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Oral Histology Lecture 1

Oral Histology Lecture 1

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Published by: Mohamed Harun B. Sanoh on Mar 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ميحرلا نحرلا ا مسب 
First of all the way in which the subjects will be written isannounced as following:
Oral physiology and head & neck anatomy will be writtenby our Malaysian colleagues.
Dental anatomy and microbiology will be written byArabian females.
The rest of the subjects will be written by our other colleagues.Then our C.R announced that you can find our writinglectures onwww.mytoothy.com and a day after they will be in"jam3eye"After dr.ashraf welcomed us he said that he will not be happywhen the students keep talking during the lecture, and our dr.will be ready to answer our head & neck anatomy questions.Oral histology course is 3 credit hours ; 2 credit hours for thetheoretical material and 1 credit hour for the practicalmaterial, that means 65% of our exam Qs will be theoreticalQs and 35% for slide Qs.In contrast to med courses, the dent courses have midtermand final exams with 40%, 60% respectively.There is 10% out of 40% of midterm exam related to theblank book and online quizzes by using e-learning.The course lectures or theoretical parts cover the whole fieldof oral and maxillofacial histology and embryology and theseinclude the different stages of odontogenesis which theprocess that include how the teeth and their parts are formed.The other topics which this theoritical part will cover are onthe syllabus on e-learning.
Regarding the practical part of this course, it will be in theform of slides, so instead of going to labs, the Dr. will viewthe whole slides in the same hall, and it isn't necessary toview slides in each lecture.Our text book is:" ORAL ANATOMY ,HISTOLOGY ANDEMBRYOLOGY"By B.K.B . Bercoritz ,G.R.holland and B.JMoxham.Its edition is three, but actually students could have also thefourth edition.If you are hesitative to buy this book, you are not forced to,but the book strengthen your knowledge and you can use itas a reference.
there will be 5% of the Qs directly from the material thatout Dr. will not mention which is found in the book.Unfortunately, the student can't easily score high mark in thiscourse because of its long topics, but it isn't impossible if wemake suitable effort, and the Dr. will be sympathetic byadding extra marks.BUT the case in other courses are not as same as oralhistology case because you can easily score high markenshalla.Most of the lectures will be found in the book, and the otherswill be from the lecture notes only to avoid disturbance.Remember try not to exceed the absence limit ( the absencelimit is two lectures),otherwise you will not be allowed to enter the following exams.There is DVD which will be published soon has the neededmicroscopic slides which will be viewed as you proximatelysee them under microscope, because you are in need tosketch, identify the land marks at cellular levels and other Qs.Again and again please don't contact with the Dr. by hisprivate phone number, you can do so by his own e-mail or athis office hours.
Unfortunately, this lecture isn't presented in our text bookbecause it is written by referring to more than one reference.You are responsible about extra notes which are mentionedin the lecture.Then our doctor asked us if we studied any topic related toembryology and we voted NO.Although this course name is oral histology, it is not proper tocall it oral histology instead of that we call it oral histology andembryology.We know that HISTOLOGY means the knowledge thatrelated to the structure of cells, tissues and organs.Oral histology: the science that deals with the structure of oral cavity and it also includes oral embryology because thisscience includes both of structure and development. Oral embryology: the science that related to development of different cells and tissues that related to teeth and other oralstructures.Dr.ashraf started the lecture by skipping more than one slideor in other words leaving them to our self-reading becausethe Dr. assumed that we learnt a lot about these topics ingeneral histology.So the Dr. quickly recovered human body, cell structure andfunction (each cellular organelle has its own function ,for example; endoplasmic reticulum is responsible about proteinsynthesis and ribosomes are responsible about enzymesynthesis),intra cellular material, cell division, geneticmaterial, cell cycle in all its kinds and phases and finally thecomparison between mitosis and meiosis , these all out linescover slides (2-18)

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