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Published by: webmaster@drugpolicy.org on Mar 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Alabama Prison Crisis
A Justice Strategies Policy Report
commissioned by
The Drug Policy AlliAnce
Jdt g ad Kv Pasotb 2005
P 718.857.3316F 718.857.3315199 Washington Ae.Brooklyn NY 11205www.justicestrategies.net
T Jst Stats sa tam wd k t v  attd t eta nadma, Asa Bad,ad gab Sa at t D P Aa f t a sppt ad s sa f kwdad sts abt d p fm — ad f t bat ad sp adsp ass t at ts mptat sss. W a as atf t t p advats ad atvsts ws t wk s baz w patwas t fm  Aabama ad ass t St utd Stats: lsa K, Kt gasw, Kbltt, ad rda Bwst — ad t t staff at t St Pvt law ct, wtt ws p wd t av pdd ts pt f tm as. Ad w a spa atf t raqba laB, SsaTk, Wam Jst ad t amaz staff at t op St isttt f t stadfast sppt f p sa ffts.
About the Authors
Ji g
s a ma jst p aast. S s a sa assat f t Jst P isttt adt Wm’s Ps Assat. ov t past dad s as vd a Ss S Jst Fwsp fm top St isttt, svd as a sa assat f t rAnD cpat, as a s sa fw at tuvst f Msta law S, ad as dt f t Stat-ctd Pam f t eda Mc cakFdat. Fm 1985 t 1993 s was Dt f ct Pams at t Va isttt f Jst.Ms. g’s ats  ma st sss, p pats, ad ta p av appad  mspbats, d T Ama Pspt, cts Tda, cm ad Dq, ct isss cma Jst, T Fda St rpt, T idx  cssp, Jdat, T Jst Sstms Ja,ovwdd Tms, Ps la nws, T rts law Ja, ad T Wak Fst law rvw.
ki Pai
s a ma jst p aast ad a ampa statst. A past Ss Jst Fw, M Pasas pdd data matas, ta maas, pts ad wt paps  tps tat d patatabt, mpa bd a, pta dats, ps pvatzat ad st p. hs wkas b vd  ms pbats, d t nw yk Tms ad t Wa Stt Ja.
F v 30 as, t utd Stats as b wa a wa  ds, ad  ts tm t t as m t a amst vsa—f ft spk—s: tat ts wa as’t wkd.natwd, dds f bs f tax das av b spt  ts wa, t w a w aw t. D s ad abs t amst abatd, ad , a, mtamptamad t t ds a ap, p ad as t t ta v bf. na af a mpp a bd bas  d as. T appat t avt f ts mb, sd ts: tmb f pp bd bas  t uS f d ffss s at ta t mb f pp wa aatd  Wst ep f
ffss—ad Wst ep as a b ppat.Paps mst tb s tat  d aw ps, d v t mst asa st, tmbaass aa dspats t f a at, spa a dmat . i st, t wa ds, watv ts statd tt, as bm a wa  fams, a wa  pb at ad a wa  sttta ts. idd, t s paps  t pb p  t utd Stats wts t b fdd at v  vs dspt a 35-a tak d f fas. Bt f t d wa as fad, t wat s  xt stat? Wat s t fftv atatv?As stats ass t t wst wt dvastat bdt stfas, p-maks fm v pta psas a ask ts qsts wt at . T D P Aa asbm t at’s ad  asw s as wt ssb p mmdats tat t  addss t ata damas f t fad wa  ds, bt as st a w stadad f vaat xst d ps. T s sa, fmat sa, ad apat bd, tAa s sap fsd  at a
new bottom line,
wb d ps a masd b tabt t pmt pb saft, d sbsta abs, ad sav vs — a w sav mtd taxdas. T Aa as b at t fft f sm f t mst fftv d p fms t t, d bt t mtd t Ppst 36  cafa, Tatmt nt iaat Maad ad Wss, rkf D law fm  nw yk, ad ts a’s d-bak qazat f pats f “ak” ad pwd fms f a fm  ctt.h, w t  attt t Aabama, a stat ws v-s f aat f Afa-Ama, -vt ad st-tm ffds as aamd advats ad p aasts at-wd. i a fft t xam w ts dstb td xsts, ad wat w a d abt t, t D P Aa as mmssd ts mptat std.W dstad tat  d f Aabama t mv fm a xssv ptv stadad f patt a pb at appa  da wt sbsta abs, t mst b a fdat f sd,vd-basd sa ad das f ast atatvs. Twad tat d, t Aaas std t xpts f Jst Stats t pd ts pt. T std tat fwsxams t t st ad ts pats  t stat f Aabama, ad as t ampsv ad map f fftv fms. Wt a t pa f at, fmd b vd-basd sa, Aabama a d t dat,dsas, am ad sff tat s t  t wa  ds ad at fftv d psbasd  as, mpass, ad jst. T as f AlABAMA PriSon criSiS s jst  f tsttv tbts t D P Aa s mak t ts fft.gab o. SaP AastD P Aa

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