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Published by Aditya Kumar

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Published by: Aditya Kumar on Mar 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Subject: Table of ContentsClient/Server Frequently Asked Questions ListLast Revision: 8/17/98Part 1: Introduction and Miscellaneous questions1.1 What archives/FTP sites carry client-server related material?Part 2: Client/Server Definitions2.1 What is Client-server Computing?2.2 What is a Client Process?2.3 What is a Server Process?2.4 What is a Two-Tier Architecture?2.5 What is a Three-Tier Architecture?2.6 What is Middleware?2.7 What is Cooperative Processing?2.8 What is Distributed Processing?2.9 What is an "Intranet"?Part 3: Client/Server Technical Issues3.1 What are the characteristics of a Client/Server architecture?3.2 What are the different types of Servers?3.3 What are the different client/server processing styles?3.4 What is Distributed or Remote Presentation?3.5 What is Remote Data Management?3.6 What is Distributed Function Processing?3.7 What is IBM's System Application Architecture?
Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
3.8 What is APPLE's VITAL architecture?3.9 What is Sun's Open Network Computing Architecture?3.10 What is Digital's Network Application System (NAS) architecture?3.11 What is OSF-DCE?3.12 What are DOMS (Distributed Object Management Systems)?3.13 What is CORBA?3.14 What is DAE?Part 4: Client/Server Business Issues4.1 Business-Focused Client/Server Architecture4.2 Client/Server Business Application Architectures4.3 Business Drivers4.4 Business Benefits4.5 What does business expect from IT?4.6 What is Business Process Reengineering?Part 5: Books and Articles on Client/Server computing5.1 Introductory/Overview Books5.2 Detailed Technical Books5.3 Other BooksPart 6: Vendor Information6.1 Middleware Vendors6.2 Test Software Vendors6.3 Development Tool Vendors6.4 Other Client/Server Vendors
Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
Subject: 1.1 What sites carry client-server related material?From: Lloyd Taylor <Lloyd.Taylor@jhuapl.edu>Object Management Group:http://www.omg.org/DCE Questions and Answers:http://www.osf.org/dce/qnaOSF/DCE FAQhttp://www.osf.org/dce/faq-mauney.htmlftp://ftp.dstc.edu.au/pub/DCE/Object-Oriented Links at Cetus (Germany)http://www.rhein-neckar.de/~cetus/software.htmlClient/Server Computing Pagehttp://www.wenet.net/~jtmalone/Subject: Part 2: Definitions

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