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Oral Histology Lecture 3

Oral Histology Lecture 3

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Published by: Mohamed Harun B. Sanoh on Mar 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lecture # 3Oral Histology 21 /2 /2011
Lecture # 3Oral Histology 21 /2 /2011In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful
Remember that the first part of the early embryological development is not actually required,the part that talks about the cell structure and division. Also it is not required to remember allthe details. Last time i mentioned what is and not significant.
Neural Crest 
Neural crest cells are Ectomesenchymal cells,this means that the cells are originally fromexoderm but at the moment are within the mesoderm . For example ; like we have a Jordanianliving in the united states , we say he is originally Jordanian but living in the states.Similarly these cells are from ectoderm and now they live within the mesenchyme so they arecalled
ectomesenchyme cells.
If you remember we talked about the ectodermal part of the embryo. We have here thenochordal plate which will become the
oropharyngeal membrane
which is located at thecephalic end of the embryo . Also we are facing the top layer the ectoderm which has an areacalled the
neural plate.
e neural plate
will be responsible for the formation of the central nervous system.
This plate gets deepened so later on it becomes the
neural tube. 
Lecture # 3Oral Histology 21 /2 /2011
But before becoming a tube the plate when deepened forms a groove,
neural groove,
after theneural groove it will form the tube which will
separate from the ectoderm
. Again, This neuraltube will be responsible for the formation of the central nervous system. But we have a groupof cells located at the edges of the neural plate area called
neural crests
Why are they called neural crests? because they are located at the top ( the crests of the fold /groove)
hese neural crest cells first unite together and they migrate to the dermis of the headregion.
In summary: So at the junction of the neural plate with the ectoderm these unite and thenpinch off as the neural tube separates from the ectoderm. Neural crest cells migrate withinthe mesoderm. So far it is 1.5-3 mm.Neural crest cells are Ectomesenchyme tissue.Why ecto- ?? because the come from the ectoderm.Why mesenchyme?? because now they live with in the mesoderm.
hese cells only spread through the mesoderm of the head.
hat do they form ? 
They form the dermis of the head region. The area just below the epidermis. Theyspread within the dermis of the skin and the lamina propria epithelium.2.
They from the dental tissue EXCEPT enamel.Where does enamel come from ?it comes from ectoderm.Where does dentin come from? The Ectomesenchymal cells of the neuralcrest cells. Also the periodontal ligament (ceramic part of the tooth )and thebrachial arteries (which will be given in the next lecture ) is formed by theneural crest cells.

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