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An Noor January 2011

An Noor January 2011

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Published by sxruzair

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Published by: sxruzair on Mar 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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on the Internet
By the grace of Allah Almighty, Darul-UloomRaheemiyyah Bandipora launched its own websitelast month. A lot of people, especially the netizenswere asking for it. Now this monthly journal isavailable on the Net, also. This young publication, ledby the esteemed rector of Darul-Uloom Raheemiyyah
Bandipora, Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Rahmatullah
Daamat Barakatuhum
is gaining popularity each dayand it is proven an authentic insight about the truemessage of Islam.The esteemed readership of 
must bedelighted to find their 
on the Net. Thereaders of 
should encourage their knownnetizens to visit the website: www.raheemiyyah.in asencouraging others to do good things is one of theways that Muslims can cooperate with each other inrighteousness. The most revered Prophet
Sallallahu alaihiwasallam
promises those who encourage goodness toreceive the same reward of those who do the gooddeed. The most revered Prophet
Sallallahu alaihi wasallam
“Whoever guides someone to virtue willbe rewarded equivalent to him whopractices the good action.”
Fayyaz Ahmad Zaroo
The Noble Personality of the Beloved of Allah
“We have not sent thee except as a mercyto the worlds.” [Surah 21 Aayat 107]
adhrat Muhammad
 rose like the midday sun fromthe horizon of Arabia and dissipated the intensedarkness around the globe. His personality embodied theboldness of Hadhrat Moosa
, the courteousness of Hadhrat Haroon
, the patience of Hadhrat Ayyoob
, the grandeur of Hadhrat Sulaiman
and thehumility of Hadhrat Isa
. His leadership standsunparalleled in the annals of history. He despised the pompof royalty, dutifully carried out the daily chores of the family;he kindled the fire, swept the floor, milked the cows andmended his own shoes and garments.
The beautiful features of Hadhrat Nabi Akram
Hadhrat Nabi Akram
was neither tall nor short butof medium stature. His sacred hair had a slight wave in it(neither straight nor curly). His sacred eye lashes were longand his sacred eyes extremely black. He had a broad chestwith a well developed body. His sacred palms were soft andfleshy. He had a thick beard, with a line of hair running fromthe sacred chest to the sacred naval. His sacred teeth werelike a set of pearls, beaming white. He always had a smilingcountenance. His perspiration emitted a fragrance sweeter than musk. Hadhrat Aa’ishah
would frequently say:
“The women cut their hands off when they were
enchanted and captivated by the beauty of Hadhrat Yoosuf 
, had they seen mybeloved, they would have cut out their hearts.”
The simplicity of Hadhrat Nabi Akram
Hadhrat Anas
states that Hadhrat NabiAkram
 frequently visited the sick, followed the janaza,responded to the invitation of (even) a slave and rode on amule ……” (Ibn Majah).Hadhrat Aa’ishah
reported that Hadhrat NabiAkram
 used to mend his shoes, sew his cloth and workin the household just as any of you would do in youhouseholds. He was a man among men who patched hisclothes, milked his goats and served himself.” (Trimizi)
His concern and sacrifices
The Holy Qur’an States:
“You are very nearly going to kill yourself out of grief that they do not believe.” [Surah 26 Aayat 3]
Hadhrat Nabi Akram
 said “I have been subjectedto harm (and suffering) in the cause of Allah Ta’ala, as no oneelse had been.” The brutal tortures and relentlesspersecutions reached such levels that the path way of HadhratNabi Akram
was secretly laden with thorns. He and hisgroup of devout companions
were denied a home,denied food, water and medicine for three years. The cry of infants and children echoed through the valleys of Arabia
The Mission of Hadhrat NabiAkram
The mission of Hadhrat Nabi Akram
is eloquentlyportrayed in a speech which Hadhrat Ja’far 
made tothe ruler of Abyssinia in Africa. He said

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