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healy pub ns2

healy pub ns2

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Published by stollermj

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Published by: stollermj on Mar 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA) is exploring ideas onhow best to use the $3.4 million endowment built up over the past decade throughthe Student Activities Fee. The goal of GUSA in spending down the money is tofavor projects that affect or are open to the entire student body and have a lastingimpact on campus.This report lays out such a proposal: bringing back Healy Pub as a dignifiedand student-run gathering place in Healy basement of historical character wherestudents can study and enjoy food, drinks and one another's company.Comparable projects at other universities have cost around $3 million. Studentsoverwhelmingly desire to bring the center of campus life back to Healy. With thecompletion of the Hariri Building and Science Center, large amounts of administrative space are being freed up on campus. Never again will students willhave the opportunity to decide how to spend millions of their own dollars. This isan ambitious, once-in-a-generation opportunity to unite students of all ages andrevitalize a campus tradition.The creation of Healy Pub would serve several important interests:1. A dedicated space on campus for socializing, eating, drinking and studying2. A venue on campus for reasonably priced food and drinks3. Providing leadership and learning experiences in the running of a campusbusiness4. Incorporating greater student-accessible space in our flagship campusbuilding5. A means by which to connect undergraduates to Georgetown traditions andthe Hoya spiritThe list of signatories below is comprised of Georgetown students and alumni whohave expressed interest in seeing the idea and spirit of a Healy Pub furtherexplored. While there must be careful consideration of the costs and long-termviability of a revival of the Pub, they all have agreed with the goal and nature of this revival. All have served in significant leadership roles in the Georgetowncommunity. All fully support improvement in the availability of historic campusspace dedicated to fostering the Georgetown student community
.Hoya Saxa,
Matthew Stoller
, C’08
Michael Barclay
, C’12
Chris Pigott
, C’12GUSA Senator, 2007-08 GUSA Senator, 2010-11;GUSA Chief of Staff 2011-12Student Representative,Georgetown Board of Directors, 2010-11
Twister Murchison
, S’08
Jake Sticka
, C’13
Mo Narang
, C’08GUSA President, 2006-07 Commissioner, ANC 2E, 2011-13Student Representative,Georgetown Board of Directors, 2007-08
Patrick Dowd
, S’09
Jenna Lowenstein
, C’08
Mark Corallo
, C’88GUSA President, 2008-09 Commissioner, ANC 2E, 2006-08General Manager, UniversityCenter Pub
Jason Kluger
, B’11
Alex Pons
, C’12
Larry Everling
, B’87GUSA Vice-President, President & CEO, Students of Senior Management,
2009-11; Co-Author,
Report on Student Space
Georgetown, Inc. (“TheCorp”), 2011-12University Center Pub
Mike Meaney
, S’12
Charlie Harrington
, C’08
Jim McGrail
, C’87GUSA President, 2011-12 Chair, Students of Georgetown, Inc. (“TheCorp”), 2007-08Senior Management,University Center Pub
Greg Laverriere
, C’12
Shane Giuliani
, C’09
Ryan Berg
, C’10GUSA Vice-President,2011-12Chair, Students of Georgetown, Inc. (“TheCorp”), 2008-09Co-Author,
Report on Student Space
Adam Mortillaro
, C’12
Stephanie Bean
, C’09
Fitz Lufkin
, C’11, G’13Speaker, GUSA Senate,2010-11Co-Chair, Class of 2009Alumni Committee; NSOCoordinator, 2008Co-Author,
Report on Student Space

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