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Table Of Contents

Before You Begin
Hardware Requirements
Program Limits
License Agreement
Application Interface
Main Menu
Shortcut Menu
Dynamic View Controls
Shortcut Keys and Hot Keys
Status Bar
Aluminum – Databases
Aluminum Shape Types
Aluminum – Design
Design Parameters
Aluminum Design Results
Aluminum Detail Report
Assumptions and Limitations
Special Messages
Boundary Conditions
Creating and Modifying
Boundary Conditions Spreadsheet
Boundary Condition Options
Boundary Condition at ALL Joints
Footings at Boundary Conditions
Boundary Conditions at Wall Panels
Cold Formed Steel – Databases
Custom vs. Manufacturer Shapes
Cold Formed Shape Types
Cold Formed Steel – Design
Phi Factors
AISI Steel Code Check Results
Concrete – Database
Rebar Layout Database
Concrete – Design
Concrete Spans
Concrete Design Parameters – Columns
Concrete Design Parameters – Beams
Beam Detail Reports
Column Detail Reports
Customizing RISA-3D
Save as Defaults
File Preferences
Design Optimization
Design Lists
Design Rules – Size / U.C
Design Rules – Concrete Rebar
Design Rules – Masonry Walls
Self Weight
Design Rules – Wood Wall (Studs)
Design Rules – Wood Wall (Fasteners)
Design Rules – Diaphragms
Optimization Procedure – Members
Optimization Procedure – Walls
Optimization Results
Rigid Diaphragms
Semi-Rigid Diaphragms
Flexible Diaphragms
Diaphragms Spreadsheet
Diaphragm Modeling Tips
Diaphragms – Analysis and Results
Analysis / Loading
Diaphragm Results – Detail Reports
Deflection Calculations
Diaphragm Key Plan
Diaphragm Design Limitations
Drift Results
DXF Files
Importing DXF Files
Exporting DXF Files
Merge After Importing a DXF File
DXF Element Numbers
DXF File Format
Dynamic Analysis – Eigensolution
Required Number of Modes
Dynamic Mass
Floor Diaphragm Mass
Solution Method
Modeling Accidental Torsion
Eigensolution Convergence
Saving Dynamic Solutions
Work Vectors
Dynamics Modeling Tips
Modal Frequency Results
Mode Shape Results
Dynamics Troubleshooting – Local Modes
Dynamic Analysis – Response Spectra
Response Spectra
Response Spectra Analysis Procedure
Frequencies Outside the Spectra
Mass Participation
Modal Combination Option
Other Options
Localized Modes
RSA Scaling Factor (Manual Scaling)
RSA Scaling Factor (Automatic Scaling)
Automatic Response Spectra Generation
Adding and Editing Spectra
Tripartite Response Spectra Plot
Single Spectra Plot
File Operations
Starting Off
Appending Models
Importing and Exporting Files
Automatic Backup
Circular Arc Generation
Circular Radius Generation
Cone Generation
Continuous Beam Generation
Cylinder Generation
Grid Member Generation
Grid Plate Generation
Parabolic Arc Generation
Circular Disk Generation
Rectangular Tank Generation
General Truss Generation
Global Parameters
Graphic Display
Multiple Windows
Controlling the Model View
Depth Effect
Viewing Part of the Model
Saving and Retrieving Model Views
Graphic Display – Plot Options
Deflection Diagrams
Graphic Editing
Drawing and Modification Features
Undo Operations
Redo Operations
Project Grid
Drawing Grid
Snap Points
Copying Model Elements
Moving and Rotating Model Elements
Scaling Elements
Merging Model Elements
Deleting Elements
Graphic Selection
Selection Modes
Inverting Selections
Criteria Selections
Hot Rolled Steel – Databases
Hot Rolled Steel – Design
Design Parameters Spreadsheet
Member Design Parameters – General
Member Design Parameters – AISC Codes
Hot Rolled Design Parameters – Canadian
Hot Rolled Design Parameters – British
Hot Rolled Design Parameters – EuroCode
Hot Rolled Design Parameters – Indian
General Limitations
Limitations – AISC
Limitations – Canadian
