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Published by John Wakefield
Unfinished Screenplay:

A bastarization and conglomeration of Glen Gary Glen Ross and Gone Fishin'.

Definitely 'not' Dolphin Safe!
Unfinished Screenplay:

A bastarization and conglomeration of Glen Gary Glen Ross and Gone Fishin'.

Definitely 'not' Dolphin Safe!

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Published by: John Wakefield on Mar 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE ININT. TELEMARKETING ROOM - DAYThree telemarketers are at work. They are lazily making phonecalls, to leads from their card files. Telemaketing managerSUSAN enters.SUSANSales have been a little weak,these last couple of months, soI've decided to perk things upa little by holding a salescontest. First prize is a$1,000.00 bonus. Second prizeis a set of steak knives.Third prize is you're fired!MOMENTS LATER...Three telemarketers are feverishly at work. Telemarketers JACKand BILL have exressions of panic. Telemarketer DOUG is morepoised and confident. He appears somewhat smug, but not overlyso.INT. TELEMARKETING ROOM - DAYThe pace is fast, the mood is tense. We see JACK and BILLshowing the effects of prolonged tension. We see sales boardwith telemarketer's names. Doug is in the lead, Bill is insecond place, and Jack is third. Doug is composed.JACKHey Bill, look at that son ofa bitch.(Jack glances at Doug)He's so calm. I'll bet he'sjust shipping the product.How else could he sell thatmuch?BILL(glancing at Jack)Dont' worry Jack, if he's
manipulating his figures you'llget the steak knives, otherwise...(cont.)BILL (cont.)(glancing at Doug)Hey Doug, don't worry about theold man. He's worried that he'sgoing to be stuck on welfare.What a loser. You and me, we'rethe survivors. But don't countyour chickens before they hatch.it ain't over 'till it's over.DOUG(glancing at Bill)you're absolutely right Bill.INT. TELEMARKETING ROOM - DAYWe see sales board with Doug clearly in lead, Bill trailing adistant second, and Jack not far behind Bill. Jack is verynervous. Susan enters.SUSANBefore we get started, I justwant to say how much I appreciateall the hard work you've all putin. Here's the moment you've allbeen waiting for. CongratulationsBill, you're our first prizewinner. You'll be getting yourbonus check in the next coupleof weeks.Bill is surprized. He sheepishly walks up to shake Susan'soutstretched hand, and returns to his desk.SUSANJack, you're our second prizewinner. And as I promised,here are your steak knives,and a coupon for dinner for twoat the White Horse Inn. Thanks
guys.Puzzled expression on Doug's face.SUSANDoug, I need to speak with you.Susan leads Doug into hallway.SUSAN (cont.)I'm sorry Doug. Business hasbeen a little slow, and you'renot performing up to ourstandards. So, I'm going tohave to let you go.DOUGWhat happened? I was in thelead. I was way ahead of thoseguys, and I've been your topsalesman for months.SUSANYou know that big sale you madeto that old couple, that put youin the lead? Those people don'thave any money, they're crazy.they ust like to talk tosalespeople.INT. HAMBURGER SHOP - DAYFormer telemarketer Doug, now working as a hamburger chef, isdressed in a greasy apron, with a cigarette danglin out of hismouth. He is preparing a meal for a lone male customer, RAOUL,at the counter. Doug looks beaten. Cigarette ash falls on thegrill. He is unshaven. The counter is chipped, the upolstereyis torn, and the stainless steel fixtures are deeply scratched.He opens a drawer to remove a bun. They are neatly stacked. He

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