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School Index

School Index

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Published by: Patrick Gerard Veilleux on Mar 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Legend of the Five Rings (3rd Edition)
Schools Index (v0.95)
Ben ‘Bayushi Kinzo’ Halbert 
L5R3E 3rd Edition Core Rule Book 4W The Four WindsCoR Creatures of RokuganAotD Art of the DuelP&T Prayers and TreasuresMoW Masters of WarMoWS Masters of War Web SupplementMoC Masters of CourtSUP School Update Project v4MS1 Musha Shugyo, Issue 1, ImperialsMS2 Musha Shugyo, Issue 2, Minor ClansErr 3
Edition, Comprehensive Errata (03/07/08)* Schools and paths marked do not exist as of 1170.** Schools and paths marked are non-canon.
Crab Clan
Basic Schools and Entry Level Paths
Ancestral Hiruma (SUP, 2)
Damned Berserker (MoW, 55)
Falcon’s Wing (MoW, 59)
Hida Berserker (MoW, 53)
Hida Bushi (L5R3E, 119)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Hida Wrestler (AotD, 28)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Hiruma Scout (L5R3E, 121)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Kuni Shugenja (L5R3E, 120)
Kaiu Engineer (4W, 147)
Kuni Witch-Hunter (MoW, 54)
Toritaka Bushi (MoW, 56)
Yasuki Courtier (L5R3E, 120)
Yasuki Peacekeeper (4W, 15)
Yasuki Taskmaster (MoW, 57)
Advanced Schools and Paths
Champion’s Guard (MoW, 58)
Crystal Master (P&T, 10)
Dead Eyes Berserker (MoW, 58)
The Falcon’s Strike (MoW, 59)
Hida Avenger (4W, 7)
Hida Defender (AotD, 30)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Hida Elite Guard (MoW, 59)
Crab Sumai (AotD, 29)
Hiruma Grappler (AotD, 31)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Hiruma Stalkers (4W, 15)
Kuni Command Staff (MoW, 60)
Kuni Duelist (AotD, 31)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Tetsubo Duelist (AotD, 31)
Tokaji’s Might (SUP, 5)
Tokaji’s Power (SUP, 5)
Tsuru’s Legion (4W, 15)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Watcher of the Damned (MoW, 61)
Yasuki House Guard (MoW, 62)
Yasuki Quartermaster (MoW, 62)
Yasuki Sumai (AotD, 32)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Crane Clan
Basic Schools and Entry Level Paths
Asahina Shugenja (L5R3E, 122)
Daidoji Harrier (L5R3E, 124)*
See Also: (Err, 2)
Daidoji Yojimbo (4W, 151)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Doji Courtier (L5R3E, 123)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Doji Magistrate (4W, 152)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Kakita Artisan (AotD, 41)
See Also: (MoC, 58; Err, 2)
Kakita Bushi (L5R3E, 122)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Kakita Jester (MoC, 57)
Yasuki Courtier (4W, 16)
Advanced Schools and Paths
Asahina Archer (SUP, 6)
Asahina Duelist (AotD, 45)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Asahina Sohei (4W, 15)
Daidoji Duelist (AotD, 45)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Daidoji Iron Warriors (4W, 15)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Daidoji Heavy Regulars (SUP, 6)
Daidoji Trading Council (MoC, 59)
Daidoji Spy (MoC, 60)
Doji Arbiter (AotD, 46)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Doji Elite Guard (SUP, 6)
Doji Gamester (AotD, 44)
Doji Innocents (MoC, 60)
Doji Rhetorician (AotD, 44)
Doji’s Fan (MoWS, 5)
Empress’ Guard (SUP, 6)
Fetishist (P&T, 14)
Hoturi’s Blade (MoC, 59)
The Kenshinzen (4W, 7)
