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2011 Spring_AEP News

2011 Spring_AEP News

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Published by Laura Rajsic-Lanier
Adult Enrichment Project
Spring 2011 Newsletter

--> Learning You Choose
--> Badges Currently Available
--> Frequently Asked Questions
Adult Enrichment Project
Spring 2011 Newsletter

--> Learning You Choose
--> Badges Currently Available
--> Frequently Asked Questions

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Published by: Laura Rajsic-Lanier on Mar 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[Adult Enrichment Project]
The Key to Your Adventures  adultenrichmentproject.blogspot.com
Spring 2011.
Learning You Choose
When you’re doing workshops, classes, webinars or any other learning, how oten does itcoincide with what you
to learn?I have oten ound that what my Girl Scouts choose to do each year rarely refl ects the choicesof ered by my council. I spend a lot o time and ef ort looking or inormation online. Thedynamics o the girls as well as previous experiences and explorations they’ve made on theirown lead me in directions I’ve never thought o pursuing.How oten does an average person need to know engineering basics?Last year, one o the patches they chose to earn was “Design Squad.” Two o the girls hadbeen watching the PBS show and wanted to try it or themselves. Not only did I take theonline workshop PBS of ered to help, but PBS also had an introduction with a webinar andmy council did a couple o the activities at LEAP (leader enrichment weekend). I thoughtI was ready, but ound that I was pulling up my high school Physics class as well to helpexplain
things worked.I I had not taken the time to do the extra work, I would not have been able to of er advice,possible design adjustments and even answers to the “why” questions. This patch programwas a group ef ort between all o us.The girls earned their patch. We spent a lot more time doing the activities than the patchrequired as the girls grappled with the dif erence between “reality tv” and the real world.I was proud that they didn’t give up. Even when they were rustrated, they continuedadjusting their designs and trying again.They ailed many times, but they gained an understanding o ailure and using that to improve.In the end, they succeeded. They were proud o themselves. That's all that mattered.
Did you know?
Online learning comes in many orms.From University lectures / Open Courseware to business podcasts tohands-on crat tutorials, you can fi nd a wide variety o experiences waitingor you to choose them.AEP is here to help you navigate through the many choices so you can learnwhat you need. Eliminating the many hours o surfi ng to fi nd inormationgives you time or your lie.
Frequently Asked Questions
Requests and questions have been coming in. Here’s ourFAQ. It is a work in progress.Visit Scribd or Google Documents or the next update othe FAQ in a printable PDF. Feel ree to ask any questionsnot ound here so we can include them.
Can I still earn <name> badge? 
All badges can be earned any time they are releasedto the public. At the bottom o each PDF and the badgesblog, you’ll see a release date. When a badge is released,not only have all the steps been approved, but all graphicshave been prepared and are ready to be shipped.
Are only Girl Scout volunteers able to earn these badges? 
While we’re coming at this rom a Girl Scout viewpoint,we do not limit earning badges. Working with youth isa challenge most days. When you’re trying to learn newthings as well, it can become overwhelming. I a badgeprogram coincides with your programming choices, it is agreat opportunity or adults to learn something new andadd to their program.We would love Boy Scouts, Guides, homeschoolers, aterschool providers and any adult working with youth toutilize AEP as a resource or their programming.I you’re an adult who just thinks it would be un to try abadge like you did when you were a kid, eel ree to joinus! You don’t have to work with kids. You may need toadjust the steps a little, though.
How do I get a badge? 
You’ll need to e-mail
and let her knowwhich badge program you’ve worked on, how many hoursyou spent and how you’d like your name to appear on thecertifi cate. In return, you’ll receive three items — a 3" x 3"JPG that you can use (via the
badge) tocreate your own insignia, a Web Button you can placeon your own blog / page and a certifi cate PDF you canpresent to your organization or keep or your own records.At this time, we do not have badges you can purchase.
Do I need to prove that I’ve spent time to earn a badge? 
We trust you. I you say you’ve done the time, we’llprovide the badge items.We ask or the number o hours as the background coloron the badge graphics changes to refl ect the amount owork you’ve done. You can see a sample o these in ourrst newsletter.We also would like to have an idea o what you did so wecan review that inormation when we update the badgeprogram.
What does it cost? 
The AEP is designed to be ree. All badge programs andbadges are provided at no charge. I we add printed items,you will have a choice to purchase them. However,improving yoursel is more important to us.
Do I need the supplemental fi les? 
I you understand the steps in the program, you maychoose not to use the supplemental les.Supplemental fi les are provided to help clariy steps andgive additional inormation to a badge program. Not allbadge programs have them.
Do you have a list of badges that are goingto be released? 
Badges are being developed and adjusted all the time.Sometimes, one will be held back rom release becausewe’re not comortable with the steps or we’ll slide one inbecause we’re working on something or our girls and it’seasier to write it as we’re researching.I we have a couple ready that we know will be released,those are noted in the Weekly Updates rom the Yahoo!group or on the announcement blog.
I saw something you missed. How can I let you know? 
Each badge program is released on its own blog. Feel reeto leave comments about what you did, what you liked /didn’t like, how it could be improved, links that are nolonger active and any other inormation below the specifi cbadge program. It helps us identiy issues with the badgeprogram.To make it easier to fi nd a badge program, stop byour Squidoo lens or a list and links to each individualprogram.You can also e-mail any adjustments you’d like to see to
i you’d rather not post to the blog.Please include the badge program name.
When will badges be updated? 
Badges will be updated one year ater initial release, thenon an “as needed” basis. We want to make sure the linksare still valid and the steps are still relevant.
Are you going to have badges to purchase? 
At this time, we do not. I you have any suggestions, we’dlove to hear them.
I have some suggestions, where do I send them? 
You can send them to the Yahoo! group,
or post it on either blog.
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