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Mark Twitchell interviewed Det. Mike Tabler

Mark Twitchell interviewed Det. Mike Tabler

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Published by edmontonjournal
Interview of accused killer Mark Twitchell by EPS Southwest Division Detective Mike Tabler on October 19, 2008 beginning at 2:51 a.m.
Interview of accused killer Mark Twitchell by EPS Southwest Division Detective Mike Tabler on October 19, 2008 beginning at 2:51 a.m.

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Published by: edmontonjournal on Mar 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Transcript Of An Interview
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Between Detective TABLERAndMark TWITCHELLAt Southwest Division08 Oct 19File #08-137180Tabler Testing Testing one two three uh nineteenth of October Sunday at two twenty-three a.m. (Recording Stops)(Recording Starts)Tabler Mark? Come with me you’re gonna have to wait in another room here. Just have achair there. Okay Mark now uh just to go through things like I mentioned to youthat I’m gonna do a taped interview with you an stuff.Twitchell Okay.Tabler There’s my ID.Twitchell Okay.Tabler Okay so I’m Detective Mike TABLER Police Service and uh I’m here to talk to youtonight because of the fact that you happen to be the renter of a garage that hascome to our attention due to a missing person.Twitchell Um hmm.Tabler Okay. Now first of all can you please state your name for me?Twitchell Mark Twitchell.Tabler And it’s T-W-I-T-C-H-E-L-L?Twitchell Correct.Tabler Okay your date of birth sir?Twitchell July fourth seventy-nine.Tabler Fourth of July seventy-nine?Twitchell YeahTabler Okay and your address at home?
Transcript Of An Interview
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Twitchell Is thirty Dayton Crescent.Tabler Thirty Dayton?Twitchell Yeah D-A-Y-T-O-N.Tabler In?Twitchell St Albert.Tabler Okay And postal code there?Twitchell T eight N four X four.Tabler Okay phone number at home?Twitchell Uh seven eight zero nine seven seven seven eight four zero.Tabler Your cell?Twitchell Same thing.Tabler Pardon me?Twitchell It’s the same number.Tabler Same number?Twitchell Um hmm.Tabler Oh okay alright uh no land line at all?Twitchell No I use cell in favor of land line just for cost and convenience basically.Tabler Okay.Twitchell Yeah.Tabler Good enough. And uh okay now the garage in question that we’re we’re talkingabout tonight uh can you tell me the address of that place?Twitchell Fifty seven twelve...Tabler Um hmm.Twitchell Fortieth Avenue.Tabler Fifty seven twelve fortieth Avenue. And when did you rent that garage?Twitchell I began renting it on September first.Tabler Okay and you rented it September first?
Transcript Of An Interview
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Twitchell Um hmm.Tabler And who’d you rent it from?Twitchell Uh a company called Kirkside Real Estate.Tabler Kirkside?Twitchell Kirkside all one word yeah.Tabler Okay. And you got the only key too, or was there one or two keys.Twitchell There’s two keys.Tabler Okay so you got two keys?Twitchell Um hmm.Tabler Okay and where are those keys now?Twitchell Uh you guys have the one that I had.Tabler Okay.Twitchell And the other one the last I heard of is with uh one of my production assistantsMike YOUNG.Tabler Mike YOUNG.Twitchell Yeah.Tabler One of your production assistants?Twitchell Yeah.Tabler Okay and he is an assistant to you but he he didn’t rent the garage it’s yours.Twitchell Right um hmm.Tabler Okay.Twitchell Yeah.Tabler And uh and you pay for it?Twitchell Yeah.Tabler For the rental?Twitchell Um hmm.

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