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Daddy's Acceptance - Chapter 34

Daddy's Acceptance - Chapter 34

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Published by JemGirl
A son tries to get his dad to accept something that he hasn't thought about for a long time. The story is about a group of men/boys who find who they should be with.
A son tries to get his dad to accept something that he hasn't thought about for a long time. The story is about a group of men/boys who find who they should be with.

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Published by: JemGirl on Mar 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This story is completely and utterly fictional. No one I know is depicted in this story,and no one, living or dead was used to create this story.This is a gay, bxb, boy love, yaoi, whatever you call it, story.No one in my whole story is under 15 years of age and that person is with anotherteenager.Also the age of consent on average in the US is 17.Now, if you still feel like reading on, enjoy, and leave a comment if you actually like it.I will be repeating this warning for every chapter of this story.
-34--Jeffery's POV-We made it back to the hotel in record time. It must have dropped another five degrees while we were in thebowling alley. The heat in the hotel lobby made my realize how cold my face was. My lungs were hurting as Ibreathed in the deeply welcoming warm air into my body. We walked right by the front desk and towards theelevator. I think that I would have liked to used the stairs just so I could get warm from walking up them, but wejust made a bee line to the only way we knew for sure would get us to our warm hotel room.It was only the two of us that entered the elevator this time. It was on the very short ride up to the second floorthat I realized that I had to do something once we were back in the room. I had run out of time. It was later. Thegallery thing was long over.
I had done a few things back at the bowling alley and he went with it, but he might not have known what I wasdoing. What if...
the elevator pinged and the doors opened. Henry was standing right in front of the doors,where as I was off to the side, so he left first and I followed him down the quite hallway to our room. I couldhave walked next to him if I wasn't caught up with coming up with a way to branch this without completelyputting myself out there and maybe make it hard for him to work around me if the whole thing went down thetubes.“Ahm, Jefferey,” Henry said to me. I looked up and saw him standing in front our door just looking at me withhis hands in his pockets.“You forgot your key card?” I asked as I put my hands in my own pockets as I bent my head to look for my own. Isaw and felt him pull at the front of my jacket and I looked up just in time to freeze as he kissed me.
Henry kissed me. Henry is kissing me!
I started to kiss him back and continued to kiss him until he pulled away.“I think we need to talk,” he said before I watched him as he stepped back, place his fingers on his lips and pullhis key card from his pocket. I heard the faint unlocking of the door before Henry turned the handle and pushedthe door in. I walked into the room behind him and heard as he closed it behind me.I thought about turning around and kissing him again, but he said that we had to talk. I walked further into ourroom until I got to the bed that my bag was sitting on and sat next to it facing his direction before actuallylooking up at him. For some reason I expected him to look as shaken as I felt. I felt good, but still shaken. It wasalmost out of the blue for me.I was just thinking about how I should go about letting him know that I liked him and he's the one that doessomething like this to me. I watched him as he walked over and pointed to a spot next to me.
I guess he wanted to sit there.
“Sure,” I answered him. He sat down right next to me so there was no space between both our thighs. Heleaned forward onto his elbows that he rested on his knees. He looked to be thinking something over before heturned in my direction.“Alex told me that you liked me,” he started. “I wasn't really sure, but I watched you a bit more closely sincethen and I started to see that he was right.” He looked up from my lips and into my eyes. “How long?” he thenasked me. I looked away as remembered.
“About a month after I met you,” I confessed. I glanced over at him and saw that he was still looking at mewhich just caused me to quickly drop my eyes again.“So about a year then?” he asked me. I nodded my head without looking at him. A few minutes of silencefollowed. “How could you not say something for so long?” he now asked me.“I knew you weren't gay, or at least I didn't think you were,” I told him. “Until I brought you those papers amonth ago, I didn't think I had a shot in hell with you,” I continued.“About that,” he cut in with. “You know about…that and you still want to be in a relationship with me?” heasked sounding a bit shocked. I turned my face completely away from him as I wondered how much I should tellhim. I half waited for him to ask me again so I knew for sure that he really wanted to know but he stayed quite. Ieventually looked at him again and his fingers were laced in front of him while his face was turned towards me.“Yes,” I honestly and very shortly told him.“Why?” he probed. “Why would you want to with someone like me?” he continued as he now stood and tooktwo steps away. Now he avoided looking at me. For some reason I didn't think that he was just talking aboutwhat he had been doing with Alex, but I didn't know what he was talking about. I shrugged my shoulders as Ithought of a way to tell him.“In an odd way, it turned me on,” I confessed. “Not that I would have actually thought about it really happeningbefore I found out about you two, but younger guys call their older boyfriends 'daddy' and just like girlfriendsthey call their younger boyfriends 'my boy'. So, in a twisted way, it's a gay fantasy,” I told the carpet loud enoughfor Henry to hear me.“People wish for this to happen to them?” he asked sounding surprised rather than sickened at me.“For some people and for other's it's more of a role playing thing,” I said with another shrug as I looked at himagain.“You?” he asked as he held my gaze again.“I haven't been with an older guy and the guy I was with, I called him by his name. Once or twice he calledhimself 'daddy' when we were doing it, but I never called him that,” I said as I felt my face turn red. I saw hisshoes as he stepped a little closer.“I'm not gay,” he said from over my head. I turned and looked at him to see if he was sure about that answer.His eyes appeared steady and he looked very sure of what he said. “But I'm not against having a relationshipwith you,” he said as a smile tugged at the corners of his lips.A real relationship?” I asked him. “How if you say that you aren't gay?” I added on.“I'm not allowed to be bisexual?” he asked. I stood and held his gaze as I felt like kissing him again. I found myhands reaching for him and holding on to his coat as I pulled myself to him. I nodded yes as I moved in for hismouth. I felt his arms as he wrapped them around me and I did the same to him. I felt his strong back throughhis coat with the palm of my hands. If my mind wasn't getting turned on with the rest of me, it would havebeen telling me that this was really happening and that it wasn't one of my dreams. I remembered how we gotto this point. We didn't just end bed with each other. We talked first and made sure that we wanted to do this.

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