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Published by gcritel1609

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Published by: gcritel1609 on Mar 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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En lish 269 rovides a rhetorical framework foren a in in the theor and ractice of di ital mediacom osin . Students will anal ze and com osedi ital media texts while stud in com lex forms andractices of textual roduction.
Readin s, activities and ma or assi nments in the course are desi ned to
hel students learn to:
understand and a l fundamental rhetorical and desi nrinci les for anal zin , lannin , creatin di ital media texts forublic consum tion.
use and criticall examine numerous di ital ca ture and editintechnolo ies (e. ., di ital cameras, di ital audio recorders, di italvideo cameras Gara eBand, Photosho , iMovie).
Duarte, Nanc .. Wile ,2010.
External hard drive forba
ckin u ro ects, at least40 GB, formatted for Mac
Head hones brou ht to classever meetin
 English 110 is a prerequisite for English269.
GEC StatementCategory 2.C. Arts and Humanities
 2.C(2) Visual/Performing Arts
: Students evaluatesignificant writing and works of art. Suchstudies develop capacities for aesthetic andhistorical response and judgment;interpretation and evaluation; criticallistenin , readin , seein , thinkin andwritin and ex e
riencin the arts andreflectin on that ex erience.a.
Students develo abilities to beinformed observers or activeartici ants in the visual s atial,erformin , s oken, or literararts.b.
Students describe and inter retcreative work, and/or movementsin the arts and literature.c.
Students ex lain how works of artand writin s ex lore the humancondition.”
Late Work 
 I do not acce t late work unless ou havean excused absence and we've
discussed itin writing prior to the deadline
.Technolo issues are NOT an excuse forlate work. P
lan ahead and antici ate thatou will have technolo issues ariseduring the course of the quarter. Giveyourself enough time to solve them.
 Keep in mind that this course involvescommunicating with public audiencesoutside of the class. Consequently, youshould not include in your assignmentscontent that you would not be comfortablesharing to a wide public audience.
Academic Honesty 
 Pla iarism entails re resentin another’swor
ks or ideas as one’s own. It includesunacknowled ed word for word use and/orara hrasin of another erson’s work,and/or unacknowled ed use of anothererson’s ideas. You must attribute all un-ori inal work. This will be a crucial ointwhen com osin our remixes. I willrovide more instruction as we a roachthese assi nments. In accordance withuniversit rules, I will re ort all cases of sus ected la iarism to the Committee onAcademic Misconduct:"It is the res onsibilit of theCommittee on AcademicMisconduct to investi ate orestablish rocedures for theinvesti ation of all re orted cases of student academic misconduct. Theterm "academic misconduct"includes all forms of studentacademic misconduct wherevercommitted; illustrated by, but notlimited to, cases of plagiarism anddishonest practices in connectionwith examinations. Instructors shallreport all instances of allegedacademic misconduct to thecommittee (Faculty Rule 3335-5-487). For additionalinformation, see the Code of Student Conduct."
I assi n numerical rades on eachassi n
ment which correlate to theletter rades below.A 93.5-100A- 89.5-93.49B+ 86.5-89.49B 83.5-86.49B- 79.5-83.49C+ 76.5-79.49C 73.5-76.49C- 69.5-73.49D+ 66.5-69.49D 59.5-66.49E 59.4 and below 
Class Cancellation Policy 
 In the event that I need to cancel classunex ectedl , I will send ou an email andask the En lish de artment to ut a noteon the door.
Because we will devote much of ourtime in class to discussion, eer review,and studio roduction, our attendancein essential. Understand that missedtime will ne ativel affect our rade.You will be res onsible for alldeadlines.More than
two unexcused absences
 will result in failure of the course.Photo b Nick . Webb

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