Master of Ikebana (AotD, 46)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Master of Wits (AotD, 46)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Master of Poetry (AotD, 46)
See Also: (Err, 2)
Master of Dance (MoC, 60)
Tsume Pikemen (SUP, 7)
Dragon Clan
Basic Schools and Entry Level Paths
Kitsuki Courtier (L5R3E, 126
Kitsuki Investigator (SUP, 8)
Mirumoto Bushi (L5R3E, 125)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Mirumoto Swordmaster (4W, 156)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Tamori Shugenja (L5R3E, 126)
Three Orders/Togashi Tattooed Man (L5R3E, 127)
Advanced Schools and Paths
Dragon’s Flame Archer (SUP, 9)
Hojatsu’s Legacy (AotD, 57)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Jotomon’s Shinrai (SUP, 8)
Kitsuki Gamester (AotD, 58)
Kitsuki Justicar (4W, 16)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Kikage Zumi Madman (AotD, 58)*
See Also: (Err, 3)
Mirumoto Elite Guard (SUP, 9)
Mirumoto Mountaineers (MoWS, 10)
Mirumoto Talons (AotD, 58)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Nemuranai Seekers (SUP, 9)
Nightingale Samurai (4W, 16)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Spirit-Binder (SUP, 9)
Students of the Tao (Bushi) (4W, 8)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Students of the Tao (Shugenja) (4W, 8)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Tamori Alchemist (P&T, 18)
Tamori Yamabushi (4W, 16)
Lion Clan
Basic Schools and Entry Level Paths
Akodo Bushi (L5R3E, 129)
Akodo War College (4W, 159)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Ikoma Omoidasu (L5R3E, 131)
Ikoma Spymaster (SUP, 10)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Ikoma Tactician (4W, 160)
Kitsu Shugenja (L5R3E, 130)
Kitsu Spirit Legion (MoW, 116)
Kitsu Sodan-Senzo (SUP, 11)
Lion Warden (4W, 17)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Matsu Berserker (L5R3E, 131)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Advanced Schools and Paths
Akodo Elite Guard (MoW, 114)
Akodo Scout (MoW, 115)
Bishamon’s Chosen (P&T, 23)
Fujimaro’s Legion (MoW, 115)
Ikoma Elite Guardians (MoW, 115)
Ikoma Heralds (MoW, 116)
The Kensai (Sword-Saint) (4W, 8)
Lion Deathseeker (4W, 16)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Lion Elite Spearmen (MoW, 117)
Lion’s Pride (MoW, 112)
Lioness Legion (AotD, 71)
Matsu Beastmaster (MoW, 113)
Matsu Duelist (AotD, 71)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Matsu Elite Guard (MoW, 118)
Tsuko’s Heart (4W, 17)
Mantis Clan
Basic Schools and Entry Level Paths
Fox Spearman (MS2, 58)**
Kitsune Shugenja (L5R3E, 147)
See Also: (Err, 5)
Moshi Guardian of the Sun (4W, 17)
Moshi Shugenja ((L5R3E, 133)
Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter (L5R3E, 134)
Tsuruchi Magistrate (4W, 165)
Yoritomo Bushi (L5R3E, 132)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Yoritomo Courtier (L5R3E, 134)
Yoritomo Shugenja (4W, 164)
Advanced Schools and Paths
Kitsune Shinrinkei (MS2, 54)**
Moshi Duelist (AotD, 83)
The Orochi Riders (4W, 9)
Storm Acolytes (P&T, 26)
Storm Riders (SUP, 13)
Tsuruchi Master Bowman (AotD, 83)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Tsuruchi Swordman (4W, 17)
Tsuruchi’s Legion (SUP, 13)
Whirlwind Duelist (AotD, 84)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Yoritomo Elite Guard (SUP, 13)
Yoritomo Emissary (4W, 17)
Yoritomo Kobune Pilot (AotD, 83)
See Also: (Err, 3)
Yoritomo Marines (MoWS, 15)
Phoenix Clan
Basic Schools and Entry Level Paths
Asako Courtier (L5R3E, 136)
