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Habitat for Humanity NOVA Direct Mail

Habitat for Humanity NOVA Direct Mail

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Published by genevieve rosengren

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: genevieve rosengren on Mar 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I m a g I n e
or a moment your parents were drug addicts. You werephysically and sexually abused by a relative, and ran away rom home at 16,fnding comort in the arms o another abuser. Then you brought a child intoyour desperate world. You elt lost and alone with no end in sight...
Dr Frid,
 This is a story that belongs to Luella, one o our uturehomeowners. Thanks to generous donors, hundreds o volun-teers and people who care, this homeowner has ound a newpath and is re-writing her story to have a happy ending.But in these challenging economic times we are seeing moreand more amilies in desperate need, reaching out or helprom Habitat or Humanity. While the economy is tough, thearea median income is still above $100,000 per year.Imagine a amily o our, earning between $25,000 and $50,000per year – oten working more than one job. Every yearwhen the lease is renewed and the rent goes up, they begina search or an aordable place to live. That oten means aless desirable apartment, in an unsae neighborhood; theirchildren having to change schools and make new riends.The cycle o poverty continues.At Habitat or Humanity o Northern Virginia we know thatwe can make a dierence in our community by helping thosethat need a “hand up, not a hand out.”By bringing together fnancial resources rom generousdonors and volunteers with open hearts and ready hands, weare able to help amilies eliminate their ears and raise theirloved ones in a sae environment. 
Buildi Hos…Trsori Livs
Habitat For Humanity o Northern Virginia4451 First Place South, Arlington, VA 22204(703) 521-9890www.habitatnova.orgwww.restorenova.org
to build her home. She takes pride in every accomplish-ment. She has lost 81 pounds and now wears the biggestsmile I have ever seen. Luella tells me that as soon asshe completes her sweat equity hours and moves intoher home she plans to begin taking classes to become anurse’s aid.Margaret Meade once said “Never doubt that a smallgroup o thoughtul, committed citizens can change theworld. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” This isthe magic o Habitat or Humanity...The children are our uture and by helping Habitat ami-lies to break the cycle o poverty, we position their chil-dren or success.RJ, three months beore high school graduation, told hisdad he wanted to be an emergency medical technician(EMT) but frst wanted to see the world by joining theNavy. When asked by his dad i he plans to get his ownapartment when he returns rom the Navy, RJ respond-ed with pride, “No Dad, I am going to buy a house.”That is the mental shit that takes place when a amilyis empowered by homeownership and the work they putinto attaining it.Meet Theresa and her nine year old son, Ethan, who willbe moving into a Habitat condo just in time or Christ-mas this year. Theresa is a single mother who worksas a social worker in our community. She tells a storyabout one evening last spring while she and Ethan werewatching TV, they heard a loud noise just outside theirapartment in the parking lot. Theresa ran out onto thebalcony to see what was going on. Just as she realizedthat there had been a shooting outside her window, sheelt her son tugging on her shirt begging her to comeback inside so she would not be killed. Once saely in-side, he cried and said “Mama, I am so happy Habitat isbuilding a house or us so we can fnally be sae.”We hear stories like these every day at Habitat, and webelieve we can help more amilies than ever this year. Luella’s story rom the beginning o this letter is heart-breaking. When she had her son, she ound inspirationand strength and was able to reach or help. It was notan easy road but she remained ocused on a better lieor her and her son. Through a shelter program, Luellalearned budgeting skills, cleaned up her credit and be-gan setting goals. She got her GED and moved quicklythrough the shelter program into transitional housing,where she excelled in every aspect o the program.That is just the beginning. Since being selected to be-come a Habitat homeowner, Luella has been workingalong side hundreds o volunteers who are helping her
, I am so happyHabitat is building a house orus so we can
flly b s
.”Our work transorms lives…
O couity t  ti.Tothr w c k 
Over 90% o Habitat childrenover the age o 18 are nowin college or serving in the military.
Thy r ki pls or succssul utur.
A l
Your git will help others whoare much less ortunate sharethe blessings o homeownership.There are so many deservingamilies that could be thriving iwe could lend our hand and helpthem build their homes.
a it o just:$25
will provide a lock ora new ront door;
provides one newkitchen aucet;
provides one newbathroom vanity;
provides one newENERGY STAR dishwasher;
will carpet one roomin a new house;
provides one ENERGYSTAR hot water heater;
provides one electricpanel;
provides tile and fx-tures or one bathroom;
provides one ENERGYSTAR washer or dryer;
provides light fxturesand smoke detectors orone unit;
will carpet threerooms;
provides kitchenand bathroom countertops.
- will provide itemssuch as plumbing, heatingand air conditioning.
visit www.habitatnova.org or more inormation
In order to become a Habitat or Humanity homeowner, amilies must bewilling to contribute 300-500 sweat equity hours towards the building o theirhome. That means they work right alongside o the volunteers. They musthave an income level o 25-60 percent o the area median income, reside in sub-standard housing, and spend 30 percent or more o their income on housing.In addition, these amiliesmust also have the meansto pay their mortgages andhave a good credit history.Habitat amilies make aone percent down paymenton their home and receivea zero interest mortgage.Habitat or Humanity oNorthern Virginia hold themortgages, which coversthe cost o land and con-struction. For example, ithe direct cost o the land is$50,000 and the constructioncost is $100,000, the mort-gage would be $150,000.And here’s the best part:the money generated romthe mortgage paymentsis used in our commu-nity to build more housesor deserving amilies.
a Hd Up,not  Hd Out 

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