Limitations – EuroCode
Limitations – New Zealand and Australia
Special Messages – AISC
Special Messages – Canadian
Special Messages – Eurocode
Hot Rolled Steel – Design Results
AISC Code Check Results
Canadian Code Check Results
British Code Check Results
EuroCode Code Check Results
Indian Code Check Results
Joint Coordinates Spreadsheet
Joint Information Dialog
Joints – Results
Joint Deflections Results
Joint Reaction Results
Joints – Slaving Joints
Self Weight (Gravity Load)
Drawing Loads
Modifying Loads
Deleting Loads
Loads – Basic Load Cases
Basic Load Case Spreadsheet
Copying Basic Load Cases
Deleting Basic Load Cases
Load Categories
Loads – Load Combinations
Load Combinations Spreadsheet
Load Combinations with RSA Results
Load Combinations with Moving Loads
Nesting Load Combinations
Transient Load Combinations
P-Delta Load Combinations
Timber Design Load Duration Factor
Footing Design Combinations
Generating Building Code Combinations
Customizing the Load Combination Generator
Loads – Joint Load / Displacement
Drawing Joint Loads
Joint Load Spreadsheet
Joint Mass
Loads – Area Loads
Drawing Area Loads
Area Loads Spreadsheet
Area Load Direction
Area Load Distribution
Area Load Attribution
Loads – Point Loads
Drawing Point Loads
Point Load Spreadsheet
Point Load Directions
Loads – Distributed Loads
Drawing Distributed Loads
To Apply Distributed Loads
Distributed Loads Spreadsheet
Distributed Load Directions
Loads – Moving Loads
Moving Loads Spreadsheet
Moving Load Patterns
Moving Loads Procedure
Moving Loads Results
Loads – Thermal Loads
Recording Thermal Loads for Members
Recording Thermal Loads for Plates
Thermal Force Calculation
Prestressing with Thermal Loads
Loads – Surface Loads
Drawing Plate Surface Loads
Drawing Wall Panel Surface Loads
To Apply Wall Panel Surface Loads
Surface Loads Spreadsheet
Surface Load Directions
Surface Loads at Openings (Wall Panels)
Load Generation – Notional Loads
Vertical Load used for Notional Force Calculations
Notional Load Generation Dialog
Notional Load Results
Load Generation – Seismic Loads
Seismic Weight
Seismic Design Parameters
Seismic Load Results
Load Generation – Wind Loads
Wind Load Parameters
Wind Load Results
Sloped Roof Wind Loads
Wind Load Limitations
Splitting Members
Member Detailing
Members Spreadsheet – Primary Data
Member Type
Members Spreadsheet – Advanced Data
T/C Members
Members Spreadsheet – Detailing Data
Tension/Compression-Only Members
Member Information Dialog
Physical Members
Member Local Axes
Defining Member Orientation
Member End Releases
Top of Member Offset
Member End Offsets
Inactive and Excluded Items
Member Shear Deformations
Member Shear Stresses
Cardinal Points
Detailing Input and Modification:
Visualization of the Detailing Layer
File I/O
Members – Results
Number of Reported Sections
Number of Internal Sections
Member Force Results
Member Stress Results
Single Angle Stresses
Member Torsion Results
Member Deflection Results
Model Merge
Model Merge Options
Model Merge Examples
Model Merge Limitations
Model Merge Process
P-Delta Troubleshooting
P – Little Delta Analysis
P-Little Delta Procedure
AISC Direct Analysis Method
ACI Concrete Design
Drawing Plates
Modifying Plates
Submeshing Plates
Triangular Plates
Plates Spreadsheet – Primary Data
Plates Spreadsheet – Advanced Data
Plane Stress
Plate Information Dialog
Plate Corner Releases
Inactive and Excluded Plates
Plate Local Axes
Plate/Shell Element Formulation
Plate Modeling Tips
Finite Element Basics
Plates/Shells – Results
Plate Stress Results
Plate Force Results
Plate Corner Force Results
Plates/Shells – Design Tools
Internal Force Summation Tool
