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Improve Your Way of Working With Philippe Back - March 2011

Improve Your Way of Working With Philippe Back - March 2011

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Published by Philippe Back
March Newsletter. Some stuff about Libya
March Newsletter. Some stuff about Libya

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Philippe Back on Mar 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Philippe Back <philippe.back@gmail.com>
Improve your Way of Working with Philippe Back - March2011
Philippe Back <phil@highoctane.be> 22 mars 2011 09:33
À: philippe.back@gmail.com
Philippe Back
Rue Cour Boisacq 101BE-1301 Bierges+32 478 650 140http://philippeback.eu
Improve your way of working withPhilippe Back
March 2011
We are now reaching the end of Q1Y11 and a lot of things alreadyhappened in this year:
On the "good" side:
Gmail - Improve your Way of Working with Philippe Back - March 2011 https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=0b6cd47f57&view=pt&q=imp...1 sur 5 26/03/2011 21:04
Business has been improving this quarter.
We aren't yet boiling up in an overheating planet.
Arab nations have overthrown oppressive regimes in Tunisia andEgypt, with maybe more to come.
On the "bad" side:
We got a
in Japan, coupled with earthquakes, and anuclear "issue" that may have really bad consequences for thatcountry first, but also for the planet as a whole since
doesn't gives much for boundaries.
We got a
declared against Libya. That wasn't the best idea intown. The Libyan government (you can call it "regime" but it keptthings in order for 42 years, which isn't too bad) had to deal withan internal crisis against internal opponents. France didn't budgemuch of its 'liberty' assets when it came to Tunisia and now, it goesto war against Libya with whom it is (soon was) doing business. Notreally making sense to me, except that France and the US like to
control oil
, and Libya has plenty and doesn't obey general marketrules. This fact alone drives most of the western countries crazy.But it is no reason to bomb them.
Also, Europe and the US are
and I wonder how they willfinance this war on the long term, especially when facing a wellfunded enemy who can call upon the Arab world for supportagainst "the new crusaders." That will hurt and I personally thinkthat Pandora's Box is now open!
And to conclude this, let’s not forget the
crisis on fiat currencies.
lndeed we are now looking at a massive race to the bottom withQE2. We even see funds with the underlying currency being gold.As a 'Barbarian relic' gold is making a huge comeback. Well, youjust cannot erase 5000 years of history like that, especially whengovernment is deep in debt and not to be trusted to take the harddecisions. With politicians focusing on the short term of the nextelection and the interests of their direct voters, myopia is runningthe show as usual.
But all of these events are telling us one thing and it is thatdisruptive change is in the house (as it always was, but not sorecognized) and the ability to cope,
, is a skill todevelop and cherish.
With the local public sector left in limbo,
where is one to look for growth and business success
The response lies in either the private sector or on the publicsector aiming for large scale political reform and integration.
The IMF and EFSF are helpful but only if used to stop kicking thecan down the road. But payback time may leave room for tightercontrol and force local government to comply with larger scalepolicy. Good for private sector companies with a clue on how todeal with change.
Gmail - Improve your Way of Working with Philippe Back - March 2011 https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=0b6cd47f57&view=pt&q=imp...2 sur 5 26/03/2011 21:04
are raising and this leads to all kinds of opportunities to seize when it comes to streamlining operationsand general improvement of efficiency.
This brings us to
. Moving forward now will generally meanbeing able to get financed cheaply now and take a marketadvantage. Late movers will not have the same happy time. A gutsystrategy but it may well pay off handsomely.
talent war
is also unraveling. Boomers are retiring withnobody able to readily take over. A crisis in the making and amassive opportunity to seize on the contracting front!
Well, nice but how does one organization improves its way of working under these circumstances?
Here is my take:
Secure financing and hedge against inflation NOW
Prepare a lineup to grab the talent shrinkage opportunity
Exit local government projects while you still can. You can'tjust bet your future on them. 2012 may be a better time togo back.
Get paid as soon as you can to battle inflation
Switch your payment terms to gold backed or alternativecurrencies than EUR and USD
Get your key assets distributed around the world to avoiddeath by local cataclysmic events
Focus business development on the private sector. Whenfiat money becomes worthless, the private sector stilldelivers value, no matter the paper.
Get a clue or two about how to manage change efficiently.Speed of execution may well be the differentiator that willsee you sink or float!
Think big. This is required for larger scale deals.
Weed out the garden. This is not a time to suffer foolsgladly. You need people on board and committed, not busyactively sabotaging the mother ship.
Make sure you take time to recharge your batteries.Getting into battle in an exhausted mood isn't the best wayto go.
Delegate what you can. Stop micromanaging. The point isto get to the next galactic stop. The crew knows how tonavigate around that nth asteroid.
We are living interesting times. This is not meaning that they willbe fun or gorgeous in the near future. But new 800-pound gorillaswill emerge in the aftermath. Why not play to be one or alongsideone of them when the dust settles down?
--Philippe Back
From the blog
Gmail - Improve your Way of Working with Philippe Back - March 2011 https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=0b6cd47f57&view=pt&q=imp...3 sur 5 26/03/2011 21:04

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