Asako Henshin (L5R3E, 137)
Agasha Shugenja (SUP, 14)
Isawa Shugenja (L5R3E, 136)
Isawa Tensai (4W, 171)
See Also: (Err, 4)
Shiba Bushi (L5R3E, 135)
See Also: (Err, 4)
Shiba Yojimbo (4W, 171)
See Also: (Err, 4)
Shiba Illusionist (SUP, 14)
Advanced Schools and Paths
Agasha Alchemist (SUP, 15)
Asako Inquisitor (4W, 18)
Brotherhood of the Heaven’s Wing (SUP, 14)
The Chosen Phoenix (4W, 18)
The Defenders of Uikku (4W, 18)
Dragon Channeler (4W, 10)
See Also: (Err, 4)
Elemental Guard (SUP, 15)
Isawa Duelist (AotD, 94)
See Also: (Err, 4)
Isawa Ishiken (P&T, 30)
Legion of Flame (MoWS, 19)
The Order of Chikai (4W, 172)
The Order of the Bent Knee (4W, 172)
Shiba Artisan (school) (AotD, 94)
See Also: (Err, 4)
Shiba Artisan (path) (SUP, 15)
See Also: (Err, 4)
Shiba Elite Guard (SUP, 15)
Shiba Iaijutsu Duelist (AotD, 95)
Shiba Naginata Duelist (AotD, 95)
Scorpion Clan
Basic Schools and Entry Level Paths
Bayushi Bushi (L5R3E, 139)
Bayushi Courtier (L5R3E, 140)
Bayushi Saboteur (SUP, 16)
Shosuro Actor (MoC, 104)
Shosuro Shinobi (L5R3E, 141)
Soshi Shugenja (L5R3E, 140)
Yogo Shugenja (4W, 176)
Advanced Schools and Paths
Bayushi Defender (AotD, 107)
See Also: (Err, 4)
Bayushi Defiler (AotD, 107)
See Also: (Err, 4)
Bayushi Elite Guard (SUP, 18)
Bayushi Violator (4W, 18)
See Also: (Err, 4)
Bitter Lies Swordman (4W, 18)
See Also: (Err, 4)
The Folding Leg (SUP, 18)
Ichiba’s Consortium (MoC, 108)
Kuroiban (P&T, 34)
Scorpion Claws (MoWS, 24)
Scorpion Instigator (MoC, 105)
Scorpion Shadow-Hunter (4W, 12)
Scorpion Tempter (MoC, 109)
Shosuro Champion (AotD, 105)
Shosuro Poison Master (MoC, 106)
Shosuro Yojimbo (4W, 19)
See Also: (Err, 4)
Soshi Deceivers (MoC, 107)
Soshi Duelist (AotD, 108)
Yogo Duelist (AotD, 107)
See Also: (Err, 4)
Yogo Ward Master (SUP, 18)
Yojiro’s Way (MoC, 108)
Spider Clan (including Shadowlands)
Basic Schools and Entry Level Paths
Black Guard (SUP, 32)
Chuda Shugenja (P&T, 42)
Daigotsu’s Legion (4W, 191)
Dark Whisper Courtier (MoC, 145)
Goju Ninja (4W, 141)
See Also: (Err, 5)
Ninube Shugenja (SUP, 32)
Obsidian Blade Duelist (MoC, 146)
Temple of Onnontangu (SUP, 33)
Temple of Venom (SUP, 33)
Tsuno Bushi (4W, 76)
Tsuno Soultwister (4W, 77)
Voice of Daigotsu (AotD, 130)
Advanced Schools and Paths
The Beauty of Death (SUP, 33)
Blood-Forged (SUP, 33)
Champion of the Lost (AotD, 131)
The Cult of the Blood Red Moon (SUP, 34)
Daigotsu’s Elite Guard (SUP, 34)
Demon’s Breath Acolytes (SUP, 34)
Mouth of the Lost (AotD, 132)
Obsidian Claw Duelist (AotD, 133)
Obsidian Magistrate (MoC, 148)
Ogre Bushi (SUP, 33)
Spider Heavy Elite (MoWS, 28)
Tsuno Duelist (AotD, 134)
The Workers of Flesh (SUP, 34)
Unicorn Clan
Basic Schools and Entry Level Paths
Horiuchi Shugenja (P&T, 38)
Ide Duelist (AotD, 121)
Ide Emissary (L5R3E, 143)
Iuchi Scout (MoW, 165)
Iuchi Shugenja (L5R3E, 142)
See Also: (Err, 5)
Ki-rin Moto Nomad (SUP, 19)
Moto Bushi (L5R3E, 142)
Moto Bushi (Pre-SCC Era) (SUP, 19)*
Moto Priest of Death (4W, 19)
Shinjo Bushi (4W, 179)
See Also: (Err, 5)
Shinjo Magistrate (SUP, 21)
Shinjo Scout (4W, 179)
Utaku Battle Maiden (L5R3E, 144)
Utaku Infantry (MoW, 161)
Advanced Schools and Paths
Baraunghar Shugenja (MoW, 164)
Baraunghar Warrior (MoW, 164)
Iuchi Master of the Swift Waves (AotD, 121)
Junghar Defender (MoW, 165)
Khol Raider (MoW, 165)
Ki-rin Travellers (P&T, 39)
Magistrate (SUP, 23)
Master Horse Archer (SUP, 24)
Master of the Winds (4W, 19)

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