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The Daily Liquid Necessity (Edited Version)

The Daily Liquid Necessity (Edited Version)

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Published by Hailey Jo Johnson

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categoriesTypes, School Work
Published by: Hailey Jo Johnson on Mar 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Johnson 1Hailey JohnsonCollege Comp 2Definition essay3/9/11A Daily Liquid NecessityCoffee. What a cool word huh? It¶s even unique looking with its double f¶s and doublee¶s. Coffee is one of the most frequent used words in my vocabulary; it¶s also my favorite word.According to Urban Dictionary, coffee is,´The best drink ever.. glory..´(Michelle). Another person on Urban Dictionary state it¶s, ³A drink made from coffee beans. People drink it becauseof its caffeine. Some people drink it because they think they look cool walking into class with abig ass cup of caribou coffee, talking about how they need to wake up yet its 40% cream, 40%sugar, and 20% coffee´ (Monotone). Coffee is also described on Urban Dictionary as, ³Anaddictive, nice smelling, buzz-giving, dehydrating black liquid´(AnnaDuckie). My personaldefinition of coffee is, ³A daily liquid necessity.´I, Hailey Marie Johnson, am a coffee addict. I consume an unnatural amount of coffeedaily. Coffee has become a huge part of my life, and it never lets me down. I need a cup everymorning, a mug sometime throughout the day, and another cup later on. Being addicted to coffeeis as strong as being addicted to a drug; however, coffee is a little better for you than drugs. Ieven crave coffee sometimes; all I can think about is coffee until I get a cup. I am such a coffeejunkie that if I don¶t get my needed daily intake I get severe headaches, extreme fatigue, and lack of motivation and concentration. Yes, I am a coffee addict. Urban Dictionary says that, ³A coffee
Johnson 2addict is one who depends on the drinking of coffee more than the average individual, sometimesheads will roll off if coffee is not ingested´(Caroline burke bitch). Ya, that pretty muchdescribes me.Coffee is a unique drink; it was also discovered very uniquely. Believe it or not, coffeewas discovered by a goat. It was a young goat herder by the name of Kaldi in the 9
century whodiscovered coffee. He noticed his goats acting strange when they ate cherries from the coffeetree, so he tried it for himself (³Top 10 List of Interesting Facts About Coffee´). One thing mostcoffee addicts don¶t even know is that coffee comes from a cherry. Ya I said it, a cherry! Whowould have thought? Coffee comes from a tree or a bush that bears cherry fruit. The seed of thischerry is what we call the coffee bean. The cherry itself is edible and has a light, honey, sweet,yummy taste. So if coffee isn¶t your thing, maybe you would like the coffee cherries themselves.Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It¶s very hard to find an adult whodoesn¶t drink coffee. Even many teens today are enjoying cups of coffee throughout the day. If you are one of the few people who don¶t consume numerous amounts of coffee every week, thenI feel sorry for you. These people will never have enough energy and wont experience life to thefullest. However, if you don¶t drink coffee, I bet everywhere you turn you spot people drinkingthe heavenly liquid. Over 500 billion cups of coffee are drunk each year (³Top 10 List of Interesting Facts About Coffee´). Holy Moly!! Coffee is also the second most tradedcommodity, right behind the first of oil. Can you imagine a liquid so popular it has its ownholiday? Seems crazy huh? Well coffee has its own holiday. According to blog.foodfacts.com,³Costa Ricans celebrate coffee on September 12
, while the Irish celebrate coffee on September 19
. A few days later, on October 1
, Japanese people celebrate Coffee Day´(³Interesting Factsabout Coffee´).
Johnson 3Yes, coffee is the most amazing drink on earth, but it does have its downfalls. If you arewatching your calorie intake I¶m sorry, coffee can have many calories. Ecspecially if you buyyour coffee from coffee places like Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Gemini Java, Dunkin Donuts, or Dun Bros Coffee. They put so much sugar and cream in their coffees, the calories are sooutrageous. For example, a White Chocolate mocha coffee from Starbucks is 440 calories and126 calories from fat. A Chocolate Covered Banana coffee from Caribou Coffee is 560 caloriesand 144 calories from fat. Don¶t get me wrong, coffee from those places is to DIE for, but trystick to only going there are couple times a week. If you make your coffee from home your calorie intake will be a lot less. Black coffee is by far the best for you but if you need a littlecream make sure you get the sugar free and fat free kind. Plain black coffee has only 5 caloriesper cup. Each tablespoon of light cream you add is approximately 30 calories. As you can see,it¶s a lot healthier to make your own coffee (³Food Details¶).Besides calories you also have to try to avoid coffee breath. According to UrbanDictionary, ³Coffee breath is the reek from somebody¶s mouth that is emitted when somebodydoes not brush their teeth after they drink coffee´(Frapuchino). Coffee breath is the worst, youusually smell it on doctors when they are talking to you or your older teachers who drink black coffee. The blacker the coffee the worst the breath, coffee breath is such a turn off. So remember to make your coffee at home, and always brush your teeth when your done. If you are drinkingyour coffee on the road and can¶t brush your teeth, you can swish your mouth with a little mouthwash or pop in some gum.Coffee is one of the most valuable things on this earth, well, at least to me. Coffee is sucha good friend, one that never lets you down. Yes, there are a few negatives like the bad breathand calories! However, there are so many positives! It helps you stay awake, helps you

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