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Protection From Dajjal in Al Kahf PDF

Protection From Dajjal in Al Kahf PDF

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We are nearing the emergence of Ad Dajjal (The Anti Christ). Are you ready? Do you know how to protect yourself from his trials and chaos?
We are nearing the emergence of Ad Dajjal (The Anti Christ). Are you ready? Do you know how to protect yourself from his trials and chaos?

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Anthony Umar Navarro on Mar 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Protection from Dajjal in Al Kahf 
By Umar Al Mujahid Abdur-Rasheed  FormerlyAnthony Navarro
Ad Dajjal (The Anti Christ) is going to be the greatest test mankind has ever witnessed. The trials he will bring will be the most difficult in the history of  the world. There will be killing, oppressionand injustice, worldwide lies and deception,wide spread disease, famine, starvation,homosexuality, illegal sexual acts and a newworld wide religion
not of the worship of  the one true
God, but of Shaytan…
thedevil and of the spirits that do his work.Things in this time will be the opposite of the truth. Seeing will be believingand the things you see will deceive you into following Ad Dajjal as a divinebeing or as Allah (God) Himself.Narrated by Imran ibn Husayn (radiAllahu anhu) that the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said:Let him who hears of the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) go far from him for I swear by Allah that a man will come to himthinking he is a believer and follow him because of confused ideas roused inhim by him (the Anti Christ).[Sunan of Abu Dawud #4305]Although this time and these trials seem as if they have no defense and are too
great for one to survive…
there is a defense and a protection from all of this.Abu al-Dardah (may Allah be pleased with him) related that the Prophet of Allah (May Allah bless him and give him peace) said:
commits to memory the first ten verses from the beginning Surat al-Kahf  
will be protected from the Dajjal.” 
[Muslim, Abu Dawud]Now, you
can take this either one of two ways… literal as in
; remember thefirst ten verses of Suratul Kahf and Ad D 
ajjal cannot affect or harm you…
or, you can take it as a metaphor, as in
understanding what Allah is telling us in these first ten verses and  applying them to your life will  protect you from the trials of Ad  Dajjal. There is a difference of  opinion between Muslims and the majority believe that just memorizing is enough, but doing both of these will almost guarantee protection from Ad  
Dajjal… an
d Allah knows best.We will now look at the first ten verses of Suratul Kahf in order to see wherethe protection could possibly lay. The first ten verses of Suratul Kahf are as follows:1-All the praises and thanks are to Allâh, Who has sent down to His slave(Muhammad) the Book (Qur'ân), and has not placed therein anycrookedness.

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