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Analyzing the Power of Web-points of View

Analyzing the Power of Web-points of View

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Published by erin
My speech at Peacebag Euromed Training Seminar by Hellenic Association of Informatics [2011]
My speech at Peacebag Euromed Training Seminar by Hellenic Association of Informatics [2011]

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: erin on Mar 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Eirini Voutskoglouwww.divcast.gr 
Analyzing the power of web [points of view]
…. I’m an educator, a student still and a new media user who generates content for web. Iblog , I’m on facebook, twitter, linkedin , dozens of other social networks and Iproduce vidcasts about web issues.So naturally I think of web like an Academy. An academy with courses filled withinteractive universes. Web is also a marketing tool , as media and as a product. Everyone can pay or getpaid..Since I first worked for a politician, I understood clearly that beyond the freedom of publishing my opinion as a common blogger, web is primarily a political region. Andthat’s the critical segment of web.That means even if a web user desires to be left out, excluded, that is unlikely tohappen.Does all of these things on web happen with a plan?Actions tend to have a goal. We may not realize what that goal is, we may not be ableto define it but it is there. Attracting the echoes…That’s how web universe is being understood by the mass. The public. The crowd thatwill follow echoes..Let’s try now and picture a situation. We surely have more than hundreds of examples.Rebellions, activists, human rights. Life on this planet is not fair. We all can admitthat without feeling guilty.So, how does web connect us beyond the obvious universality of web space.I think of it like a puzzle of many different drawings trying to combine each other.2011 PEASEbag Euromed Training Seminar Hellenic Association of Informatics1
Eirini Voutskoglouwww.divcast.gr And as I said above, I really think that there can be a picture that makes sense ‘causeonce u step in at web, u echo puzzle pieces.When I was asked to speak to u about web, after a long discussion about the maintheme, there were some questions running around my mind.How can my echo match into your puzzle?If your life is different than mine, Can I help u? Can u use me? Is there a pattern?Methods? Will be any scientific conclusions to be used further more?What is that extraordinary fact or sense that make ppl think that web can be a force of ultimate power?Is web really that innocent?You know.. in a vidcast of mine I had an intro stating “web is innocent. Users r guilty”.I had written a post on one of my sites about Egypt when things begun going out of control. I gave links to posts, videos. It took me two hours to structure that post whichwas ending with a phrase like “I’m here. I’m your voice. And hey audience. What usee is not a cinema movie. It is life. And someone tried to keep me away fromdiscovering that life”That was my first reaction.U understand that if u want to make a web user furious, u can just cut off theconnection. That’s primarily a reason to kill.In a second level, any web user , even the Farmville user will never tolerategovernments keeping ppl out of web.So, the first thing that attracts massively attention to any cause is when users realizethat someone is not allowed to speak.They may not understand fully what freedom of speech is.They may not understand the need of credibility in web stigmas.But they *feel* when someone is not allowed to speak.2011 PEASEbag Euromed Training Seminar Hellenic Association of Informatics2
Eirini Voutskoglouwww.divcast.gr And that’s the second reason for echoes to get revolutionized..but also that’s theprimal reason for someone to disbelieve , because massive attraction can also becreated and I as a 14 years old web user know that very well.This note goes not for the crowd, for the mass. That goes for experienced users.Either way there r main paths on which, your problem becomes not quite my problem,but surely my strong consideration.On web we have groups and we have persons.Groups and teams can spread faster and stronger your echo.Yet, there’s a catch.Persons do not like very much strong echoes for a long time.They think of them like a spamming noise bringing up many objections out of them.It may be the way of mind trying to keep us believing that we r safe.It may be that we have already experienced the paid opinions on web.I will share with u a personal example of that fact.When everyone started posting that web was the huge power for Egyptians , I my self was may be the only one that objected on that, saying that “well dudes, Egyptians didknow internet/ they were not some Flintstones communicating with smoke signs/ theyknew web and they used it/ egyptians used web but it was not web that won thosefights for them”I think u got the picture.It’s very easy for a person receiving an overload of messages to react. It’s likesomeone yells “hey the king is nude”Persons can also spread your echoes. It will take longer but it will be more stable.That’s why Social Media needs trust. U need me as a person to be trusted.The only catch is the credibility factor that rarely preoccupies individual actions.Further more, groups tend to become violence generators.I as a person have absolute control of anything written on my web sites or facebook pages.2011 PEASEbag Euromed Training Seminar Hellenic Association of Informatics3

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