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Published by: fahd202077 on Mar 27, 2011
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- - - - - - - - - - - - - -In order to administer 5 ml syrup to a patient, you should use½tsp1 tsp½table spoon1 table spoon0ضيرم ءاطعل5. ءاطع بجي , رش نم م  هرك ةقم / هرك ةقم فص / ا ةقم / ا قم فص After spinal anesthesia , you should concern of Hypotension and headachePut the patient in Fowler’s positionNumbness of extremitiesAdminister Analgesic: ص ريدخت ق د ضير امات هر إ بجي  رثكأ رام اس ءاطع /رل   / روا   ضير و / دصو غ اخThe antidote for heparin isNaloxoneProtamine sulfateNarcanVitamin K : نيا ا  ام  نمات / اكا /  نماور / سكا Hyperactivity is present in which endocrine disorder HypothyroidismHypoparathyroidismHyperthyroidismHyperparathyroidism: دغ ارط نم رط أ  م دئز اشد ها ر / د ر / د ها ص / د ص The first dose of hepatitis B vaccine should be giveAfter birthmonth after birth12months after birth3months after birthئا د ات طم نم ىول عرج ىط ىتم   د / نير د / هل نم ر د / هل د According to D.M, all of the followings are true exceptType 1 is called IDDMType 2 is called NIDDMType 2 is characterized by insulin deficiencyType 1 most commonly affects persons above 40 yearsهدحو دعام  يام ك , رس ر سا (نسل ىع دتم رغ )  اث  / (نسل ىع دت ) ىسي ول د بصي اا ول  / نسل ق اث  زتي 40 
Nursing care for a patient with traction to prevent bed soresAdministering medications as VoltarenTaking vital signs every 4 hoursChanging position of the patient every 2 hoursNone of the aboveش ر ر ودح  دش ىع ث ضير يرت ياعرك ي امع ذ / نيرتت ثم يول ءاطع4ل / نتعا ك ضير و رغ / اعا رك ام Which of the followings is a common sign of meningitisHypothermiaNeck muscles regidityDecrease ICPNone of the aboveاياس ات امع نم رتي ات نم أرك ام ل / امد  غ اخ / ر ع بص / هر ة اخAn excessive firing of hyperexitable neurons in the brain, resulting in generalized seizures, is calledMeningitisMyasthenia gravisEpilepsyParkinson's disease: ىسي ماع اجتش اع تي ئشع ش امد  صع لا ( اعر ش ) سكا رم / رص /   ن / اياس اتWhich of the followings may lead to anaphylactic shock PenicillinLocal anestheticEggAll of the above: سست مدص ودح ى ؤي د ات نم أركام  / ض /   / نسAll of the followings are S&S of AIDS except oneWeight gainChronic diarrheaFever Skin lesions: دعام ديل امعو رع نم يام ك يد احرق / ىح / نمزم ا /  هاي When caring of a patient with osteoporosis, what you should teach him about dietTo increase protein and calcium in dietTo increase fluids intakeTo increase fiber dietAll of the above: با ءذغ ح  بجي ام اظ اش اص ضيرا ياعر دعركام  / ال هاي / ئس اي / ساو نور هاي 
The baby with Apgar score of 5 is consideredWith severe distressModerate difficultyNormalNone of the above ىع ط صح دع5:ط رتي رق اقم  رك ام ل /  / ت   / هديد قئا The normal range of blood sugar in the newborn is1-50– 100 mg/100cm 2-40– 80 mg/100cm 3-70– 110 mg/100cm 4-40– 100 mg/100cm : هل يدح قط د د رس ط دOne of the followings is considered a preanasthetic medicationAdrenalineAtropineInsulinHeparin:   ام يو نم رتي ات يول نم دحو نيا / نسل / نورل / نالThe phase that begins with the decision to perform surgery and ends with the patient transfer to the operation room (OR) is calledPerioperative phasePreoperative phasePost operative phaseIntraoperative phase:ا ر ى ضير د تيو  ءرا رق اخ ةظ نم دي ذ ط   /  دام  /  ام  / حرج   -----------------------------When the gas exchange in the lungs cannot match the rate of O2 consumption in the body. This isAsthmaBronchitisPulmonary embolismAcute respiratory failure:نجسكل نم سج ااتح ل نتئر  اغ ا ع  امدعا ست صق / يئر طج / ئ بش ات / ر و ملThe drug that is used in the treatment of sinus bradycardia isAtropineAdenosineInderalNone of the above: بق ار ؤا  دختسي ذ رك ام ل / ريدل / نيل / نورلــــــــــــــــــتــــــــــي 

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