serving but or the communitiesbeing served.
Elections come and go but the workto promote and engage leadersabout the importance of national andcommunity service never ends.
To get involved with your local ServeNextNetwork or to apply or Field Corps 2011 visitwww.servenext.org or contact Jerry Saavedraat jsaavedra@servenext.org.AmeriCorps Alums no longer chargesmembership dues to be a part oAmeriCorps Alums. Rather, we hope ourvalue speaks or itsel and inspires ouralumni and riends to be a “sponsor” bydonating $25 or more. A special git, whether $25, $250 or$1000, will help AmeriCorps Alums toconnect, equip and engage the nationalservice alumni network a hal a millionstrong and growing rapidly.
At AmeriCorps Alums we value yourservice. We believe you are a member othe alum community as soon as you nishyour rst term o National Service, so weare making a change!
2010: A YEAR OF
AmeriCorps Alums has been working hardthis past year to provide service events andsupport to Alums across the country. Checkout what we’ve been up to!
AmeriCorps Week:
10,000 Volunteer Hours, 49 Projects
“Give A Day, Get a Day”
created 30,000 volunteer slotsand 3,000 projects across the country
Pepsi Reresh Campaign:
Alums placed 43 out of400 in the $50,000 category
Eli Segal Award
given to Arianne McGinnis andElliot McGann of Hope Grows Farm
Lietime o Service Blog:
57 blog articles by 14 different Alums
50+ Ofcial Alums Chapters!
In these pressing times, national service isplaying a critical role in addressing many oour country’s biggest challenges. However,with unpredictable political winds and everdiminishing resources, it is urgent now morethan ever that the service eld comes togetherto engage key decision makers about the valueand impact o service.With that goal in mind, ServeNext.org,ounded by two Alums, launched a bold newprogram—
Field Corps
 — and kicked o itsinaugural class o organizers in August 2010.ServeNext selected 10 people (ve o whichare AmeriCorps Alums!) in 10 dierent strategiclocations across the country (
Denver, NewOrleans, Miami, Chicago, Mt. Pleasant, DesMoines, Fayetteville, Charlotte, Las Vegas,and San Francisco
).The goal o ServeNext’s Field Corps is to builda local network o service stakeholders andsupporters and to mobilize these networks
10 Grants
awarded for
MLK Day Service Projects:
With the start o a new Congress in Januaryo 2011, there is no more important time toadvocate or issues that aect AmeriCorps andAmeriCorps Alums. Let your voice be heardto keep the momentum o the national servicemoving orward.
We are half a million strong and growing.
 Our experience on the ront lines o America’sgreatest challenges and our commitment toservice in 500,000+ communities across thecountry give us a unique role in Washington. 
In the coming year, we will be focusing onthree critical policy developments:
The continued implementation of theEdward M. Kennedy Serve America Act
withthe anticipated growth in AmeriCorps, targetedto specic issue areas such as education,health, veterans, and clean energy.
Update rom Capitol Hill
AmeriCorps Alums creates a sustainableorce or positive change in America’scommunities by empowering alumni withthe tools and resources they need or alietime o civic leadership.AmeriCorps Alums does not receive anyederal unding rom AmeriCorps. Eachyear as a nonprot we need to raise ourown unds; we rely on individual gits as30% o our revenue stream.
1. Go Direct!
Donate by check or credit card. Return theenclosed reply card and know that 100%o your donation goes directly to supportingservice in hundreds o communities. 
2. Donate Online
To make an online donation by credit card,please visit www.americorpsalums.org andclick the “Donations” link. It’s quick and easy! 
3. Be a Service Sponsor!
 Pledge a Yearly Amount o just $25 or moreand become a Service Sponsor. Please seeour website to start your sponsorship. 
4. Visit Ebay
You can pick us as your avorite nonproton Ebay! For more details, log on towww.ebay.com/americorpsalums. 
5. Share!
Share this with your amily, riends andcoworkers! Many businesses and organizationswill match donations dollar or dollar. 
6. Give Your Time
 Contact your local chapter and see whatvolunteer opportunities are available. Don’thave a local chapter? Start one! Log on towww.americorpsalums.org or more inormationon how to start a chapter in your town! 
7. Show Your Pride
Buy AmeriCorps Alums gear atamericorpsalumsstore.com and 50% o yourpurchase goes straight to AmeriCorps Alums! 
8. Connect with us!
Tell us what you are doing, share your storieso service and let us know what big plans youhave in 2011!
Shout out to theAustin Chapteror the bestAmeriCorpsWeek 2010celeb guest:it’s CONAN!
The exclusion of the Eli Segal AmeriCorpseducation
award rom income or purposes oederal taxes.
Pilot funding for the National ServiceReserve Corps.
The Corps was created in theServe America Act but has not been unded byCongress to date.The constituency o ormer AmeriCorps mem-bers is a powerul tool or continued engage-ment and impact on an unprecedented scale.Alums oers a clear pipeline or eective civicleadership and is a uniying advocacy agentor national service programs. Join us as AmeriCorps Alums continues to playa critical role in support o ull unding o theServe America Act and in building awarenesso and support or national service. At a timeo both economic uncertainty and strugglingcommunities, the voice o Alums in Washingtoncould not be more vital. by Jerry Saavedra
ServeNext’s 2010 Field Corps members in Washington D.C.
by Julie Murphy,Senior Director o Government Aairs,Points o Light Institute
St. Louis, New Orleans, Bualo, Maine,Detroit, Southern Arizona, SW Pennsylvania,Quad Cities, Develop U and buildOn.
To be a Service Sponsor, you must pledgea yearly donation o at least $25, whichwill go directly towards providing Alumswith service opportunities and promotingcivic engagement across the country. 
What this means:
• FREE registration• Access to all the sections o our website• You are a part o the Alums communityuntil you choose not to be—no moreexpired memberships! 
As a Sponsor you will receive:
• A heartelt thank you!• Your git is tax deductible• Exclusive AmeriCorps Alums Gear• Special Sponsors only event invitations!Please see the enclosed reply orm or logonto our website to become a servicesponsor. Help us make 2011 anotherexciting year o service!
Stay engaged in the service movement: pledge a yearly amount!
8 Ways to Contribute
Your contribution to AmeriCorps Alums will change lives!
Rebuilding homes in Pascagoula, MississippiWomen’s Build in Slidell, LAWonderul Outdoor World Camp in Salt Lake City

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