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The AMECO Roster Oct 2006

The AMECO Roster Oct 2006

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Revised October 30, 2006
The AMECO Roster
Here is a current list of the Association of Missing and Exploited Children’sOrganizations (AMECO), non-profit organizations known to NCMEC.The Association of Missing and Exploited Children’s Organizations (AMECO), is amembership organization founded in 1994. The activities of AMECO and its memberagencies are strictly non-commercial and not-for-profit. Member organizations have metthe following criteria required for AMECO certification:1. Provide a current tax-exempt status from the IRS or from an equivalent non-profit status document in other countries.2. Provide its Articles of Incorporation and current By-Laws.3. Submit a copy of a legal tax form. In the US, this is Form 990. Even if an NPOdoes not meet the IRS criteria for submitting a Form 990, the NPO must fill oneout to be reviewed by AMECO prior to acceptance for membership. In Canada,this is the Revenue Canada Form T3010.4. Have been in continuous operation as a non-profit for two (2) years prior to itsadmission to AMECO.5. Submit three (3) letters of reference from community groups attesting to thecontributions that this NPO is making. One of these references MUST be from alaw enforcement agency.6. Provide services free of charge to victim families in the recovery process.Financial contributions may be solicited for general support of the NPO, but therecan be no charge associated with the recovery process, nor direct solicitation of donations as a contingency for recovery services.7. Provide a list of states/provinces in which you are registered to solicit funds.8. Submit year end Financial Statements and Annual Report.9. Provide a current list of paid/unpaid Board of Directors and most recent year of board minutes.10. Provide a copy of policies regarding police record/background checks.11. Have a primary mission of one or more of the following categories:
Assisting law enforcement and/or searching parents in the recovery of missing children.
Helping missing & exploited children and their families to gain access toservices.
Preventing children from becoming missing & exploited throughprevention and education services for families, law enforcement or otherappropriate entityFor additional information on AMECO and its members, please contact:
Wendy Jolley-KabiNational Coordinator
Association of Missing And Exploited Children's Organizations (AMECO)P.O. Box 19668Alexandria, VA 22320-0688Local: 703-838-8379Toll Free: 1-877-263-2620FAX: 703-549-3787E- mail:wendy@amecoinc.org 
Revised October 30, 2006
Name of Agency PageArkansas
Morgan Nick Foundation, Inc. 5
The Carole Sund/Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation 5 Child Quest International 6  Interstate Association for Stolen Children, Inc. 6  The Polly Klaas Foundation 7 
Child Quest International (Branch Office) 5Missing Children’s Task Force 7 
A Child is Missing, Inc. 8  Child Protection Education of America, Inc. 8Jimmy Ryce Center for Victims of Predatory Abduction, Inc. 9  Missing Children Center, Inc. 9
Exploited Children’s Help Organization, Inc. (ECHO) 10
Missing and Exploited Children’s Association (MECA), Inc. 11
Molly Bish Foundation and “Life” Guards Center, Inc. 11radKids 11
Jacob Wetterling Foundation 12 Missing Children-Minnesota 12 
One Missing Link  13 
Nevada Child Seekers 14 
New York
Center for Hope 14Child Find of America 15 
Tommy Foundation 15
Commission on Missing and Exploited Children (COMEC) 16 
Gabriel’s Gifts Missing Children’s Organizations 16Heidi Search Center for Missing Children 17  Laura Recovery Center 17Rachel Foundation for Family Reintegration 18 
Operation Lookout (National Center for Missing Youth) 18 
Revised October 30, 2006
 Youth Educated in Safety, Inc. 19 
Christin Lamb Foundation 20 
Canadian AgenciesAlberta
Child Find Alberta Society 21
 Child Find British Columbia 22 
Child Find Newfoundland and Labrador 22, 24
Child Find Canada 20, 23  Child Find Manitoba 23 
Child Find Newfoundland and Labrador 22, 24 
Child Find Ontario 24 
Prince Edward Island
Child Find Prince Edward Island 25 
Child Find Saskatchewan 26 
Alphabetical IndexName of Agency Page
A Child is Missing 8The Carole Sund/Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation 5Center for Hope 14Child Find British Columbia 22Child Find Canada 20, 23  Child Find Manitoba 23  Child Find Newfoundland & Labrador 22, 24Child Find of America 15 Child Find Ontario 24  Child Find Prince Edward Island (PEI) 25Child Find Saskatchewan 26  Child Quest International 6  Christin Lamb Foundation 20  Commission on Missing and Exploited Children (COMEC) 16  Exploited Children’s Help Organization (ECHO) 10  Gabriel’s Gifts Missing Children’s Organizations 16Heidi Search Center for Missing Children, Inc. 17  Interstate Association for Stolen Children, Inc.6  Jacob Wetterling Foundation 12  Jimmy Ryce Center for Victims of Predatory Abduction, Inc. 9 Laura Recovery Center 17Missing and Exploited Children’s Association of Maryland (MECA) 11  Missing Children Center, Inc. 9 

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