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Automatic Tool Changer...

Automatic Tool Changer...

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Published by: Rahul Singh on Mar 28, 2011
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An Automatic Tool Changer is equipment that reduces cycle times byautomatically changing tools between cuts. Automatic tool changers aredifferentiated by tool-to-tool time and the number of tools they can hold.CNC machines are in general, more expensive than general purpose man-operated machine tools, special attention is given to the design of the NCmachines and production
in order to reduce the time spent in bothwork and machine set up. Tooling systems for NC are designed toeliminate operator error and maximize productive machine hours. CNCtool changers allow a machine to perform more than one function withoutrequiring an operator to change the tooling. A CNC tool changer canquickly change the end effectors without the requirement of multiplerobots. Tool changers can be a manual tool changers or automatic toolchangers. A CNC tool changer fulfills the requirement of multiple toolingfor a wide variety of machine tools. A CNC machine tool raises theproductivity by automatically translating designs into instructions for acomputer controller on a machine tool. The spindle axis of a CNC machinetool fixes the chucks which is integral to the lathe’s functioning. A CNCtool storage system is an organized, efficient, and secure method of storing tools at all stages and time. The main component of a CNC toolstorage system is a CNC tool holder. A CNC tool holder is suitable forvertically storing all types of preset tools.
1.Automation and requirement of Automation
Automation in production system Automated manufacturingSystems Fixed Automation, Programmable Automation andFlexible Automation – Automation Principles and strategies – USAprinciple, Automation Migration Theory, Ten strategies forautomation – Reasons for Automation
2.Toolings For Numerical Control
Toolings for Numerical Control Alternatives for Automatic toolchanging – semiautomatic tool changing – preset tooling
3.Automatic Tool Changer – An Idea
Automatic Tool Changer – What is automatic Tool Changer – WhyAutomatic Tool Changer is needed Types of Automatic toolChanger – tool Change system with gripper Arm – Description of gripper arm - Tool Change system with Chain Magazine ToolChange system with Disc Magazine
4.Project Details
Project Concept – Description of Parts – Construction of Parts –Degrees of Freedom – Details About main Parts – Rack and PinionMechanism For gripper Arm - Relay what is Relay and How it worksRelay Specifications How an electric motor works Specifications of Gear motors – Idea about circuit – Circuit Diagramand description of Circuit Diagram
5.NC Systems
Brief introduction about NC and CNC systems and NC controllers
Automation and Requirements of Automation
Some elements of the production systems are likely to be automated,where as the others will be operated manually or clerically. For ourpurposes here, automation can be defined as a technology concernedwith the application of mechanical, electronic and computer basedsystems to operate and control production.In modern production systems, the two categories overlap to someextent, because the automated manufacturing systems operating on thefactory floor are themselves often implemented by computer systems andconnected to the computerized manufacturing support systems andmanagement information system operating at the plant and enterpriselevels. The term computer integrated manufacturing is used to indicatethis extensive use of computers in production systems.
Opportunities of automation and computerization in production system
ManufacturingSupport systemsPotentialcomputerizationapplicationsFacilities:FactoryEquipmentPotentialAutomationapplications

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