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Published by EmilyAnn Rowe

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Published by: EmilyAnn Rowe on Mar 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HTM 491  Leadership and Self SavvyMidterm/Spring 2011
Student Name
: EmilyAnn Rowe
Name of Movie:
A Knights Tale
Theory Definition Scene Character Example
Trait BasedTheories
Trait based theories is the idea thatleaders are born with traits that makethem successful, versus the idea that theycan gain the skills over time. It is believedthat these leadership traits are inheritedand are attributed to one¶s geneticmakeup. Only certain people have theseunique and special traits, so a person iseither a leader or not a leader. This theoryis sometimes questioned because of thelack of differing components that explainleadership and leadership effectiveness.
When Williamhas been arrestedand is in shacklesin the townsquare. Thetowns people areall standingaround himbooing andthrowing thingsat him and ismen.Prince Edward of England, who¶sfather is currentlythe King of England. Hisfather isreferenced asbeing a greatking. The princeis charismaticand brave.While the crowd is booing William the Prince, who isin disguise, comes out to the crowd and quickly quietsthem all. He makes the guards unlock him, and thenprecedes to knight William in front of everyone. He isa great example of the theory because he is a greatleader who was born into a family of leaders. Heshowed charisma, bravery and confidence when hemade his decision to release William and knight himin front of the crowd. He was not just a Prince borninto a fortunate family, but he showed he was a greatleader born into a family of great leaders.
Skills andCompetencies(Use HTMModel)
This model explains that there arecertain skills and behaviors that makeup a great leader. Each person has their own collection of skills and candiscover what their strengths are. It isassumed that you can have threedifferent strengths: one can be BusinessSavvy, People Savvy, or Self Savvy.Depending on your personal make up,you can learn to work on other savvy'sthat you may not be a strong in, tobecome the best leader.This is the scenewhere Jeffery isintroducingWilliam to thetournamentaudience, rightbefore he isabout to joust.Jeffery is thewriter that theypick up on theway to their secondtournament. He isoutgoing,precocious, andshameless.Jeffery is a great example of a people savvy person.He has great interpersonal communication and knowshow to talk to everyone. He knew how important itwas for William to have audience fans, and so hestarted each joust match with a speech to rally up theaudience. In his speech he would say things that heknew the audience would appreciate (whether theywere true or not). But in the end he always got the fanson his side.
BehaviorBasedTheories (UseMLQ or LPI)
This theory is based on distinguishing theactions that leaders demonstrate. The twomain surveys are Multifactor LeadershipQuestionnaire (MLQ) and the LeadershipPractices Inventory (LPI) which are both360 degree instruments. The MLQquizzes the leader with more task orientedquestions to find out their leadershipstyle, while the LPI has more relationshiporiented questions to find out their leadership style. They both are ways of measuring the leaders behaviors.
This scene iswhen Jeffery andJocelyn comeinto the barnright before thelast match, toinform Williamthat the truthabout his heritagehas come out.William is anamazing leader,that wants hisactions to showthe type of leader he is.The guards knew he was not a noble and he was aboutto be arrested. William refuses to runaway, because tohim that is not the honorable thing to do. Even thoughhe is not a real knight, he feels that his actions shouldbe made as if he was. So he walks out to the guardshonorably, knowing that he will be arrested. He rather have pride in himself and show the actions of a nobleman, than to run.

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