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music promo

music promo

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Published by Ray Greer

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Published by: Ray Greer on Mar 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Be Considerate: Think of everythingfrom their point of view
Constantly ask, What do they really want?Reach them like you would want to be reachedThey know nothing about you. Don't assume anything.Read about new music. Use the tricks that worked on you.
Constantly ask, What do they really want?
Want to know the basic rule or marketing and promoting your music?Constantly ask, “What do they really want?”
(with “they” being anyoneyou are trying toreach)Think hard, and don't take this one lightly.Thinking of everything from the other person's point of view is one of the bestthings you can do inlife. If done right, it will elevate you into the clouds along with a few selectimmortal beings.Every time you lift up the phone. Every time you write an email. Every time yousend out apresskit.
Think why people in the music industry are REALLY working this job.
Try to imaginethem as just a well-meaning human being who is probably overworked, lookingfor a little happinessin the world, and likes music (or the music world itself) enough to do what they do, eventhough they could be doing something else.Think what their email “IN” box must look like, and how it would be unwise foryou to send theman email with the subject of “hey” followed by a 7-page email detailing yourwishes for success.
Think what people are REALLY looking for when they go out to a clubto hear music
.For some people, it's just a way to be seem to increase their popularity. For some,they're searchingfor some music that does something completely original and mind-blowing. Someare lookingfor total visual entertainment.Nobody owes you their attention. Not your audience. Not a person you happened
to call or email.Not even the music industry.Let go of your ego entirely.
Think of everything from their point of view 
.Be their dreamcome true. Do what they really want.
Please share freely - Credit Derek Sivers - Link to sivers.org
Reach them like you would want to bereached
Reach people like you would want to be reached.
Would you rather have someone call you up in a dry business monotone, andstart speaking ascript like a telemarketer?Or would you rather have someone be a cool person, a real person?When you contact people, no matter how it's done (phone, email, mail, face-to-face) - show a littlespunk. Stand apart from the crowd.If it sounds like they have a moment and aren't in a major rush, entertain them abit. Ask abouttheir day and expect a real answer. Talk about something non-business for aminute or two.Or - if they sound hectic, skip the “how are you”, skip the long introduction, ask your damn questionand move out of the way.This means
you must know your exact question before you contactthem,
just in casethat ultra-quick situation is needed.Reach them like you would want to be reached. Imagine what kind of phone callor email YOUwould like to get.If you're contacting fans, imagine what kind of flyer they would like to get in theirmailbox. Somethingdull and “just the facts” - or something a little twisted, creative, funny,entertaining andunique? Something corporate, or something artistic?This is a creative decision on your part.
Every contact with the peoplearound your music(fans and industry) is an extension of your art
. If you make depressing,morose, acousticmusic, maybe you should send your fans a dark brown-and-black littleunderstated flyer that'sdepressing just to look at. Set the tone. Pull in those people who love that kind of thing. Proudly alienate those that don't.If you're an in-your-face, tattooed, country-metal-speedpunk band, have the gutsto call a potentialbooking agent and scream, “Listen you crazy dirtbag! I'm going to explode! Ah!
Aaaaaaah!!!”If they like that introduction, you've found a good match.Be different. (Even if it's just in your remarkable efficiency.)Everyone wants a little change in their day.
Please share freely - Credit Derek Sivers - Link to sivers.org
They know nothing about you. Don't assumeanything.
People will always and forever ask you, “What kind of music do you do?”Musicians often say, “All styles, really.”If the stranger you said that to happens to be a fan of African music, watch out!You better combinethe polyrhythmic drumming of West Africa with the rich vocal harmonies of South Africa,with the microtonal reeds of Northeast Africa. And if they have any awareness of the rest of theworld, then your CD better combine rage-rap, country linedancing, Chineseopera, ambienttechno trance, Hungarian folk songs, and the free jazz of Ornette Coleman. (Hey -you said “allstyles” didn't you?)This example is extreme, but constantly remember:
people know nothingabout you, oryour background, or where you're coming from.
If you say you sound“totally unique” -then you better not have any chords, drums, guitars, words, or any sounds thathave ever beenmade in the history of music.When you speak to the world, you are speaking to strangers from all kinds of backgrounds andtastes.Open your mind. Realize you don't sound like all styles, and you're not totally 100% unique.
Do them a favor. Don't assume anything
. Say what it is you sound like.Narrow it down abit.If you do this in a creative way, (“We sound like the Incredible Hulk having sex.”)- you canintrigue people and make them want your CD, or want to come to your nextshow. Whereas if youhad said, “Everything” - then you didn't make a fan.
Please share freely - Credit Derek Sivers - Link to sivers.org
Read about new music. Use the tricks thatworked onyou.

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