Contour Display Details
Plates/Shells – Modeling Examples
Shear Wall Modeling
Shear Wall Design Forces
Shear Wall Penetrations
Diaphragm Modeling
Spread Footing Modeling
Plate Connectivity Problems
Mesh Transition Examples
Printing Reports
Printing to a File
Graphics Printing
Saving Results
Results Spreadsheets
Excluding Results
Graphic Results
Clearing Results
Member Detail Report
Concrete Member Detail Reports
RISAFoot Integration – Design
Design Procedure for Integrating RISAFoot and RISA-3D
Footing Geometry
Footing Pedestal
Soil Properties
Local Axes
RISAFoot Integration – Footing Results
Solution Methodology
Sketch and Details
Soil Bearing Results
Footing Flexure Design
Footing Shear Check
Pedestal Design
Stability Results
Concrete Bearing Check
Footing Stability and Overturning Calculations
Calculation of OTM Stability Ratio
Limitation on Optimization for Net Uplift
RISAFoundation Interaction
RISAFoundation Interaction with RISA-3D
RISAFoundation Interaction with RISAFloor
Section Sets
Section Sets Spreadsheet
Shape Databases
Database Shape Types
Hot Rolled Shapes
Cold Formed Shapes
Concrete Shapes
Wood Shapes
Aluminum Shapes
General Shapes
On-Line Shapes
Database Files
Solid Elements
Creating Solids
Modifying Solids
Sub-Meshing Solids
Solids Spreadsheet
Solid Information Dialog
Inactive and Excluded Solids
Solids Formulation
Solid Modeling Tips
Verification Examples
Solid Elements – Results
Solid (Global) Stress Results
Solid Principal Stress Results
Static Solutions
Dynamic Solutions
Response Spectra Solutions
Spreadsheet Operations
Moving and Scrolling
Spreadsheet Keyboard Commands
Selecting Spreadsheet Cells
Undoing Operations
Redoing Operations
Editing Spreadsheets
Inserting, Deleting and Clearing Cells
Moving and Copying Cell Contents
Sorting and Finding in Spreadsheets
Default Spreadsheet Data
Special Spreadsheet Functions
Instability Procedure
Instability Causes
Instability Examples
Testing Instabilities
Standard Imperial Units
Standard Metric Units
Units Specifications
Wall Panels
Drawing Wall Panels
To Draw Wall Panels
Modifying Wall Panels
Wall Panel Spreadsheets
SSAF (Shear Stiffness Adjustment Factor)
Wall Panel Editor
Load Attribution
Meshing the Wall Panels
Wall Panel – Results
Wall Panels – Results
Masonry Wall Panel – Design
Masonry Wall Input
Masonry Wall Optimization
Masonry Wall Results
Masonry Wall Spreadsheet Results
Concrete Reinforcing Spreadsheet Results
Masonry Wall Detail Reports
Masonry Detail Reports – Lintels
Wood Wall – Design
Wood Wall Input
General Requirements for Shear Walls
Force Transfer Around Openings Method
General Program Functionality and Limitations
Wood Wall Results
Wood Wall Results Spreadsheets
Wood Wall Self Weight
Wood Wall Detail Reports
Input Echo
Diagrams and Design
Design Details
Cross Section Detailing
Perforated Method
Warning Log
Wood – Database
Custom Wood Sizes
Wood – Design
Custom Wood Materials & Structural Composite Lumber
Wood Member Design Parameters
Timber Design Adjustment Factors
Wood Member Code Check Results
Special Messages – Wood Design
Limitations – Wood Design
Appendix A – Redesign Lists
Appendix B – Error Messages
Supported STAAD Features
Unsupported STAAD Features
STAAD User’s Overview
STAAD Differences from RISA-3D
STAAD Mapping File
Appendix D – File Format
Appendix E – Interfacing with Other Programs
Integration with other RISA programs
Linking your Autodesk Revit Structure model with RISA-3D
Exporting to an SDNF File Format
Exporting Connection Data to Descon
Appendix F – Wood Shear Wall Files
Hold Downs
Panel Nailing Schedules
Diaphragm Nailing Schedules
Technical Support
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