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yoga sutras translated by jim berg 9-8-10

yoga sutras translated by jim berg 9-8-10

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Published by barefootmd

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Published by: barefootmd on Mar 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Yoga SutrasThreads of UnionAphorisms explaining the Uniting with Pure ConsciousnessEstablishing the Essence of AwarenessA Recipe for Enlightenment
By PatanjaliTranslated by Jim Berg, MDCopyright, 2010Barefootmd@aol.comI-1Now a discourse on yogaAt this moment begins an exposition on joining with one’s essential natureFrom this instant starts the instructions on becoming one with pure awarenessThus the clues for recognizing consciousnessThe following teaching is on experiencing realityI-2Yoga is the resolving of the perturbations of the mindYoga is the harmonizing of the disturbances of the mind-fieldYoga is the putting to rest the suffering conditions that affect consciousnessYoga is the stilling of the movements of our psycheYoga is the disciplining of the dysfunctional transformations of our awarenessYoga is the settling of the mental dissonances that fog our insightYoga is the control of those thoughts that cause dissatisfactionYoga is the recognition of thought-waves as fundamentally fluctuatingYoga is the quieting of the mental operations that occupy our attentionYoga is the restraint of the modifications of cognitionYoga is the suppression of the anxious ways of knowingYoga comes when the activities of the mind have quietedI-3Then a being moves forth from one’s truest self Once yoga is achieved, the witness is established in its most fundamental natureUpon this, a seer remains in its most insightful wayIn the state of Yoga, the knower is conscious of That which is knowingAwareness thus becomes aware of its own essence as consciousnessExperience becomes truer when recognizing the difference of form and cognition of formWhen successful at yoga, sentience remains accurately insightfulThus a being realizes itself I-4Otherwise a being misidentifies awareness with the objects one is aware of In other times, consciousness attaches itself to the forms it beholds
When not in yoga, awareness mistakes itself for mental operationsIf confused, the field of awareness believes the formations it experiences to be realI-5There are five basic mental operations, and they can either be disturbing or notThe fluctuating mind-stuff has five aspects, and can be painful or not painfulThere are five kinds of transformations of mind and they can be perturbating or stabilizingThe five types of modifications of the psyche can be dissonant or consonant.The five classes of thought patterns can be either destructive or constructiveThe five experiential oscillations can be resonant or dis-harmonicI-6These five fundamental psychic operations are:Accurate insight, inaccurate insight, imagination, deep sleep, and memoryThe five kinds of mental transformations are:Truthful comprehension, illusion, delusion, unconsciousness, and rememberingThe five classes of thought patterns are:Rightly knowing, wrongly knowing, making it up, not aware, and glimpses of past experienceThe five categories of cognitive functions are:Experiences that correlate with reality, experiences that do not correlate with reality, fantasy, Non-awareness, tagsof the past awarenessThe mind can take form in five ways:Valid cognition, invalid cognition, creative cognition, oblivion, past impressionsExperience can fluctuate in five ways:Perception, misperception, representation, the void, experiences templated from previous experienceI-7Accurate insight comes from direct clear perception, inference, and testimony of reliable authorityExperience that correlates with what really is, originates from a truthful sensory input, figuring it out, or someone elsefiguring it outCorrect knowledge can come from perceptual contact, thought, or trusted explanationValid cognition arises from sensual experience, reason, or someone else’s reasonI-8Invalid cognition is an illusion not based in realityMisperception is mistaking the unreal for the realWrong Knowledge is based on experiences that do not really existOne can be fooled by a perception or conception that does not correlate with what actually isMiscomprehension can come from a hallucinationIllusory insight deludes awareness from seeing the true from the falseIllusions blind our insight into the true nature of thingsIncorrect knowledge is a misunderstanding that confuses the representation for the actual formAn illusion is a misperception that mistakes what appears to be for the actual objectI-9Conception is a representation of an object that has no origination in the world outside one’s psycheFantasy is an image created in one’s mind that can be described but does really exist otherwiseWords are not the things they representThoughts are words conceived by awareness but are empty of substanceImagination is a sound or image that has no form outside our own consciousnessConcepts have the form of words but not the form of the objects they stand for Coming from our own fancy, thoughts don’t exist except as symbols
 I-10During dreamless sleep, the mind has no contentIn deep sleep, experience is suspended, occupied by no objectsWhile unconscious, all the thought patterns ceaseThe body can be alive but without awareness; Here, all mental operations are quiet.The mind at rest can loose consciousness and hence is occupied by no forms.Unwillingly, one can have a overwhelming sense of not beingOne can loose awareness when unconsciousness and not think or feel or perceive or have insightOne can experience nothing in deep sleepThe psychic transformations can come to rest during unconsciousness, and a being has nothing disturbing the mindWhile alive, but not conscious, cognition ceasesSleep is an example of being alive but not consciousThe mind can loose consciousness during sleepIn sleep one is aware of nothingI-11Memory is a mental object that is based on previous experienceAwareness can recollect an experience from the pastThe mind is capable of remembering events that occurred in the pastA mental modification that recreates a past experience is called a recollectionMemories are a recreation of a previous conscious impressionThe mental process of remembering brings to the present awareness a recollection of the pastThe mind can simulate the past faithfullyMemories can disturb the mind-field, by recalling a previous impressionI-12These disturbances of the mind-field can be mastered through both a disciplined control and letting goOpen minded and disciplined, one can put the mental dissatisfaction to restThrough practice and sincere perseverance, one can reach peace of mindBy hard work and continual re-focusing on the more right way, one achieves a tranquil stateDetachment and discipline are necessary to be successful at quieting the unsettled mindThe proper way settle the disturbances of mind by restraint and by being willing to let go of our desiresA tranquil state comes through practice and by not wanting nor being repelled by mental objectsI-13Practice is the is the disciplined intention to control the thoughtsSuccess at quieting the disturbing mental processes requires a strong effortSteadfast effort can harmonize the disturbances of the mindThrough persistent attempts one can achieve tranquilityBy continually trying to gain this skill, one can become peacefulSteadiness of the mind-fields comes by persistent principled endeavor I-14Effort that is practiced persistently for a long time, with the proper intentions, is secure.Right Intentions sincerely applied patiently with the right actions become grounded in the skill to become peaceful.One can settle the unsettled mind through by years of applied effort.Success at quieting the disturbances of our thoughts requires sustained skillfully applied techniqueIt takes a long time of earnestly re-attempting to control the mind until it comes to be tamedYears of sincere practice is necessary to master the ups and downs of the attached mind

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